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My Take on White and Yellow Cats

Share Your Story: Cat Colors' or Color Patterns' Connection to Personality

By Patsy Utt

Cat's Name and Color (Pattern)

King Tut-- white and yellow

When and How We Met

Adopted from local SPCA in June, 2005

How Does the Cat Get Along With Other Cats and Dogs?

Fine with his cat buddy but wary of dogs

Personality Traits of This Cat

Big, fat lazy boy. Loves to eat and has all kinds of ways of showing me he is hungry. Very persistent and demanding. Curious and things going on in his home. Wants to check out table tops and do almost anything to distract me from what I'm doing unless it's petting him. Jealous of his cat buddy. Very affectionate. Shy around strangers

Compare With Other Cats in Your Home

King Tut is very affectionate and loving. His buddy, Queen Nefertiti, is a female and she is very independent, wants to do things on her own at her own pace and time. You do things on her schedule. Queen Titi takes good care of King Tut--helps to groom him, will give him her space on the bed to take a nap--and he demands his rights! He is very sensitive to my moods and feelings and she doesn't seem to be aware of them.

Lessons learned

  • male white and yellow cats are loving and sensitive to owners
  • Black female cats are very independent and not sensitive to owner's moods
  • male white & yellow cats are high strung
  • male white & yellow cats are big lazy cats

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