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Reader Stories: Men and Their Cats


Men and the cats they love share a special bond which is like no other on this earth. You are the guys who are so secure in your personas that you don't feel threatened by the perceived "independence" of cats. You don't need a pet who will fall all over you to seek love, but one who will appreciate you as you are with no false expectations. You love your cats unconditionally, as they do you.

Since you are already so secure, you'll certainly be willing to share your relationship with your favorite cat. Read other stories by guys who love cats, then post your own, along with up to two photos, with this easy form .

Steve and Einstein

Einstein brought love to our home and uncovered the sweetest side of my husband, changing him for good. He used to come home stressed and sometimes angry and yelling. Since a cat is part of our famil…More

John, Nikolai, and Alexi

Two years ago, we lost our lovely eighteen-year-old Sasha, and again had the task of finding another kitty, this time so Alexi would have a buddy. I didn't care if we brought home a boy or girl, sinc…More


His ex-owner gave him to me with his favorite toy - a toy mouse tied to an elastic string tied to a rod of plastic. When he first came as a kitten we played almost every day coz that's just what you …More

Cat Man David

I dedicated my time, sacrificed a lot, and gave it 110% to see to it my orphaned kittens, now cats, had the utmost care and love. Warming bottles, doing "pottying with diaper wipes", every 2, 3, 4 th…More

Roger and Mooch

I know if I take good care of Mooch as well as myself, Roger will be pleased in heaven. So I do the best I can as a single mommy. I'm thinking about getting Mooch a cat tree, and will probably get it…More

Julio, Tigri and Mimi

Enjoy every minute of our family of 4: Cat Mom and Cat Dad and 2 wonderful cats. We love hanging around each other. Sometimes they take turns snuggling up with Julio or they opt to sit nearby while I…More

Dalwin and Sutti

As I said earlier about its mischieveness, it will try to escape from everyone's hands when its tummy got filled. It will try to hide beneath the sofa, table or any kind of furniture. I just keep on …More

John and His Cat, Dexter

The main thing I did was let John name him. He kept saying he didn't care what his name was, but I persisted. I knew that our favorite TV show is 'Dexter' and when I suggested that, he smiled and I k…More

Richard and Tomodachi

Pretty basic, he jumps in the bag when I am off the rig or boat and hates when I leave. This cat has to constantly hang on the right shoulder, that is why I think they call them Ragdoll cats. He love…More

Ryan and Romulus

We drove across town and found the address in the newspaper ad. The kitties were in the house playing with the family's two dogs so we knew they'd fit into our own household of two dogs. There were t…More

Gavin and his Spanish Cats, Sassy and Brambles

So Gavin went out into the "campo" calling for Brambles for ages, this was 13.30 hrs. He couldn't leave him there. Finding no reply or cat, he called the vet, got a stay on the rigid passport timings…More

George and Doodle

When I spent that first week visiting the sad little tuxedo cat in the cage (that no one seemed to want to adopt - he'd been there a very long time, first with his feral mother and a sibling) I talke…More

Carl, Cat Dad to Skeemer and Honey

How I did it? When I first realized that I was getting a kitten, I Googled "cat" and found the About Forums. From there I received a wondrous array of advice and suggestions. I researched what foods,…More

Joe and Zoe

I love volunteering and donating at our local animal shelters. There is such love and happiness yet sadness at the same time.When my first cat died due to kidney failure (one month shy of 18 years), …More

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