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Readers Respond: You realize you're kitty-whipped when...

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You realize you're kitty-whipped when

Every one in the whole pride has to go out, one-at-a-time, in the middle of the night, and you get up and let each one out and back in, all five of them, one-by-one.

You sleep on the couch. . .

because a kitty is asleep on your side of the bed and she looks too comfy to disturb ! Or after you make the bed you turn back a corner so that the kitty can nap on the soft blanket. Or you eat store brands so that the cats can eat premium brands. Or you apologize ( sincerely !) when their breakfast is late because you finally pampered yourself with an extra hour of sleep. Or you do anything that "inconveniences" your fur-balls and you feel guilty even if it is for their benefit...

You break your ankle..

and worry about the cats getting out when the ambulance comes instead of the fact you are laying on the floor. You sleep in an uncomfortable spot so your cat can sleep in your armpit the way she likes. The kids get yelled at for jumping on the furniture but isn't the kitty so cute while she scratches the furniture. No matter how thirsty you are, the cat gets to drink the water you just poured for yourself, she likes the bottled kind too...
—Guest kerri

Soooooo Spoiled!

When your cat is eating and has finished whats immediately in front of her and she needs the plate turned for her
—Guest chloes mom maria

Kitty whipped

When staying with friends the only thing I miss from home is my Manx Snow Bear.
—Guest Manx lover

Serving Cats from Morning til Night

I realize a am kitty whipped when I rise every morning at 5:15 to place several bowls of food, water and Half and Half outside during all kinds of weather for the strays that are waiting at the doorstep. They have heated bowls, Nine to feed inside, ten litter boxes to clean, never get to make the bed before 10:30 at night as there are several fur balls snuggled into the duvet. Each evening at dusk start over again with the evening meals for the outdoor strays, and serving meals for the indoor kitties(both wet and dry) Each have their own fluffy beds to curl up for a nap in several areas of the the house. Always rescuing and helping out injured outdoor kitties and taking in mothers to have their babies inside and placing them in adoptive homes. Many years of this keeps me in shape and a reason to keep going each day. I know I'm kitty whipped when my whole pension cheque is depleted on cats not leaving much left over for myself, but do it just to save the life of a feline.
—Guest Rene

U know U are a Cat Slave when...

You move to a place with a yard build a cat enclosure because your cat told the communicator he was miserable being inside all the time. You spend 80% of your food budget on fresh rabbit and frozen whole prey

soooo kitty whipped

I realized I was kitty whipped when I woke up in the middle of the night with one cat on my head, another on my hip, one snuggling in my arm and one by my legs and I was afraid to move and disturb them, like THEY would have trouble going back to sleep! I was awake for some time, but love their snuggling!
—Guest Kathi

I am kitty whipped when

I feel terrible awful guilt about not taking the boys out on their daily walk!

You KNOW you're kitty-whipped

when after 1/2 hour of staring, you finally get up and give them their "nummies" so they will quit. when your alpha female wants in a cupboard that you child proofed against the cats and you open it for her. when you have to make your bed in sequences after washing the sheets because the alpha female wants to play with the sheets. when you have to hurry the litter box cleaning because the junior female wants a clean litter box.
—Guest Cindi


You purchase lint rollers not only for the cat hair on your clothes, but for the cat that chases you around the house to be "rolled" whenever she sees a lint roller in your hand. You also bought her one of her very own for her Christmas stocking.
—Guest Trish


your babies come to the side of your bed during the night and meow to be let outside. You immediately jump up and obey their command.
—Guest Trish

I know I am kittywipped when............

I repeatedly decline the opportunity to work for a month in Europe, and earn 10K while there because the kitty girls would be devastated at my being away for a month.
—Guest CatladyK

You know you're kitty-whipped when

the first thing you have to do in the morning is prepare her food and fresh water, because if you don't, you get the "I don't believe you are having coffee before taking care of me" look, and she will rub your legs and cry until she gets your attention. So you fix her breakfast, but she does not touch it until you sit down to have yours, then she jumps on the kitchen chair or table and stares you down until she at least smells and tastes what you're having. And to top it off, if you're having something she likes then you have to feed her with her spoon until she is finished then you get to eat. I do love that old girl. She is 16 and even has my husband trained when he walks in the door after work to give her treats before he does anything else. hehehe
—Guest Gingersan621


without talking, Misty lets me know what she wants. Her needs are before mine and her food costs more than mine, but I don't mind. I do what she wants.
—Guest Auntgin

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