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Readers Respond: You realize you're kitty-whipped when...

Responses: 373


your family are catlovers........

my daughter's cat was playing on my husband's desk and knocked over and killed the nice flat screen monitor and he didn't even say the cat did it.and my daughter speaks to her cats in that high sounding cutesy voice we all use on cats
—Guest the Katmaid

There are two types of cat owners

Those who are kitty whipped, and those who do know they are kitty whipped. I have yet to win a dispute with my cat, but the a happy cat is much easier to live with.


Of COURSE I'm kitty-whipped! Is there any other way to be? I have 14 cats, all but one rescued from my yard (ferals, abandoned pets, etc.) And yes, I DO either sit in a less comfortable chair if one of my furbabies is occupying mine or I'll sit in one spot long after I want to get up if one happens to be sleeping on my lap. They also take over my bed and I find myself halfway to the foot if one wants my pillow. And I wouldn't have it any other way!
—Guest seashell32

kitty cat lady

when my legs literally fall asleep because i will not move my legs when my Mia comes to cuddle on my lap, or when my Rocco Kneads me and actually scratches my stomach...lol
—Guest Theresa

You know you are kitty whipped when....

You get out of bed at an insane hour of the morning because the big, white boy demands it. Only to have him lick his food a few times and go right back to bed. When you keep your room a mess with papers everywhere because someone LOVES to sleep on them. You wake up every morning with back pain because somebody hogs the bed. And most importantly....you wouldn't change a thing you do because you love him (Romeo) so much!!!
—Guest Jennifer

Kitty-whipped? Absolutely!

I have willed my $100 thousand life insurance policy to the person (my grand daughter) that will care for my cats when die and I appointed my brother as the executor to make sure they are cared for in the manner they are custom to. My chest and stomach are covered with little scratches from my 4 cats kneading. They burr so loudly while they do it, so they must really like it. Does anyone know why they do that? It hurts a bit, but I don't stop them; I just lay there.

I know I'm kitty-wipped because...

...I spend more than $150 month to feed my 4 cats and another $150 a month to feed the strays that hang out around my apartment complex. ...I risk being thrown out of the apartment I've lived in for 35 years just to keep the 4 cats I've now had secretly for 6 years. (My lease says: "NO PETS).

You realize you're kitty-whiped when...

...you stop taking vacations because you don't want to leave your cats. My entire life revolves around my 4 cats.

Entire Apartment is a Kitty Condo

Everything I do is with the cats in mind; any benefit to me is incidental. I installed a storm door with a lock on the outside, so even when I'm not at home during the day, Lola & Lazarus have access to the sunshine and fresh air. Sometimes they're lying right by the door and I have to step over them as I walk in, manipulating grocery bags, etc. Also I have plantation shutters in front of the balcony's sliding glass door, so the cats have safe access there as well. It works out well for all of us, because I'm too cheap to spent money on myself, but will do so happily for L&L, and consider it a bargain. They were adopted from a local shelter in early '96; they're well into their teens now, and we hope to continue enjoying a long and happy life together.


I have a fulltime job caring for my many cats(I too am embarrassed to say how many)They own this home--I just pay the bills and cater to their whims and needs but I love them and can't even consider getting rid of any of them.
—Guest Merlotmom@triad.rr.com


I have a fulltime job caring for my many cats(I too am embarrassed to say how many)They own this home--I just pay the bills and cater to their whims and needs but I love them and can't even consider getting rid of any of them.
—Guest Merlotmom@triad.rr.com

Kitty whipped? You got that right

I have 2 cats. One could be Garfield's twin and the biggest cowardly lion that exists. My female ragamuffin is ferocious. She'll bite you as much as look at you. Her primary rule of the household is sleeping on my feather pillows on my bed. She won't move and if I get to close to her she is massaging my scalp with her claws. But the cowardly lion, Trouble, always has her back when there might be trouble. Literally, he hides behind her.
—Guest Winnie

You know you're kitty whipped when...

...you hold off as long as humanly possibly before getting up to go to the loo because kitty looks so comfy and relaxed curled up in your lap!
—Guest StacieDee

you let your kitty take your fav. chair

I let my kitty take my chair even though it's the most comfortable chair in the house for my back,I want him to stay in but once he got a taste of it he cries for me to let him out aginst my better judgment I let him out,then he wants me to play door servant all day long in and out in and out, I tried a great portion of all the feline wet foods trying to figure out what his new favorite is because it is always changing he definitely doesn't like the Paul Newman organic ones. I even tried it myself to see why. Eating my kitty's food I never thought of it before but yeah I would say I am kitty whipped. Jensen is just so loving and cute how can I say no. I guess I will learn without feeling guilty about the going outside thing for his own good. Then there's the letting sleep on the microwave, kitchen table, wherever he likes. He is well worth it though.
—Guest Heather

You realize that you are kitty whipped

when you spend more money on cat food and cat doctors than you spend on human food and human's doctors!
—Guest Linnyrach

Finish the sentence

You realize you're kitty-whipped when...

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