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Readers Respond: Have you had success solving a cat behavioral problem? Share your Tips Here!

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Cat behavioral problems run the gamut, from aggression, to litter box accidents, to howling in the night. Some undesirable behaviors are only annoying, such as excessive attention-seeking, while others, such as chewing on electrical cords are downright dangerous. Still others, such as peeing outside the box, may be a sign of a physical problem. Curing a "bad" behavior problem requires thinking like a cat.

If you've had success in "curing" bad behavior, share your story here. You may very well help another frustrated cat and his human. NOTE: Due to the large number of ongoing requests for help, those will be approved also, but keep in mind, the best place to ask would be the Cat's Forum.

Ornaments and your cat

Face it: cats love shiney stuff--especially shiney, DANGLY stuff--and the temptation of bright Christmas tree ornaments is too much for any feline to resist. They're not really being "bad" cats--they're just being cats...you can't camp out by your tree with a squirt gun (aqua behavior modifier); a more practical solution is "sacrifice" ornaments--a bag of colorful, cheap satin balls to hang on low branches within kitty batting range works like a charm and save you loads of grief, while delicate keepsake pretties are hung on upper/middle boughs. keeping them and kitty paws from harm's way. A blessed and safe Yuletide to all!
—Guest Allanna

Cat has mommy issues?

A year ago I found an abandoned 3 week old kitten trapped in a drain. My MALE dog let the kitten "nurse" on his stomach for months which was peculiar but gave them both satisfaction and they formed a close bond. I wonder if my male cat has some sort of mommy issues. He races around the house every day and rounds up these cat beanie babies that my kids have...only the cat ones none of the others. He acrries them in his mouth to his cat house then sits up high and watches them while meowing. He does this every night. What on earth is going on?
—Guest jenn

Drags socks when I am gone

My female calico tabby deals with separation anxiety, when I am gone to work, by dragging socks and meowing; she sometimes does it when she cannot find me in the house. Hey, she is not breaking anything, and I don't wear the socks anymore anyway. I just gather them up everyday, and put them back in the same place for the next day; some days, there are more socks than others. There are just some days, she misses me more than others; I do have two other cats there, two of her last litter, so I just assume they listen and watch her. I think it is kind of sweet, myself.
—Guest Pammy58

Response to Problems

Sounds like your cat is afraid or something if he raises his tail and back.
—Guest dvanilla

aggressive 3month old kitten cured?

our 3 month old kitten has been very loving but can instantly turn VERY aggressive since we got him. we have tried EVERY method we can (saying NO, shreeking OUCH..! and squirting him on the body with a water bottle plus other things etc...) but quite by chance I 'think' we have cured him. because he is so young we don't want him to go out on his own but it was a lovely sunny day today so I decided to buy him a cat harness and a lead so I could walk him around the garden. once it was in place properly, his attitude seemed to change and for almost 24hrs he has behaved beautifully. instead of being loving and playful one minute then instantly trying to kill us for no apparent reason, he hasn't attacked us once..! we know and carry out the rules on eye contact and body language to make sure WE are not giving out aggressive signals to him that could cause it so I can only think that the harness has helped calm him down? he is happy having the harness on so I intend to keep it on for a while
—Guest ian moone

bad behavour

I got a cat several years ago wha loved to bite people.i found if i didnt react to his aggression and ignore him when he was bad he eventually stopped.some bites i received were bad and needed treatment but he had been ill treated by humans at some point in his wee life so was being defensive .he died a rew months ago of old age and we all miss him he became a brilliant wee cat and we miss him.patience and understanding with a lot of love can turn situations around we all deserve a chance
—Guest margaret brady

My kitten id actting differnt!!

Will first of all i have a 11 yr old cat, and she has been actting differnt be fore i get a kitten,, Thought she be a mommy to it, But she hasnt and i know i waitted to long to bring in another cat, The 6-7 mth old kitten is very active , and playful, and she whats the other cat to play but my older cat, doesn't want her near her, she hiss and gr''sss at her too,, Im trying my best to make sure they work out its been going on 6 mths, and the little one has and attuide with me too, she was very freindly to me sleep with me etc know she plays then she goes in her area to sleep and she movies and goes ina coner and purrs while i pet her..i just dont know if she isnt feeling will she eats good and poops good , i dont know if it has something to do with the other cat, that she doesnt play with her,, i play with her alot i have been home alot, i just dont know how to explain my problem,,????
—Guest Denise

psychic cats

My husband recently died at home.All day before hjs passing the cats had laid low.Within minutes of his passing the Big Guy whom my husband loved,jumped on the bed,lay down by his knees,and with eyes like saucers and ears laid back to his head mourned. Within seconds, the "little cat" was on the bed, walked to my loved one's shouder, looked at him and then lay by his knees as still as a mouse.Don't ever tell me they are not psychic!

how my homeless cat changed from agressi

About five years ago a tabby cat was coming around my door. He would run away when approached. Eventually I left a cat bowl with food by an open door and I would dissapear. This brought him around and toward the food in the house. Finally I grabbed him and kept him in the house for a week. He was not happy to be handled at first but eventually allowed petting. however he would and scratch and bite at my legs and follow me around to do this. I let him out after a week but he did return for food. I kept him overnight and let him out in the daytime. Some times he would not come around for a couple of days but eventually returned. [it was wintertime and cold} I would guess that he was about 3/4 yrs old. The defensive attitude continued well into two years. I found myself in the emergency room with terrible scratches red and swollen down my forearm for petting him at the wrong time. Eventually with enough love and affection and five years later "Best cat in the world".
—Guest lrcosta

mrs van breda

i have brought my cats up as if they were my own children from 8weeks. they only cry for there soft food( treats in morning and evening) they dont scratch and they come to us when theybare called by name. cats need the attention u would generally give t a dog. if you do that from day one they will even greet you at ur front door when u arrive home from work. they sleep under the blankets and get lots of attention. they even understand what a massage is and they run for it. i always keep my cats indoors untill they are familiar with their comfort zone and then can go out into the garden and after 8 months they can explore. you are then 100% sure that they know where there home is and who there parents are. scratching advise, get an old chair that they can scratch and use as a "jungle gym" they wont scratch you or ur other furniture.
—Guest monique

My kitten is SO sweet, but only to us!

He is not nice to anyone other that my fiancé and I. He loves us bunches, but when people come to the house he is nasty and HATES kids! I'm hoping it gets better as he gets older but he really is nasty. Hisses, growls, retreats, scratches, swipes- crazy behavior. We won't get rid of him, but definiteley need a solution as his behavior is unacceptable. Any suggestions?

My kitten is SO sweet, but only to us!

He is not nice to anyone other that my fiancé and I. He loves us bunches, but when people come to the house he is nasty and HATES kids! I'm hoping it gets better as he gets older but he really is nasty. Hisses, growls, retreats, scratches, swipes- crazy behavior. We won't get rid of him, but definiteley need a solution as his behavior is unacceptable. Any suggestions?

ran out the house

we had spookky for 2 years the other nigth my wife to throw out the garbage and left the door she ran out but know she does not want to come back in what can i do
—Guest spooky

understaning my feline friend.

my babies is going hard on me..............she hissis............and has learned..........dont no where.............to bark.............i think im not ............feeling her anymore........how can i help her................help me
—Guest suzanne

outside litter box use poo only

My 1 year old cat has always used the litter box. Recently he poos outside his box but only sometimes. His box is scooped daily and is changed completely twice a week. There has been no changes and he is a very happy and a much loved cat. He is a very good inside cat he has never caused any trouble.
—Guest lizzy brown

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