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Senior Girl DeeDee

Share Your Story: The Joy of Life With a Senior Cat

By Helen Allard

Senior Girl DeeDee

DeeDee looks like she is waiting for lunch

Senior Girl DeeDee

DeeDee always posing

Cat's Name, Age, and Gender:

Dee-Dee 15, Jak 1, Lilli 1

Best Characteristics of my Senior

I love my wonderful cats and what they do with me but what I really love is going through the gallery and reading every story about every cat that is entered. This is my favorite thing to do. It takes me away from all of my turmoils of life and my baby Jak sits by the computer and watches...

Challenges of Life With an Older Cat

With DeeDee at 15, I have to watch her weight to make sure that it is controlled, she is borderline diabetic and we had to bring her weight down from 22 pounds to a good 14 pounds or it would have been insulin shots, we just couldn't imagine doing the shots at all, so the diet works really good...

When, Where and How I Got My Cat

I was lucky enough to get pick of the litter with all of my babies except Jak. He came to my carport when he was probably about 4 weeks old with a meow that was bigger than he was. He was scared and tired, the bottom of his paws were blistered, he fit in the palm of my hand, to this day I still tell him that he is one of the luckiest cats in the whole town to have found our house...

Once we got Jak I knew that DeeDee wouldn't have anything to do with him do I went in search of a playmate for him, that is where Lilli came into the picture, I drove 60 miles to get her and it was love at first sight.

I'd Describe My Cat As…

DeeDee is laid back but still the boss of the others...She makes sure that Jak and Lilli mind their manners in her domain. Jak has a way of making her hiss at him, he knows which buttons to push with her.

Lilli is a Maine Coon and is very timid, she is the watcher of the pride and always lets me know when one of the brood is at the door wanting to come in. I would go as far as saying she is more Mama than anything.......


  • Keep loving your cats and other animals and love will be returned ten fold...Their love is overflowing and never-ending and they give so freely...

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