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Readers Respond: Why I Consider my Cat a Motor-Mouth

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Do you have a motor-mouth cat? Does your cat meow, chirp, mew, or howl constantly? Is she a chatty catty all day long, except when she's asleep? Does it bother you, or do you enjoy chatting with your verbose cat? Share your story about your motor-mouth cat with other readers, by filling out this easy form.

Coon conversations

My Maine has a lot to say most of the day and makes the eye contact as well.Just an incredible chatterbox with many different octaves,depending on his needs.

Rachel Hayes

My mother cat only talks when she wants some attention, but 1 of her kittens is as different again. Her kittens, Sox, Peanuts & Guinness.All are now a year old, but it's Guinness who's a real motor mouth...Whether it's fuss/ attention, food, he's always talking to us. He'll tell us when the post has arrived, to which neighbours are in the garden. His brother & sister only talk when wanting fuss, or food, but Guinness will use different tones for each different activity. Plus when jealous of the others when they get some attention.
—Guest catface

Missy the mouth

I have had a rescue cat for two years, who I named Missy. She's adorable but a motor mouth. She had to wear a coat for 9 months because she scratched her skin open as a result of being allergic to.... cat food! It took that long for the itching to wear off. She hated the coat but put up with it, because I had put it on. The one thing about her though is the constant chatter... I say something she replies, she howls the place down when it's time for her twice daily feeds (strong routine needed), then if I'm not going to bed quick enough - or not getting up fast enough - there's more howling the place down. She doesn't like sitting on my lap but she perches on the edge of the couch beside me, chatting away. It can get tiresome when you're trying to concentrate on something (like writing, when she'll of course come and plonk herself down on the paper) but I wouldn't have it any other way. I'd just like her to shut up on occasion!
—Guest Donal

Loudmouth Lacey

My Lacey is a two year old Maine Coon torbie.I got her as a two month old kitten.When I first brought her to my apartment she hid for two weeks and I only heard her.I called the SPCA to find out how to get her to stop hiding.Lacey is shy and the only person she doesn't hide from is my brother.At the same time,she is a real sweetheart.She squeaks a lot when watching birds,squirrels and when she sees her outside cat friends.She has a tendency to be very hyper.Every once in a while she runs all over the place,jumping and making that distinct Maine Coon "trill" like a combination meow and purr.When it's her breakfast or dinner time she meows very loudly while looking up at me and batting around her tail.When I get home from work I can hear her meowing at the door from yards away.She always wishes me good morning before I get out of bed by licking my face or sitting on my chest purring and touching my face.

My Cat, Cage

My cat, Cage (named by her previous owners) was born a wild cat. When I gained ownership, which Cage took to remarkably well, I noticed she never really meowed. Instead, she makes a chirping noise, similar to a cooing sound made by queens to their babies. My wife and I have had Cage for nearly 3 years and she will still communicate in this fashion, which we get a kick out of. Cage always seems like she is on a mission, checking out everything and everyone, as if to always ask, "Are you okay?" before gouging your foot with her claws and biting your ankle. She recently had her second litter and lost all three of her kittens. Another cat we have also had kittens near the same time. When Cage lost hers, she took a few days off from her noises to overcome her loss, which we were there for her. Afterward, she started trying to adopt the other mother's kittens. Interestingly, the other mother (Hera) doesn't seem to mind Cage being a serrogate to her kittens. Since, Cage has adopted everyone.
—Guest David

meows for food and tears up paper

I have three cats; two of them are not problems at all. The third cat meows a great deal of the time. To have the slider opened and to have more food. Even after I have fed the cat he meows at various pitches. I have tried squirting him, brushing him and talking to him. I say no. I put him on the landing to the basement. I am a writer and he drives me crazy. (Edited to make the cat's gender consistent. The "he's" won it 3-1)
—Guest larry manglitz

Old Girl

My Old Girl is 19.5 years old. She is a Persian/Himilain. She has always had a mind of her own. She has always been the door greeter. She has outloved all 5 cats we had. But the thing that bothers me the most is in the middle of the night she lets out this howeling that wakes me out of a sound sleep. She will make that sound anytime actually. Why I would sure like to know the answer to that question. But we love her anyway and always have.
—Guest Linda Murphy


My 1yr old Maine Coon mix Norbert loves to talk to himself. He carries his toys around the house rowling to himself and he always meows after my fiance our I sneeze as if to say bless you and we always thank him. He also likes to chitter at the flies that invade our porch, when we extend the tape measure and he chitters when he recognizes the click of the button on his laser toy.
—Guest Amy

Cat Talk with Bad Andy

We have many names for him, but mostly Bad Andy describes him best. He is now eleven years old. So I have two seniors to deal with who both love to talk, They are Bad Andy and my husband. Our dog lulu is pretty quiet especially when Andy is kissing her when he's not talking to me. I often respond with civil conversation, or I go into his world. I repeat what he is saying to me. Still eleven years later he can't figure out how I understand him. Well Andy, that's what mothers are for.
—Guest Marilyn

MotorMouth Manx Cats

I have three Manx cat females. Cujo, the oldest, grunts, chirps, and "eows." She always drops the "m" in "Meow." She'll carry on a complete conversation with me. If I ask her how she's feeling she grunts. When I tell her "Good night" she grunts. Moo, Cujo's daughter, constantly complains about everything, yells out "Nooooo!" if I clip her claws or clean her ears. Moo is convinced the humans walking up and down the street are up to no good and I expect to see her to pull a cell phone from somewhere and call 911 to put a stop to all that mischief. Maya, the youngest, considers herself the little princess and sounds like she's pouting each and every time she opens her mouth, usually to complain about Moo or Cujo. I imagine Maya is wondering aloud why she can't be an only cat. The only words that matter to them are "food" and "eat." Otherwise they pretend their understanding of English is very limited and they stare at me like they really don't understand anything else I'm saying.
—Guest Serbella M

Roxanne:the Bossy nurse

Roxanne is my very vocal tuxedo cat. I am in ill health and she tells me to rest. Time for bed litteraly bunting me into my bedroom and my shower where she checks on me talking as I shower. Then bunts me toward toward my meds cabinet reminding me of my nite medications to take then rubs my leg. As I climb into bed wher we snuggle together under the covers while watching T together. But each meow in different ways and tones tells me what she expects of me. She is my nurse and my baby I love her so. We have many wonderful years together to share our love and her telling me what to do especily times to take meds and of course keeping her water and food dishes full annd of course her sand box. Roxanne takes care of me as my nurse and I will love and obey all of her commands! My sweet Roxanne! Hugs @ kissys always!
—Guest Losira

Mimi the Wailer

My tortie Mimi, who I adopted at age 2 from the shelter and is now a stately 11 years old, is the crankiest cat I have ever met. She varies from Scolding to Whining to Wailing and finally Screaming. The older she gets, the more frequent and frenzied her vocalizing has become. Last summer we moved from a country rental house (where she had lots of freedom) to a second-floor city condo, and she has expressed her displeasure ever since. We trained her to a leash and take her out when she's willing, but it's not the same in her lofty opinion. When not sleeping, she screams and howls like a banshee and we are concerned about being evicted. Mimi is definitely a slave to routine and gets very upset when I sleep in on weekends. She's a beautiful girl and I can't stay mad at her for long, but I'd sure like to muzzle her sometimes! (Yes I had her checked for hyperthyroidism and other senior cat ailments, and she's healthy.)
—Guest Dazzle

Yowling Angel

My 3 1/2 year old female is a Grey Tabby Short Hair, named Angel. For the most part she fits her name...but recently she's developed a habit of standing at the apartment door and meowing incessantly. I've had her for 3 years and this is a new thing. At 3 AM it's a trying thing. I'm not sure what I can do to get her to stop... I pet her and give her attention and pet her and give her more attention... I don't mind occasional meowing, but this is yowling and it echoes... at 3AM she's going to wake up a neighbor at some point with it.
—Guest NancyG

Arrow, Artemis, and Nemesis

I have 3 cats. All three of them are talkers. I've come to recognize their voices. Arrow is my "Spanish" cat with all sorts of lovely rolled r's and thrills. He's very sweet and intelligent when he talks. There is Artemis, nicknamed "Squeaker", because she communicates with strings of short mews and squeaks. It sounds something like, "Eee eh eeeEEe." She also speaks quite alot in this manner when I first get home. Then there is Nemesis. She's the newest member to our family and came with the new house my husband and I purchased. The previous owner failed to take her with him. She quiet most of the time, but when she does talk to me it's a very gentle "merr". She's the youngest out of the three, but I think she seems to know the most based off of how I have heard her talk to me. With my husband gone a lot with the military, it's great to have three cats who will talk to me and keep me company. I love my cats!
—Guest arrowartemisandnemesis

Talking Tonkinese

I have not one but 2 talking Tonkinese my boy Mattie talks to me to the cats outside to my other 2 cats. He loves to get in the bathroom by the tub and talk for some reason. You would think after 12 years I should have know better than to rescue another Tonkinese but I did. Tasha's family lost their home and had to give her up after 13 years. Now some times I have stereo talking. They have even taught my Persian how to talk.

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