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My Unforgettable Cat Sonny

Share Your Story: Memorials to Cats Loved and Lost

By deenamiller

My Unforgettable Cat Sonny


My Unforgettable Cat Sonny

Mommy (Deena) & Sonny

Tribute To


Quirky Little Habits of my Cat

Sonny loved the shower, he would run to the tub and wait for you to turn it on so he could wet his head and drink. He would also wave hello with his right paw. He would visit neighbors and sometimes break in and sleep in their tub!

What my Cat Loved and Hated Most

Sonny LOVED treats! We use to call him TREAT WILLIAMS ! He would come in for a few snacks, walk away, then come right back in as tho he was a different cat! He especially loved CRAB treats. His aunt Judy got him hooked on them, then they stopped making them.

He didn't hate anything.

What I'll Miss Most About my Cat

His sweet innocence. Anyone that met Sonny loved him & he LOVED everyone. I will miss coming home and having him on my doorstep waving at me. I will miss his little ALFALFA hair that stuck straight up on his head.

How this cat became my companion

My room mate at the time wanted to adopt a cat from a friends cat's litter and asked if I would mind. I said of course not but I wanted one of them too!, :)

The only one left was the RUNT and they weren't sure he was going to make it. He was weak, frail, skinny and his back legs didn't work. But I wanted him anyway. They vet told me not to get too attached, that they didn't think he would live very long. HA! 13 years later we proved them wrong! HE came into my life after a heart-break and I believe we nursed each other back to health with LOVE LOVE LOVE.

How my cat enriched my life

He made me smile, laugh & showed me and everyone he touched constant unconditional love. He proved to me day in and day out that being with me was HIS CHOICE by always coming HOME after visiting the entire neighborhood. I knew his heart...he knew mine. I knew the moment he fell sick that he was very sick. I told him it was ok to go to heaven. . .and I trust that he heard me. We had a connection that was so special I don't know how I will ever not feel a lump in my throat that he is not with me. How someone so small could impact my life so deeply. I love you SONNY--I MISS YOU my precious boy.

Lessons learned

  • how much fun he could have just "BEING"
  • how to relax
  • how to trust
  • how to be the sweetest most precious being on the planet!

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