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Readers Respond: Have you seen a cat cry real tears?

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From the article: Do Cats Cry Real Tears?

I used to believe that cats' eyes only watered for medical reasons. However, after the phenomenal response I've had from readers who have seen cat cry for apparent reasons of pain, sorrow, loneliness, or frustration, I'm willing to include that there are indeed occasions of cats crying because of emotions.

Have you seen a cat cry real tears? Read the associated article, then share your story with other readers in the form below. Note:This form is not for asking questions or replying to others readers. It is your own mini-article on the About.com Cat site.

Two big tears scrolling in my cat cheeks

After being beaten..He was the strongest of my 4 cats.and never was beaten by any cat from outside or by any of their brothers...I was working on my cmputer and heard some sound like a sniff...I turn around and see my cat with a big cut just below his right eye and two other one in his nose...and the must surprising...big tear, literally a big water tear, almost sticky scrolling or it was like staying fix there in his right cheek...and noticed another just coming out, from his left eye...it was amazing to find this in my cat...I cleaned them up and the hair from his right cheek was wet like if he really got wet by something else...I touched his left tear it felt like human tears, same water feel...I still cant believe it, I took photos of course...by night that same day still some tear although there was much less tears in his eyes...He is my friend now even more and he is closer to me since that day, yesterday..heś sleeping with me right now...heś like a human to me right now..


My husband and I just went thru a divorce, it has always been me, him and our loving cat MooMoo. She is the perfect sidekick companion for us, our best friend. When I left him, I packed up the little car with as much as I could and all my cats stuff and drove back home to California from Colorado were we had been living the past 2 years. The whole trip home I let her lay in the back seat comfortably so she could walk around the car. I kept reaching back to pet her and comfort her, her right eye would not stop oosing out with clear fluid. I texted him and told him, maybe it wasn't a good idea I took her, because she is really sensitive already and has a few medical issues, he said she is probably crying. So I concidered that, the whole drive back home, she continued to do it. When we made it back home to California for the first two days she kept doing it as well Now that its been about two weeks and she has gotten a little more comfortable her eye no longer does it. So I believe cats d
—Guest Summer

2yo girl cries

My all white girl cries tears all the time, after she is stressed or while she is sitting alone. I get up and wipe the tears and her little wet face but im worried. Is this normal? She is a sweet little puss and i wonder if its really an emotional thing?
—Guest Cassie

Have you seen a cat cry real tears?

Sometimes my kitty, Boy, cries when he isn't allowed to go outside. His eyes well up and a few tears run halfway down his face.

Cat Tears

My one year old kitty hid after I reprimanded him with a spray bottle for the first time. He was under the dining room table, and when I checked on him, his eyes were watering and he was sniffling a little. He soon started to cry, and my mom was shocked because he was showing such "human" emotion. I cuddled with my kitty afterwards, and am a lot more sensitive with my little baby now.
—Guest Maya


I was gone for 12 days and nights and did have someone come in daily and check on my cat Cricket. When I got home, she came out from under the bedspread and I literally saw a tear drop from her eye onto the pillow...She was truly crying!!
—Guest Beverly

my cat cried today

My cat (almost 5) cried today. He has a scab or something under his chin & I accidentally scratched it. I went to clean his eye buggers & under his eyes was wet. So yes I think cats do cry!
—Guest Mel

Tears of joy

When I work, I work long hours, and usually leave very early in the morning and come home late at night, but I only work a few days or less a week and sometimes not at all for a week. My cat Yogi usually jumps on my bed from the cat door in the window about 8 am. every day I'm not working and maybe when I am but of course I'm not there. The last 2 days he has jumped on my bed and when I sit him on my chest 4 or 5 clear tears have fallen on me from both his eyes for a few seconds and then it stops. I cant see any thing wrong with his eyes and he is purring when it happened.
—Guest Brad

crying cat

My cat cried when it orginal owner left it behind sat on our back patio table staring at the house of her preveoius owner with tears running down her face the other day she got made and bit me i scolded here adn left the room my wife called me and there she was with tears in her eyes upset that I scolded her and left the room so i picked her up and all became well again such an emotional cat
—Guest Wade

I saw my Bengal cat cry

I was worried that something was wrong with his eyes, but after the one time, when he cried big fat tears, I have seen nothing until tonight when he had just a bit of it. He is only a year old and very sensitive, still kind of a baby, and since I've had him since we rescued him when he was between 6 and 8 weeks old, he thinks I'm his mommy, but he is BIG and very curious, so sometimes he causes problems (breaking things, turning over my water, etc.,) so I yell a bit. I know I shouldn't but I'm old an cranky. Anyway, about 2 weeks ago, when I got mad at him, he started crying, and it just killed me, so I held him and kissed him and told him I love him, and he stopped. Just now he came up on the bed and snuggled in and there were some small tears. I just think he's very sensitive. I've never seen another cat do it.

The last tears

The whole wonderful 19 years of sharing our lives together I never saw any indication that my cat ever cried. This last year has been really hard on her health wise. She went down hill with old age problems until she just couldn't bare it anymore. She was having renal failure and we didn't want her to suffer anymore. During her final moments with us I saw a huge tear coming from her eye as to say I am sorry I can be with you anymore. It was one of the most saddest things I have ever seen, and I will never forget it.
—Guest Gail

Scientific proof

You write that you have not been presented scientific proof for cats crying out of emotion. I have witnessed cats cry like crazy out of emotion. With teardrops and yelling. What would be scientific proof and what is the scientific proof that humans cry out of emotion and not just other medical reasons?
—Guest Alex

happened just now.

Lately I've been horribly ill. I've always been a sick person...anyways. Today I was resting in my parents room with one of three of my families cats, Snow. He's the one male, white, Manx with no tail. My little brother grabbed my fathers foam dart gun and aimed it at Snow and started firing. Snow ran right over me (not helping me feel well) and was cornered by my brother being shot at. After a few seconds I managed to roll off my bed and Sheila the feline. My brother, disinterested, left the room as I picked Snow up and brought him back to bed. Just as I hovered over I noticed clear tears running down the sides of his nose. I've never noticed anything like this before...so I held him. My ear pressed on his body, I heard small, soft grunts. I could tell he was distraught. He wouldn't run away from my hold..his body "mushy" and unmoving. He was crying. I could tell he was crying over being shot at by a family member he trusted. Just thought id share...
—Guest Nezzy

yes cats cry

Yes cats cry. I have been witness to it before. At the shelter where I work a young state police trainee surrendered his cat Buster to us as he was leaving for training. I looked in on buster a few hours later and there he lay. Tears welled up in his green eyes and moisture all under them. He knew what was up and knew his human was not coming back. Heartache, pure heartache all over the loss of his human. Have no fear though folks. We found Buster his forever home. One with a little girl who adores him and a mommy and daddy who love him very much.

Seen a cat cry real tears not goop.

i have seen cat cry real tears, she was dropped off starving & declawed so shouldn't have been outside! Myself an animal friendly person brought her inside with my other four cats & a dog. I started feeding her & yes the fact is I do believe she cried. She is a matted mess & it hurts her to move. I know this cat came to me because I would help, and cried to let me know how bad people treated her & to tell me thanks. People should be hit with bad karma when they do this to any animal.
—Guest Kelly

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