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Readers Respond: You realize you're kitty-whipped when...

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I'm a self-confessed kitty-whipped slave to cats, but I'm not sure when I first became aware of that fact. If you consider yourself in the same CATegory, please complete this sentence: You realize you're kitty-whipped when. . .

NOTE: Questions or responses to others cannot be published. Think of this as your own mini-article. Finish the sentence

My cats allow me to live with them

when you don't make the bed because there are several little furballs laying in the middle of it....when you make their breakfast of salmon and shrimp before you make yours consisting of coffee and cold cereal....when you let the answering machine get the call because there are two little critters asleep in your lap....when you know she will be on the sunporch for only two minutes because it is too cold, but you wait by the door to let her back in....and finally, I lost my oldest, Dudley on Oct 14 and yesterday I found a bird feather that was exactly his colors, beige and white, and started crying again. Rest in peace my furry little boyfriend. I always loved men with fur on their backs.
—Guest sleepswithcats

You realize you're kitty-whipped when...

You're eating $.39 tuna from a can, and the cat is eating $4.00-a-can prescription diet salmon feast.

You realize you're kitty-whipped when

it's 90 degrees outside but you put on your fluffy sweater because Fiona won't sleep on your lap if you don't.
—Guest Nancy

You know your kitty-whipped when. ..

you get up from eating dinner to turn the water on in the sink because your kitty (who has neveer drank from a bowl in his life) is standing in the sink staring at you, and then two hours later you realize you left the water running! Ouch!


You have little time to yourself because you have taken in 20 strays and given them a loving home. Litter box cleaning becomes a full time job!
—Guest Deanna

Whipped and panicked!!

When the Vet. staff tells you your cat's pain meds for cancer in her jaw are on BACK ORDER!! They find a good substitute fast and offer all possible help.
—Guest Kate

You know you are kitty whipped...

When we stop everything when our cat thinks it is bedtime and one of us has to go with our cat, lay down with him, hold his paw until he is sound asleep.
—Guest Donald and Mary Graves

You think cats are hilarious when...

They run up to you, and they do all they can to gain your attention. They give you a hug (which is very unusual). They flop over and let you rub their tummy.


You respond to every meow and build it up into a one sided conversation.
—Guest Jess Reilly

kitty whipped

you realize your kitty whipped when you spend more money for toys for your cat than you do for yourself
—Guest mary

kitty whipped

you realize your kitty whipped when you spend more money for toys for your cat than you do for yourself
—Guest mary

Cat? Or baby?

When you and your husband trade off early mornings to feed and keep her company, even though it's 4:00 in the morning, otherwise she'll cry all night.
—Guest AlliC

Where is She?

I wake up at 3:30 AM because Lil Bit isn't walking on me, and then have to get up to look for her to make sure she is OK.
—Guest joethemechanic

Pillow King

...you don't complain when kitty wakes you out of a sound sleep as he climbs onto your pillow when you're fast asleep and takes what must be 5 minutes turning in circles as he arranges himself comfortably, winding up on your face, fur up your nose so you can't breathe. You delicately try to extricate your nose to the air so you can breathe, without disturbing him.

Mom Cat

I took in 30 cats and they rule. They let me live here and pay their bills. I have a small spot n the bed where they let me sleep. Litter box detail is a fulltime job. They love me and i love them.
—Guest Priscilla

Finish the sentence

You realize you're kitty-whipped when...

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