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Wordless Wednesday: Sooo Hot!

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By beatlefreak81

Wordless Wednesday: Sooo Hot!

Sooo hot!

Wordless Wednesday: Sooo Hot!

Stretchy Lane

Short, Punchy Title

Soooo hot!

About my Cat

This is Layne my 5 year old rescue cat. He was a stray that was being cared for by some people living down the street from us. My boyfriend witnessed the lady kick him one day and that was the last straw. One cold winter evening we were walking through the area and he just happened to start following us. I scooped him up and put him in my jacket and we took him home.

Why I Chose This Photo

This was a very hot day in our appartment that had no air conditioning. He has aways laid on his back like this just about anywhere. He positioned himself next to the wall so he could balance like this.

Tips and Tricks

  • Sometimes free cats are the best cats.

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