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My Tortie, Tybee

Share Your Story: Cat Colors' or Color Patterns' Connection to Personality

By nifin

My Tortie, Tybee

wanting a nap

Cat's Name and Color (Pattern)

TyBee Black with grey and orange, a little white and one tan toe

A 5 color Tortie

When and How We Met

I went to a pet adoption fair just to look and saw the back of a kittens head and went around to see her face and while I was holding her I heard how she got to the humane society and my heart broke. She had been found in a car engine and had taken a couple of road trips. She went home that day.

How Does the Cat Get Along With Other Cats and Dogs?

TyBee loves to play with the black cat across the hall from us and loves to jump and encourage a wrestling match. Loves to play chase with her neighbor and looks forward to going everyday to play.

Personality Traits of This Cat

TyBee is a little shy at first but then wants to wrestle and play. Loves the flicker toys and plays with toy mice whenever the opportunity arises.She has a favorite teddy bear and will drag it to her food bowl. And after the bear is thrown out of the kitchen she will drag it back every time. She has an opinion and is not afraid to vocalize it often and loudly. She is at an age that she does not want to cuddle but does like it when I pick her up and we can look outside.

Compare With Other Cats in Your Home

Unfortunately I have no other cats or animals in my house. I had taken a break from having animals in my home. My last cat passed away 10 years ago and she had lived for 19 years and I need to get over the passing of my baby

Lessons learned

  • Most definitely has a tortie attitude

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