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Reader Stories: Winter Holiday Cats


Cats generally enjoy holidays, and Christmas and the other Winter holidays are no exception. Enjoy these pictures of holiday cats lounging by (or in) the Christmas tree, sometimes dressed in Christmas finery.

Your own winter holiday cats photos are welcome here, including Hanukkah and Kwanzaa pictures. The only rule is "No Photoshopped cat photos." We want to see cats in their own natural holiday beauty. An easy to use form is provided for your convenience

Show us your holiday cat

Giant Nibblet in Christmas Village

While we were sitting and enjoying a wonderful show on the tv, Nibblet kept jumping on the table with the Christmas village we had set up. As soon as I looked up, like something was telling me to loo…More

Willow - Christmas Tree Kitten

No posing involved...she did this all on her own! There was no posing Willow..she liked her picture taken and would seem to pose as soon as she saw a camera. The ornaments are mine and don't worry...…More

Babi, Wreathed

I actually did not pose her. She did this all on her own. She likes to be part of the Christmas decorations. She plays with the ornaments and loves to watch the lights. She climbed in and out of the …More

Nutmeg Table Decoration

I didn't have to, she found this on her own, she sleeps on anything , anywhere around the house. She has an overactive thyroid and weighs only 5 lbs, and she is 17, but she is spry! We got her from t…More

Schatzi and Cat Grass Gift

This photo is from last year's Christmas - it's Schatzi and her Christmas present full of cat grass. I didn't pose her, just a lucky shot of my baby sitting in the window after Christmas, eating cat …More

Christmas Lilly

Lilly loves to pose but, I have o catch her in the right mood. I have to stand way back and then zoom in with my camera. she is a beautiful long haired gray kitty. I hope to take a few more because s…More

Molly - Quality Control Cat

Natural picture, I just took pictures as I watched her curiosity. Molly has a favorite fruit bowl that is normally on the table. when she saw it was gone and the Christmas arrangement was in its plac…More

Zeus in Poinsettias

Zeus started lying in the poinsettias when I had placed them under the tree to use as a tree skirt, when he was only 2 months old. He loved to lie in thick piles and he would get so excited when I ca…More

Santa Linus

First I set up a miniature Christmas tree on our staircase and put ornaments on it. I had my cat sit next to it, which was really as simple as setting him down, then I placed a santa hat on his head …More

Nana in a Stocking

I used a red bow and a golden tinsel. Before that, I tried to put her a Santa's hat, but it was impossible! Before that, I had tried to put her a little crown, but, again, she was really nervous and …More

June Bug, Ju-Ju Bee and Jezebelle

We did not pose them. As soon as the Express Train came out of the box both of them went right in and made themselves at home. Like most kittens/cats, they love boxes. At one point we had all three c…More


Most of the time I do not dress him in any way. He is a beautiful cat, and I love to find ways with lighting to capture his natural beauty. I also do not have to pose him much, he does it himself. I…More

Santa's Helpers Smokey and Ginger

as Santa, they know who is the boss so I can do almost anything with them. Ginger wasn't too fond of the idea though. they can be very docile when treated calmly and gently. The Santa suits are small…More


Rascal posed herself in this picture. I was just there with the camera to record it for posterity. Till this day, she still enjoys going up under the tree without any persuasion on my part. I think t…More


It was just a thing she did from the very 1st Christmas we had with her. No tricks nor treats needed, just the tree and the manger scene.Possy never bothered the tree. She waited patiently for us to …More

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