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Romeo, Puffed Up

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By carol

Romeo, Puffed Up

Do I Look Tough?

Short, Punchy Title

Sometime you just gotta puff it up!

About my Cat

This is Romeo at 2 months old. I found him at a local store where the owner was giving away the litter of 4. He had 2 brothers and 1 sister. I watched them on a webcam for a few days before deciding this little man should be living with me, my dog Barney and my feral rescue Loki. Life is good.

Why I Chose This Photo

Pictures speak a thousand words. My little boy, Romeo is the smallest in the house. He shares his life with me, a big "fat" dog and Loki my feral rescue cat who is now one year old. Romeo will stand on the back of the couch, puff up and show the other animals that he can look pretty tough and noone can push me around!

Tips and Tricks

  • Look confident and the big guys will back off!

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