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Reader Stories: Winter Holiday Cats


Cats generally enjoy holidays, and Christmas and the other Winter holidays are no exception. Enjoy these pictures of holiday cats lounging by (or in) the Christmas tree, sometimes dressed in Christmas finery.

Your own winter holiday cats photos are welcome here, including Hanukkah and Kwanzaa pictures. The only rule is "No Photoshopped cat photos." We want to see cats in their own natural holiday beauty. An easy to use form is provided for your convenience

Santa Linus

First I set up a miniature Christmas tree on our staircase and put ornaments on it. I had my cat sit next to it, which was really as simple as setting him down, then I placed a santa hat on his head …More

Nana in a Stocking

I used a red bow and a golden tinsel. Before that, I tried to put her a Santa's hat, but it was impossible! Before that, I had tried to put her a little crown, but, again, she was really nervous and …More

June Bug, Ju-Ju Bee and Jezebelle

We did not pose them. As soon as the Express Train came out of the box both of them went right in and made themselves at home. Like most kittens/cats, they love boxes. At one point we had all three c…More


Most of the time I do not dress him in any way. He is a beautiful cat, and I love to find ways with lighting to capture his natural beauty. I also do not have to pose him much, he does it himself. I…More

Santa's Helpers Smokey and Ginger

as Santa, they know who is the boss so I can do almost anything with them. Ginger wasn't too fond of the idea though. they can be very docile when treated calmly and gently. The Santa suits are small…More


Rascal posed herself in this picture. I was just there with the camera to record it for posterity. Till this day, she still enjoys going up under the tree without any persuasion on my part. I think t…More


It was just a thing she did from the very 1st Christmas we had with her. No tricks nor treats needed, just the tree and the manger scene.Possy never bothered the tree. She waited patiently for us to …More


wasnt really any challenge as he is very laid back. i usually dress him up for all holidays and make cards for the family. however he does get lots of treats when he is done. and he usually where the…More


Nikolai posed himself. Here he was with his paws on the arm of the chair, and to my great surprise, he permitted me to take a dozen photos.I did have John stand to the left and wave his arms to make …More


Frost can be cooperative but seems to be very much an 'alpha' much to the chagrin of the other cats!! He was ok with this collar and I'd call to him and use a toy for him to look up, taking a few sho…More

Santa Nicky

The cats were cuddling on my Papasan chair with a cat pillow nearby. I was in the midst of decorating for Christmas. I decided to put a Santa hat on Nicky. He doesn't look too pleased, but I am delig…More

Holiday Kaylee

She was already laying on the paper I just put a flower and hat on her to make her look extra cute for a perfect picture! I didn't have to bribe her, She was happy when I took the christmas hat off h…More

Stocking Stuffer Stimpy

Stimpleton was gently put into a Christmas stocking without his permission. The stocking was hung upon the front door. Believe it or not, Stimpy fully cooperated and posed on his own! The stocking se…More

Luna, My Holiday Joy

She does it herself in her festive surroundings. I follow her around like her personal paparazzi! I raise my hand up when I'd like her to look up. Other times I hope not to disturb her so I can catch…More

Sunset and Santa

This picture was taken at my vet's office. They take Santa photos each year as a fundraiser for their stray pet fund. So with Sunset being so naturally beautiful, I took him for a photo. I didn't see…More

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