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Reader Submissions: Wordless Wednesday Cats Show & Tell


Wordless Wednesday is sort of a social networking idea started by the Wordless Wednesday web site, which has become extremely popular. Under the premise that "a picture is worth a thousand words," that's exactly what participants try to do, with eye-catching photos and a short punchy title. If you do not have your own cat blog to display Wordless Wednesday entries, you are invited to submit a WW photo and caption for possible inclusion in my Wordless Wednesday features.

Enjoy the Wordless Wednesday Show and Tells submitted by my readers.

Kitty TLC

Every time I show someone these photos they say - awwwwwwwwwwwwwi think these are two of the most tender loving cat photos I've ever seen, and I've been a cat owner for 25 years now! Makes me want to…More

Hide and Seek

I have so many funny ones of these 2, but he will just lay in that soda box for hours chilling, so i figured it was appropriate. I made him a fort with 2 big boxes where i just cut a door out on the …More

Take Two Meezers. . .

Chang was ALWAYS inspecting everything. Ha had his 'patrols', 'procedures', and routines' he would follow daily, without fail. No matter how big or small, how hot or cold, how high or low... he had t…More

What Squirrel?

Who can resist this face? Tony has the most expressive face, along with the terrible habit of what I call chewing his cud. He looks just like when a cow chews, only Tony doesn't have anything in his …More

Trouble X Two

Max and Pippin met just two days before this photo was taken. Pippin lives with me and my sister brought her cat with her during her spring break week. At first, Max was quite...hissy...since he had …More

Say What?

Take a look at that darling kitten face with those big ears. It says it all. Orientals are a wonderful loving, intelligent breed of cat. They talk with you, come to their names, play fetch and love a…More

Mommy Please Don't Go!

I chose this photo because when we defend our country and deploy we always wonder what are loved ones are doing. This photo showed me what Bennie was up to and how much he really missed me. My husban…More

Best Buddies

It's so them, they love being together and they love the sink. They play and chase each other up and down the hallway. They love, love, love their play mice and catnip. After they have tired themselv…More

Romeo, Puffed Up

Pictures speak a thousand words. My little boy, Romeo is the smallest in the house. He shares his life with me, a big "fat" dog and Loki my feral rescue cat who is now one year old. Romeo will stand …More


She likes to talk all the time..also comes and wakes me up at night to be loves and every morning she wants .to eat no later than 7 am. I have to get up with her don't need an alarm clock. I learn to…More

The Look of Love

The look of Pure Love! Knowing how long it took this little girl to trust me, makes my heart fill with love. She looks deep into your soul with her pretty yellow eyes. What a wonderful gift from GOD …More

Wordless Wednesday: Bed Buddies

This photo shows the bond of Stuart and Bailey when they try to squeeze into one bed together. My plan was to foster Bailey until he became socialized but the longer he stayed with us, the more he an…More

Wordless Wednesday Thinker

"Alice" in this photo was truely 'Wordless'... she is still a kitten of words... ofcourse, only when she feels she has something to say or wants something. As most of the time Alice enjoys thinking a…More

Wordless Wednesday: Sooo Hot!

This was a very hot day in our appartment that had no air conditioning. He has aways laid on his back like this just about anywhere. He positioned himself next to the wall so he could balance like th…More

Dis One Sez Free

He was sitting on my lap when I was clipping coupons and I spread them all over him. He just gave me this look and I thought it was a perfect photo. He has so much personality I feel like this pictur…More

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