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Readers Respond: My New Years Resolutions for my Cats

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Each year I publish my Cat-Friendly Resolutions, and some years I am better than others at keeping them. That doesn't stop me from determining that this year will be different, though.

You are encouraged to post your own hopes and plans for this brand new year. They can be things you intend to do for your own cats, or more altruistic plans for the world of cats, such as volunteering at a shelter, making cat blankies to donate to your local shelter, or sponsoring a special needs cat for an organizations such as Tabby's Place. Post as many or as few as you wish. This is your own personal mini-article for About.com

2012 resolution

My youngest Manx cat, 3 year old Maya, would love to be an only furkid, because she thinks Moo and Cujo are always out to get her. Half the time they're not thinking about her, but things do get a little tense. Her aunt, four year old Moo, likes to play rough; Maya and five year old Cujo have never liked each other. My New Year's Resolution is to get some Feliway in all rooms of my apartment, to get these kitties to calm down!
—Guest Serbella

new years resolution for my cats

I pray that this year my remaining cats stay free of feline aids and keep off the road
—Guest maureen

I Promise....

to pay more attention to what my cats are telling me. For the past month, my cat Buddy, who comes and wakes me up every morning, stopped doing it. Well, I figured I made him mad for some reason. Then one day, (end of November, beginning of December), he stopped doing it. Well, I thought I did something to upset him. So, needless to say, I let it go. Three days before christmas, I woke up to get my coffee and found him laying in the middle of the livingroom floor. I honestly thought he wasn't going to make it to the vet. I found out he's diabetic. He has to receive insulin shots twice a day. He's not totally back to himself yet, but he's getting there. I have been with him since he was a kitten. March of next year, he'll be 10 years old. I plan on keeping him around for the next 10 years. So I guess what I'm trying to say is....LISTEN TO YOUR PETS, no matter how stupid you think the actions are!!! If I hadn't, Buddy would not be here today.

one resolution to keep

I am volunteering at the Comfy Cat Shelter in Orillia, Ont. Canada The cats need TLC and it is so comforting to pet a cat,even though I have one myself :)
—Guest Jeannette

Needs of an elderly cat

My resolution for my cat,Gizmo, is to spend more time with him and groom him better. I'm afraid that I've gotten lazy! He will be thirteen this summer and he seems more like a person than a cat. He is "an only cat" and he doesn't always like to treated like a cat. To say, "come here, kitty kitty" seems ridiculous; he looks at you like you must be joking, you couldn't possibly be referring to him? He is very well behaved and doesn't climb on counters and doesn't sit on the furniture, except the ottoman. He enjoys being brushed and I know as he gets older he needs my help being groomed. Also, I need to keep his ears cleaned out and he hates that. I have to find where he is hiding, because he runs away when he sees me getting out the cleaner. I worry about shots every year; are they really necessary that often? And heartworm medication? I want to be a good mommy to God's creature that is my responsibility. That is my resolution.
—Guest Laurel

Resolutions for the New Year for my Cat

Give a lot of more Love and Time to him, Love to make him happy by sitting around fake cats in the room for him to look at, he really likes that a lot, to look at. A lot of walks with him are so much fun, and love, that is what everyone needs more of.... So give your cat a hug today. Ha.....
—Guest Lorraine

My New Year's Resolution

Last summer I fed the squirrels on my balcony and my baby, BuddyBudkins,just loved waching them feed and react to him. They stared at each other. This year I am going to feed them, not on the balcony, but on the grass. The squirrels ate my four tomato plants, tomatoes and stems down to the pots. I know that BuddyBudkins will enjoy watching them feed and play on the grass, because he watches them run up and down the trees and around the grass from the bedroom windows and the balcony, which by the way, I screened in and I stay outside with him and his brother, Rudy to be sure they do not go off the balcony. My other resolution is to keep trying to make BuddyBudkins lose his fear of being abused. It took me three years to get him to be comfortable with being touched and held. I want him to not run and hide when I am holding something that scares him when I walk past him. Rudy is also trying to make a better life for him. He is teaching him to snuggle and cuddle up to me.
—Guest mjohns

My Cat New Year Resolution

I usually don't make New Year's resolutions but I vow to play more with my Samson and to keep him fit and trim in a healthy way. He was a tad porky when I adopted him, yowled at 3 a.m. to be fed, and I've changed his feeding schedule to both his and my delight. We've both gotten lazy (mama mostly) so I shall keep him active and entertained to maintain his healthy weight by exercise and healthy kitty chow. Mama loves her Samson!

Learn I Can't Save Them All

I am plagued with thoughts of 'the ones I lost' in my years of cat rescue work. I continually re-think decisions I made about various kitties, and what I could have done differently. So this year, I am going to TRY to focus on the success stories, the ones we saved and successfully found loving homes for, instead of mourning the ones I couldn't save.
—Guest swmbo

Make More Kitties Happy

Continue my shelter volunteer work at LAPCATS to place homeless cats; for my own kitties, convert my old kennel to a safe outdoor cat playroom.
—Guest Debbie

Teach Others

Teach others about feeding a species appropriate diet, over-vaxing and why you owe it to your cats to go beyond what your vets say and recognize the limitations of their education and their motivations for prescribing crappy food and giving unnecessary vaxes and toxic medications and flea repellents. Cat Guide's Comments: I have deleted thumbers comments on my writing as not pertinent nor appropriate here. thumbers is encouraged to email me, as I have no record of any emails from anyone with that name.
—Guest thumbers

finding homes

My new year's resolution is to find loving homes for the "outside kitties". A few years ago I fed a momma cat who appeared to be really hungry and I now have a few too many mouths to feed. As hard as it is to say good-bye, they are really sweet and beautiful creatures who deserve a warm home.
—Guest chrissy

Find Better Food for my Cats

Since one of our three cats (@ Maine Coons and a Birman) seems to be having intestinal distress, I've been researching all natural grain free cat foods. My resolution is to find something nutritious without grains, especially corn, and preservatives. I want these guys to be healthy.

my 6 babies

To make every day count.I lost CJ my 13 year old tabby in 2009.I was sent a rescue little female 2 months ago. I nameed her Sharae. She has made things easier. I will believe in kitty magic for now on.
—Guest Losira

New Years Resolution for my Cats

We rescued a mother cat and her 3 babies. The babies act like they have always been with us but mama cat is still skittish. We hope 2010 brings her much happiness and relaxation and fun in our home.
—Guest rhondahiltbrand

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