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Don't Bother my Troll

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By Mitch Mason

Don't Bother my Troll

Watch out for the troll!

Short, Punchy Title

Don't bother my troll

About my Cat

Mimi, will be 3 in november. DOB 11/10/2007. Was found abandoned in vacant house. June 2010. She's just getting used to her new "forever" home.

Why I Chose This Photo

Mimi needed a security blanket, what better than her own troll.

I found on investigation that she had been abandoned twice, first by a person who was committed to an asylum, and second by a man who was arrested for drug dealing. The poor girl had an awful life. She has rebounded just great from a fearful kitty, who would not even let me feed her, to the queen of the house who has me wrapped around her dew claw.

Tips and Tricks

  • Love can be found where you least expect it. Like while cleaning a vacant house to relet.

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