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Molly - Quality Control Cat

Share Your Story: Winter Holiday Cats

By Michael Rice

Molly - Quality Control Cat

Molly inspects Christmas arrangement

Your Cat(s)' name, age, and gender

Molly is a one year little girl Ragdoll Kitty.

About my holiday kitty

Molly is inspecting the Christmas arrangement on our diningroom table. She has a favorite fruit dish that she likes to curl up in that is usually on the table and when she saw it was missing and the arrangement of Roses was in its place she thoroughly inspected it, ate a couple of rose petals and left it alone.

How did you dress or pose your cat?

Natural picture, I just took pictures as I watched her curiosity. Molly has a favorite fruit bowl that is normally on the table. when she saw it was gone and the Christmas arrangement was in its place, she inspected it thoroughly, ate a couple of rose petals and walked away giving it her seal of approval.

What I'd Do Differently

  • It seems like the perfect picture gotten accidently.

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