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Readers Respond: How You Share Holiday Joy with Homeless Cats

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From the article: Holiday Help for Needy Cats

In How to Support Cat Causes During the Holidays, I shared my favorite ways to help needy cats during the holidays.

I'd love for you to share some of the things you do to help shelter cats and other less fortunate cats during the holidays. They may range from volunteering at a shelter or cat rescue, donating cat food to rescue groups, buying "guilt-free" gifts for your friends that also aid cat charities, fostering kittens, or donating to an animal charity in memory of a pet. Please use all the space available, and set an example for other readers.

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Making "Kitty Forts"

That's what the local humane society calls the boxes that cats awaiting adoption can rest in and on. When adopted, the cat can take to his new home something that smells familiar. Allegedly, cats with kitty forts are adopted more quickly than those without. The boxes are inexpensive and easy to make. http://www.michiganhumane.org/site/PageServer?pagename=kittyfort

Gift Wrapping and Santa Pics

As an everyday foster for a local Kitty Rescue, I am a volunteer Gift Wrapper set up Borders Bookstores. Customers donate for this service. I also recruited my son-in-law and daughter for a day of Santa and Photographer, for Santa Photos with the pets, that also brings in donations.

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How You Share Holiday Joy with Homeless Cats

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