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Readers Respond: You realize you're kitty-whipped when...

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You are kitty-whipped when...

you buy a ridiculously expensive auto-feeder so you never have to get up to feed the cats on your own. Also buying an automatic litter box falls under the same category.
—Guest Jeff

I'm not kitty whipped oh no

I'm not!! Really! So I gave up using the kitchen table because it would mean moving Pooh Bear from his favorite spot on the bench, so I stop petting the dogs when Nikita glares at me, so I drive all over town just to find the the exact food I need- the urinary tract formula Marshmallow needs because he's had 3 blockages and 4 surgeries, so I go everywhere covered in cat hair because Butterscotch needs a cuddle and Marshmallow has to have a hug before I leave the house, so I arrange my furniture so I don't block access to their favorite windows.... that doesn't mean I'm kitty whipped... right??????
—Guest zoomommy

You know your kitty whipped when...

it's one o'clock in the morning and your exhausted after working all day, but you still can't bring yourself to go to sleep until your cute little fur ball has found his way back inside...a few hours pass and you find yourself sleeping on the couch by the front door so that when he finally comes at some point in the night or early morning you'll hear his meow.... because you couldn't possible go to your bed and sleep comfortably knowing he's outside or that you could possible not hear his tiny meow.

Decidedly Not Kitty-Whipped!

No, I burp them after Tender Vittles like everyone else. Now, I must curtsy at Morty. Our king has entered the room.Where did I put his catnip mouse? Mercy, sire! Mercy!... --Mike Durrett

I Gave up my Bed for my 5 Kitties

I knew I was kitty whipped when I started sleeping in a chair until my 5 moved off of the bed so I could get into it for the night . Sometimes I would sleep the night though.Also when I go without to give them good food. My crew has me whipped!
—Guest bluebird45us

you call home to talk to the cat!

In my prior life I had to go 'on the road' 1-3 times/year, and I'd call home when I arrived and ask my husband how Pretty Girl was & if I could talk to her....
—Guest prettygirl'sslave

Your cats are officially spoiled when...

you build stairs into the bookcases to help them get up to their overhead perching spot on top of the entertainment center, which has also been set up with a fleece blanket to make it truly cozy.
—Guest Mama Zoe

you know you're kitty whipped when...

you have your boyfriend over for ONE night, and still let the cat sleep with you because otherwise Carlito (my cat) will continually body slam himself into the door and bawl until I open it and let him in...
—Guest gabi

voluntary slave

I realized that I am self nominated slave when: I do not go overseas anymore as my 4-legged children can not go with me; when they eat first before me: fresh animal flesh organic veggies vit supplements sardines etc and I just grab glass of soy milk or an old apple; when I can't sit on my computer chair because Oczka loves sitting there so I kneel next to screen and break my back; when I wait to make sure that all bellies are full(hand fed in cases of more fussy)while I walk with my belly stuck to my spine, when I can't take full time job as my 4-legged kids have to be fed 3x day; when I watch some stupid TV show only because I can't get up to change the channel as my laps are hosting Zlotko - and no way I will disturb her; when I can't sleep in my bed because already several of them nest there and I need negotiate just a corner of it; when my second PhD was done on the subject of litter changing and observing poos for any signs of ill health; and the list goes on....
—Guest teresa

Soooooo cat whipped when.......

When you buy a larger bed so all five can sleep with you more comfortably, and then don't care when they still choose to sleep on top of you. When you have learned to balance on 1/3 of your office chair because a cat or two got there first. When you can type with a cat in your lap while she is rubbing her chin on your hand as it moves over the keys. When even your pets have pets, or "cat TV" as I call it. When you get a second and third job just to afford the insulin and Vet bills for your 14 yr old "man of the house". The cats own the house, I just pay the mortgage.
—Guest suckerforafurryface

you're kitty-whipped when. . .

you give up all your blankets and pillows on the middle of winter for your kitties comfort.
—Guest riniblue


I realized I was kitty-whipped when I got up in the early morning to go to the bathroom and Mr. Snow comes and Meowssss at me demanding that he be fed now its 3:00 in the morning and he won't let me go back to bed and back to sleep unless he is fed as his wet food bowl is empty. Cannot have that he is a growing boy of 15 yrs old in people life and he needs his food even tho there is dry kibble in the storage room that he could et if he really wanted to.

I am the help

i reaized i was kitty-whipped when i was putting off going to the bathroom when i came home to sit down to have Silly climb on my lap to get her petting. when i got up to go to bed at midnight but went back to watching tv after seeing Silly sleeping on my bed, even though i stayed awake for the next three hours because i need my bed to sleep with a bad neck. she owns me and i love being owned
—Guest maylife

i work to support my cats' lifestyle

you wait while she eats so you can push the remaining food back into the center of the bowl--she won't eat it otherwise...you buy them canned alaskan salmos to celebrate birthdays, christmas, new years's...they have their own version of milk and cookies before bedtime: warm milk and dry food...the top of your grocery list reads: cat food (wet), cat food (dry), tuna, sardines, mackerel, liver, litter...
—Guest maoga

KITTY WHIPPED? ME...Hmmmm Lets See!

dare not move my head in case I disturb my darlin perched happily on my head...CHECK Get dragged from bed early in the morn even on weekends to feed HIS MAJESTY or get swatted on the face...CHECK Avoid calling too many friends over coz that would disturb my furry friend (or master) and make him sulk ....CHECK Run to the store far far away to get that special food that my kiddo loves... CHECK Spend more on kitty than self..CHECK Carry bulk of office work back home just so that kitty darlin does not die of boredom..CHECK Proudly talk of the latest kitty adventure to any ear within 10 kms radious....CHECK Well....Its true....I am totally, completed trained slave and am a proud and privileged member of the KITTY WHIPPED SLAVE CLUB (claps! claps!)
—Guest Saiarpita

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