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Scullery Cat

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By suellend

Scullery Cat

So, what's for dinner?

Scullery Cat

I'll help with the dishes!

Short, Punchy Title

So, what's for dinner?

About my Cat

Busy Bus is a 3 year old female with moderate brain damage due to cerebral hyperplasia. Busy began her life in my house as a foster kitty of 1 week old. At 3 weeks, she still could not walk without falling. With therapy, she is now in to everything, rarely sleeps, and is clumsy and extremely hyperactive. She is a compulsive licker/ cleaner and has a habit of flinging everything and anything off any shelf or counter she comes in contact with.

She loves water and the sink. Unfortunately this time, she decided to sit in a pot of warm just cooked spaghetti.

Why I Chose This Photo

She is just so darn cute and the picture says it all!!! The way Busy Bus

looks at us when she has done something to amuse us is priceless. Such a blank stare - we often wonder if there is anything "up there"! This photo shows her cute and playful side but she has an evil twin lurking there.

Tips and Tricks

  • Patience, patience and patience
  • Use of massage therapy in cats
  • Accepting each and every cat for who they are

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