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Posture Purrfect

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Posture Purrfect


Posture Purrfect

with a ballerina accent....

Short, Punchy Title


About my Cat

Oscar likes to sit like this because he thinks he's a person.

the first time I saw him do this when he was a kitten I died laughing. He looks ridiculously comfortable, however he has some serious bad posture happening, lol.

He was a homeless kitten that used to bolt out of absolutely nowhere & trip me up every time I stepped out of my house. Needless to say, although my fiance had allergies I had no say in this relationship forming - he adopted me & we have had a loving friendship ever since. He lives on my couch now. :P

Why I Chose This Photo

He really doesn't see anything strange about sitting like this, so whenever we laugh & nuzzle his belly he merely stares at us for invading his chill-out time.

This is amongst many photos that show Oscar's colorful personality, he often sits behind me on the couch & rests his feet on my head too.

Tips and Tricks

  • I don't really know why he sits like this - does anyone else have a cat that sits like this? lol.

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