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Camouflage Cat

Share Your Story: Funniest Cat Picture

By patty roles

Camouflage Cat

Hiding in Plain Sight

Cat's Name, Gender, and Age

1 year old orange domestic long hair. Name: Peanut Butter, Male

Was Photo Staged or Caught in the Act?

Caught in the act of attempting to hide from mommy

A Little Background on my Cat

Peanut is a "Last Hope" kitty. He was very nervous and scared when I first got him but is a wonderful happy cat now. He is one of three "throw away" cats that own me.

What Were the Circumstances of the Photo?

Peanut loves to get outside when he can. He climbs trees and burrows through the underbrush. He is getting better at staying home since I trained him to a leash. This was when I was looking for him and he thought I could not see him. I was struck by the beauty of the contrast of his coloring and the leaves which were the same color as his eyes. I had my camera on me as I was taking plant pictures earlier.

Tips and Tricks

  • Outside photos are the best. The lighting is wonderful and dappled sunlight does wonders for any composition.

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