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Special Memories of Bluey

Share Your Story: Memorials to Cats Loved and Lost

By lorayne

Special Memories of Bluey

bluey in his favorite spot

Tribute To

My Special Bluey who will be sorely missed by his family. We love you Bluey

Quirky Little Habits of my Cat

Always ready to have a head scratch and to eat his special soft treats and chicken.

What my Cat Loved and Hated Most

Bluey loved to get head rubs and to lay in the sun.

What I'll Miss Most About my Cat

His presence in my garden. It was his world.

How this cat became my companion

Bluey showed up as a stray shortly after we moved into our new home. We made him houses with lots of blankets and always worried about him when he went walk about for a few days. He loved our garden and it truly belonged to him. He will forever be a part of our lives.

How my cat enriched my life

His presence was always able to make the worst day better. He was so independent and yet we knew that he needed and loved us. We worried about him when he was gone and were always glad when he returned to us. He has been with us a long time and taught us to love him at his bidding. He was truly a free spirit and will be missed.

Lessons learned

  • We learnt how to love even the roughest tom cat around.

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