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Reader Stories: Including Cats at Thanksgiving


In the U.S. we take time at Thanksgiving to give thanks for all the rich bounties life brings us. For many of us, our beloved cats, both past and present, play a significant role in these bounties. Please take this opportunity to share with other readers the way you will give thanks for your cats on this Thanksgiving day.

Read the other stories, then submit your own. Be sure to upload up to two large photos

Remembering Nicky Baer

I have had a lot of cats in my life but Nicky was the first I raised from birth. Over time he became more than just a pet. He was there when I was sick and nurtured me as cats naturally do, he always…More

Grayson, Shadow, and Many Rainbow Bridge Cats

I am very grateful for every one of my cats, but I think there are a few who have taught me many valuable life lessons and have gotten me through some hard times.Midnight, my first cat, I obtained at…More

Giving Thanks for Silky

All of them. There is nothing in the world more wonderful than a cat.I have been cat owned all my life and although I am an animal lover in general I much prefer cats to any other kind of pet. I have…More

Thankful for All my Cats, Present and Past

I am Thankful for all the past angels in my life. I believe they are all looking after us everyday. One of the most important things is it is so important for all cats we love to be indoors only. Thi…More

Thankful for Tabby, Tubby, and Future Kittens

They came into our lives on a sunny Saturday afternoon in July 2005, just a few weeks old, barely able to walk and eyes only partly open. Their coats were a delightful mixture of shades of gold, brow…More

Giving Thanks for Murray, Yuki, and Simba

Simba is now my mom's cat. He is better off with her because she spoils him far better than I ever could. But when he lived with me, he literally saved my life. I fell into a deep clinical depression…More

Bash, Olivia, and Many Other Past Loved Cats

Tiger - life is short, Erica - be strong and stand up for yourself, Velveeta - have fun but look where you are going, Buster - Do not let anyone keep you from what you love, Minou - life can be good …More

Thankful for Lessons my Cats Taught Me

I'm thankful for Dorcas and how she taught me the value of patience and consideration of others at an early age.I'm also thankful for Jessica my little queen. She taught me loyalty and confidence.Cat…More

Thankful for All my Cats

I have had a cat in my life as long as I can remember and I am thankful for them all. I will never forget Tom, a huge male orange striped cat I had in Missouri when I was 4 years old. When I had to t…More

So Thankful for Snowball

We lost our black and white Persian Cat 7 years ago in November, the night before Thankisgiving. He too, was a beautful, sweet cat. He died of a brain turmor at the age of 11. That is when we found S…More

Thankful for Micia

My cat Nippy, 18 years old. My sister adopted him for me when she married so that I would have company after she moved away. He was an amazing cat. He loved to walk on the piano keys late at night, a…More

Thank Heaven for Rosie, Titi, and Buster

I don't have a past cat. Rosie and Titi are my first and irreplaceable cat family members. Buster comes to visit once in a while and always makes me smile when I see him. I don't understand why I hav…More

Thankful for Michael, Seattle, and Morgan

morgan-a black and white cat with raccoon face and orca markings on the rest of her body. she was very jittery, didn't tolerate being held. she bonded with my roommate first. when he had to be out of…More

Giving Thanks for Tia and Hermione Jean

The cat I loved most prior to Tia was Sage. He was about 3 when I got him, in 2006, and I only had him about 6 months before he began having problems eating and started losing weight. It was discove…More

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