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Often, no cat is quite as memorable as our first cats, whether they were adopted as kittens or as older cats. Perhaps you were given a kitten as a child and you grew up together. Or, later in life you found yourself lonely, and took in a cat as a companion.

Taking in a cat for the first time is a momentous event, and we would love to see your stories and photos. Use this form to share your own. You may upload up to two photos of your first cat - perhaps one, when first adopted, and the other of he cat later in life. Use all the space available, but remember to observe the character limits.

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What events led to your adopting your first cat. Gift as a child? Spur-of-the-moment decision?
Did you visit several shelters before deciding? Or did you have an instant bond with a particular cat right away?

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What advice would you give other readers about choosing a cat from an animal shelter or cat rescue?

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