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Silly Sleeper Sylvester

Share Your Story: Silly Sleeper Cats

By Nicole Varriale

Silly Sleeper Sylvester

Can't you see I'm sleeping

Cat's Name, Gender, and Age

Sylvester, male,5 years old

A Little Background on my Cat

Sylvester was one of 5 kittens born in my bathroom, his mother was a stray that I took care of. Because he has been with us since birth I do not believe he knows he is a cat! He is very social and loves to be around other cats. He is a very large and in charge cat at about 20 pounds he towers over my 2 Siamese. Very vocal, loving, and social he is most definitely a gentle giant.

What Were the Circumstances of the Photo?

Sylvester is a very laid back cat and tends to just go with the flow. He has no fears because no one ever gave him a reason to. The result, an animal so relaxed and laid back that this is the result. In other words it's just Sylvester being Sylvester.

Tips and Tricks

  • this photo was taken in my living room with my iPhone, there were just two pictures taken.

Franny Syufy, About.com Cats, says:

Love this photo!

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