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Babi, Wreathed

Share Your Story: Winter Holiday Cats

By gllock

Babi, Wreathed

My Christmas Kitty

Your Cat(s)' name, age, and gender

Babi, age 2, female

About my holiday kitty

Babi is a rescue kitty from our local Maine Coon Rescue. She doesn't look like much of a Maine Coon but she is a sweet heart. I have a Maine Coon named Garfield who is her big brother and we both love her a whole lot.

How did you dress or pose your cat?

I actually did not pose her. She did this all on her own. She likes to be part of the Christmas decorations. She plays with the ornaments and loves to watch the lights. She climbed in and out of the boxes of course as I unpacked the decorations.

What I'd Do Differently

  • Don't think I would do anything differently.

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