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Share Your Story: Memorials to Cats Loved and Lost

By dfeg2003

Tribute To


Quirky Little Habits of my Cat

She looked into my eyes everytime I told her she was my litte baby girl. I never saw a kitten do that. She would climb up on my chest at bedtime and bump her nose against mine

What my Cat Loved and Hated Most

I've only had her 3 weeks, she was 8 weeks old when she died. She was a mellow personality except when she wanted us to play with her. Then she would hump up her back and jump up on her hinds and spit at us. She was just playing and we weren't even doing anything but wiggling a finger up at her.

What I'll Miss Most About my Cat

Her sweet little face her eyes staring into mine.

How this cat became my companion

I rescued her from my daughter's house. My G'daughter aged 5 saw UTube where someone threw a big cat up into the air and it clung to the ceiling. She did the same thing to the kittie and it was injured. I took her to protect her! She was into everything, my new drapes, boxes, papers, she got her head hung up in the tv tables. I put her outside for a couple of hours so she could climb a tree, we live in the country. The rental place has a big cat 15 y/o female and she attacked her, with injuries so severe she died.

How my cat enriched my life

I never had a cat that bonded with me, the way she did. She loved me, I really believe she did. She followed me everywhere. She slept on my chest. She made me laugh. I used my spare time to pet her and love her.

Lessons learned

  • I don't want any more animals. It's just too much pain when they pass away.
  • Little kittens are at the mercy of all other animals
  • It's ok to cry. I mourn her, my life is empty without her.
  • There's a lot of other people that feel that same grief, and I'm glad I found this site.

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