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Readers Respond: Have you had success solving a cat behavioral problem? Share your Tips Here!

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From the article: Cat Behavior 101

Cat behavioral problems run the gamut, from aggression, to litter box accidents, to howling in the night. Some undesirable behaviors are only annoying, such as excessive attention-seeking, while others, such as chewing on electrical cords are downright dangerous. Still others, such as peeing outside the box, may be a sign of a physical problem. Curing a "bad" behavior problem requires thinking like a cat.

If you've had success in "curing" bad behavior, share your story here. You may very well help another frustrated cat and his human. NOTE: Due to the large number of ongoing requests for help, those will be approved also, but keep in mind, the best place to ask would be the Cat's Forum. Share your Experiences

Ornaments and your cat

Face it: cats love shiney stuff--especially shiney, DANGLY stuff--and the temptation of bright Christmas tree ornaments is too much for any feline to resist. They're not really being "bad" cats--they're just being cats...you can't camp out by your tree with a squirt gun (aqua behavior modifier); a more practical solution is "sacrifice" ornaments--a bag of colorful, cheap satin balls to hang on low branches within kitty batting range works like a charm and save you loads of grief, while delicate keepsake pretties are hung on upper/middle boughs. keeping them and kitty paws from harm's way. A blessed and safe Yuletide to all!
—Guest Allanna


My cat does talk to me quite a bit even after I feed and water her and liter box is clean only other explanation is her wanting attention so I give her some. She occasionally rubs on my legs then gives me a nibble on my calf it doesn't hurt its very soft I can't figure out why though
—Guest spencer


I've been "scruffing " my cat like u said. She is a sweetheart of a cat , but about once a day or so she will get aggressive & bite or swat at me claws out ! It's hard to figure out why but I'm working on it. I like the scruffing method cause it does feel like she understand that I'm telling her no.
—Guest Friend to furries

Why no responses?

First time on your website. I see a lot of really good questions. I see no responses. Am I missing something? Vicki, the word SUCCESS is the key. This series was intended for users to help others who may have been having the same sort of problems, by posting their SUCCESS with a particular problem. Unfortunately, so many people have instead posted their problems, so most of the posts are accomplishing nothing. Here is what I wrote in the accompanying article: "If you've had success in "curing" bad behavior, share your story here. You may very well help another frustrated cat and his human. NOTE: Due to the large number of ongoing requests for help, those will be approved also, but keep in mind, the best place to ask would be the Cat's Forum."
—Guest Vickie


My Garfield is an angel. She is very gentle and affectionate. I love to read your updates and news. Luv charanjiv
—Guest charanjiv

Traits in both cats.

We have 1 lynx point, and 1 chocolate point siamese cats. They were older when l got them. Their owner passed away. After a long battle they have adjusted well but both have similar habits, kneading while petting and 1 prefers the skin (ouch ) while the other just does it in the air. The long haired one has been extremely aggressive in the past but with alot of love and patience is slowly overcoming it. l would like to know what habits siamese cats share as my other 2 dont do this, and any information to help with them settling in would be much appreciated. Thanks..
—Guest Kelly


We have 4 "fur babies" - cats, all who follow me & come when I call or whistle, as canines do, as well as give "nose kisses"- touch their noses 2 ours. They even "talk" 2 us, leading us 2 what they want or need. We have had all of them since they were kittens, & started training each as soon as we took them n. Each time I fed them, I whistled & shook the dry food/ tapped fork on canned food container, that way they would come back should they ever get outside. Whenever they jumped on counters or other places I didn't allow, I used an air-horn I bought @ dollar store-1 short burst while I said, "down!" pointing 2 floor.The youngest, who began petting aggression biting when he hit puberty, is learning that we humans r "top cat" around here, NOT him. When he begins 2 look like he is about 2 strike, we "puff up @ him" & growl or hiss-sort of like dogs who r alpha. We r all learning & still working on this 1, but he is getting better-not biting like he once did! We also use rewards 2 train

getty Rusty to like other people

Rusty usually runs away from other people but because mum kept visiting and I held Rusty and let mum pat her Rusty accepted her and one day came up to her and sniffed her shoes, something she would not have done before. I am going to try this with other people too.


I have 2 neutered male cats, have been together since birth, rescued them at approx. 5 weeks of age. Last week one of them had to have surgery for a bowel blockage, was out of the house 3 days. When he came home the other cat has been less than inviting, he hisses, growls, refuses to eat in the same room at the same time. I don't know what to do, nothing has changed in the daily routine yet the one who stayed home is not getting along. The other one seems to look at him like he is confused at this behavior and doesn't react to it. help please

does not seem to work for me

none of the tips shared here address the question or work. e.g how do i stop my cats from scratching the sofa? i cannot spray the sofa or put something on it. also i cannot keep making loud noises given that i will not be at home all the time (the solution that i have implemented is to have a sofa that kind of blends with the scratching with cheap covers that can be easily changed, so the scratching only enhances the natural look of the sofa).... the point on walking on a leash has 2 issues...1. one of my cats can wriggle out of the leash in matter of seconds and the second one is very uncomfortable with the leash and gets frightened. also cats unlike dogs prefer walking around independently. putting a leash for me only results in stubborn behavior and refusal to walk...the only way to walk the cat is to let the cat walk you around...
—Guest artemis

another cat using cat flap

Male cat 4 doors away comes in through the cat flap and attacks my 2 cats. I have found out the owners lock his cat flap at night to stop him bringing mice inside but in the cold weather he tries to come in my house with the ensuing noise cat screaming and hissing which wakes all the family up. As my other half has a heart condition I am afraid of the effect waking up to the commotion may have on his condition. apart from locking my cats in at night does anyone know of any other solutions

help me to understand

I found a cat at my job, and decided to bring it into our home after a bout a week of feeding her . at first she was scared to come out from under my couch, then all the sudden she began to play with us. she was like a human wanting attention and bringing her toys out to us to play with her, then 1 day she bit my husband and showed her teeth to me, she has been under my couch for 1 week and I have to force her out. she acts like she don't want to be bothered with us. what should we do?
—Guest mrs mayes

My 10 yr old cat & 7 yr old daughter

I don't have a solution but thought I'd post my issue to see if anyone has a similar problem, and if there is a solution. I've had my cat since he was weaned from his mother. I did alot of research and raised him well. He's been a WONDERFUL and loving cat .....until my daughter turned about 4. She scares him, tries to pick him up though she's not supposed to, confines him in her bedroom, just is constantly bothering him. She is also jealous of him, and often times will hit him or throw something at him in anger. I've talked to her, pleaded, I've grounded her but it continues. He used to just walk away , then he'd give her warnings by swatting her, or clamping his teeth on her. Now he's had it, last night he attacked her, leaving claw marks on both shoulders. I wasn't in the room, but my brother said she didn't seem to be annoying him. I love them both and wanted to know if anyone has experienced the same and what might work, short of separating them in different rooms. Thanks
—Guest CatLover

Head Dress

Howl scream sing trance like cry while carries in mouth the same ten year old child headband with cat ears. Always delivers toy on top of husbands shoes or in or near his clothes.carries while howling up 2flights stairs sometimes takes toy to basement and then sings and carries back up 2 flights stairs
—Guest Tweety

My cat is mean to me

I adopted my male adult cat from the humane society a little over a year ago (he was about 8mnths old). He can be a total sweetie and he can be a complete jerk! When we "play" he becomes extremely aggresive and has bitten me to the point where he bruises me very badly. I don't know how to teach him that its NOT ok. Any advice?? I'm thinking he might have been abused before I adopted him. I love him but I'm starting to think I should return him:(
—Guest eneri

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Have you had success solving a cat behavioral problem? Share your Tips Here!

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