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Reader Stories: Funniest Cat Picture


Almost nothing is as amusing to a cat lover than a funny picture of a cat. I don't know of any cat who sets out to be funny. They just somehow manage to do so, by what I call "cats being cats," and a cat trying to be serious can be very funny, indeed.

About.com has made it possible for you to upload your own funniest cat photo to share with our readers, with an easy to use online form.

After you've seen other readers photos, submit your own to see if your cat can beat their cats in the funny cat picture quotient.

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Peaches the Wonder Kitten

Peaches was playing with a toy and rolling around and I just kept shooting pictures with my iPhone I took about 50 pictures and this one was the best. This shot caught her looking sideways over her s…More

Boo in a Tree

She loves heights, and the cat tree seemed very inviting to her. (She also climbs up a trellis outside and goes to the roof, perching there to watch birds and feels safe up there. However, she does n…More

Exotic White Pretty

He was panting in the car. I was taking him to my dad's house with my other cat pretty. Pretty and white kitty were in the back seat and the white pretty climbed onto my head and started panting so I…More

Milo Sitting Pretty

Milo was cleaning himself!caught it on my phone. I tried getting a few.more shots but he wouldn't sit there any longer. Milo seems to do this more and more but usually against a wall. Also milo does …More

Mitzee, the Cat's in the Bag

I had ordered a tablet off internet and I made the mistake of leaving packaging on the floor. Mitzee wasted no time in investigating the interesting envelope. It was her new play toy for a couple of …More

Mister Minx, T.V. Critic

I was watching t.v. and this cat toy commercial came on and Minx jumped right up on the foot stool and would not take his eyes off of that commercial. He kept making those little noises he makes when…More

Gypsy, Computer Hog

Every time I try to play a game on the computer Gypsy comes and sit right in front of the screen. Sometimes she likes to chase the mouse. She just sits and stares at me like "what? were you doing som…More

Milo: What's for Dinner?

Relaxing on the couch on a typical night at home, having watched the same old rubbish I thought oooh a nice cup of tea so got up and as always Milo followed me to the kitchen so I was chatting away t…More

Monty Licking Nose

Morning, in my dressing gown, on my phone, took a pic of my cat when she playing and biting my knee, just when she licked her nose! She's a funny cat like that, and loves to fool about, but I'm sure …More

Gracie Laughs

Gracie and I were playing with one of her favorite toys, a small furry mouse that she leaves for me in various places around the house. If she were allowed out, no doubt she would be a great hunter a…More

Salem, Halloween Cat

She loves my Ann and Andy dolls that are sitting on the top of the stairway. They are older than her. She loves this particular spot because she can see everything that is going on down stairs and al…More

Q-Ball Spooky

A group of people were playing pool in our basement. We had only had Spooky for a day! She just jumped up on the table and started pawing at the pool balls. It did not take her long at all to make he…More

Bed Hog Cougar

Little cougar was 8 weeks old here, he saw his sister Fifi (she's the black and orange kitten on the next cushion, dwarfed by him) stretched out on her side up on the couch, so he went up there too, …More

Mattie's Live "Feather Toy"

My veterinarian and friend and I were having breakfast. Mattie engaged herself in the centerpiece I chose that morning - her first opportunity to be around it. Hers was a spontaneous reaction, pawing…More

Cash Looking Handsome

This is not a staged photo, just natural for CASH. I want everyone to see how handsome Cash is. This name was given by the shelter and I did not change it as he was used to it and it must of had som…More

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