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Readers Respond: Have you seen a cat cry real tears?

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From the article: Do Cats Cry Real Tears?

I used to believe that cats' eyes only watered for medical reasons. However, after the phenomenal response I've had from readers who have seen cat cry for apparent reasons of pain, sorrow, loneliness, or frustration, I'm willing to include that there are indeed occasions of cats crying because of emotions.

Have you seen a cat cry real tears? Read the associated article, then share your story with other readers in the form below. Note:This form is not for asking questions or replying to others readers. It is your own mini-article on the About.com Cat site.

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Cats do cry for emotional reasons

Last week one of my cats knocked over and broke a metal statue of a horse that had belonged to my grandmother, and I was upset and yelled a sentence or two at him. A few minutes later my son came to me and told me that the cat's eyes were oozing. I believe he was crying because the same thing happened to me about 20 years ago when a cat misbehaved and I yelled at him and he cried. I've had eight cats over the years and only ever seen these two shed tears, but I am quite sure they were crying from emotional distress. Needless to say, I try to refrain from shouting at my feline pals.
—Guest Agia Pellagia

I think my cat is crying

My 12 year old cat is in end stage liver failure. We are all very sad as there is nothing we can do for her. We decided we do not want her to suffer and to take her to be put down if she does seem to be suffering at all, but she is for the most part still doing some of the things she enjoyed doing, though more slowly and weakly as she does not eat anymore (and hasn't for quite awhile now) and drinks very little water. But she likes to lay on the back of the couch and look out of the big picture window, and while she does I pet her, and feel sad, and tears well up in her eyes and roll down her face, but she just lays quietly watching things go on around her and doesn't seem to be in any pain. It is breaking my heart.
—Guest Kat


My precious little Persian, Foo-foo, cries all the time, especially when we are apart for more than 2 minutes! What a sweetie little nummy-nums he is! Then I give him all my lovin' and we all have a big laugh about it later! Toodles!...
—Guest Mungo

My cat just cried :(

I have amain coon female cat and I came home from work and began giving my dog affection. I then looked up at my cat who was watching from the kitchen counter and she had tears in her eyes:( probably sad I haven't been giving her as much affection as my dog has been getting. Broke my heart and I will be sure to give her more love.
—Guest Kelly

cats do cry

The cats in my life that have become extremely friendly and close to me show very deep feelings. Ex: My calico was so sensitive that when I would reprimand her(vocally, never physically) she would sit down and actually cry, meowing loudly! That happen twice and never again would I intently reprimand any of my babies. They really do show emotional signs, either vocally or other ways. The best thing is to talk to them and they actually do understand. But at times you must look at their behavior to really see it. Theresa
—Guest Pumpkinjamima

emotional siamese

—Guest fred smith

My cat's eyes welled up in sorrow

My beautiful 5 year old, female cat Minifred was harassed and attacked twice, by a huge, domineering male cat. I have witnessed her crying and wheezing due to the pain, it is truly horrible! Moreover, just this morning, the bully cat returned, and although my mother quickly shooed him away, the fact that he came back severely frightened little Minifred and she has spent the rest of the day with her tail between her legs, collapsed on my bed, wheezing with tears swelling in her eyes! It is devastating and made me cry too! I think it is very ignorant to believe that cats do not feel emotion as humans do. Each cat has their own personality, and clearly my little girly is very sensitive, but loved all the more for it.
—Guest Carrie1995

I think my cat cried

My cat wasn't eating enough and I made a last minute vet appt. After labs and an ultrasound I was told he had fatty liver disease caused by extreme weight loss. I made the decision to have a feeding tube placed that day, requiring him to stay a few days at the vet. Visited him that night to find him sedated from pain meds but able to get a purr with petting. The next morning he was very lethargic still, minimally responsive but vet still saying it's from pain meds. Visited him later that day to find him meowing almost inconsolably, even with my presence and comforting efforts. Decision was made that I could bring him home overnight as long as I could do his feeds, which I could. On the way home he was silent, just curled up looking at me, with a tear running down his face. 1.5 hours later his breathing became shallow and irregular and he passed away in my arms holding him after I gave him a feed. I truly believe he held on to be home and shed an emotional tear on the way home.
—Guest Nichole

Never would have thought!

My cat was resued after five years of neglect. He'd pulled his hair out and was underweight. He's a long-haired Siamese/Himalayan and loves to be brushed. Our ritual, each morning, is a long brushing and cuddle. He has one or two tears running down his cheeks when we do this. I think he's touched at the attention he didn't know existed before we rescued him.
—Guest Oliver

My cat Dexter cries tears

Dexter is about 4 years old and very much like a dog. He sits on command, he knows how to shake etc. Dexter was really my son's cat, he would druel literally, when he sees my son. I am recently empty nest for at least the past year, with the kids coming and going occasionally. I am in the military and have been gone a lot over the past 3 years. It's only Dexter and I now. Tonight is pulled out my suitcase to leave again. Dexter went into my closet, smelled around my uniform and my suitcase, then he looked up and the tears suddenly welled up in his eyes, then rolled down his face. Coincidence? Road dust from prior travels still on the suitcase?? I don't know, but he looked emotional to me. = (
—Guest Katherine

Cats DO Cry

My previous job required frequent out of town travel. Although I had a pet sitter that cared for them daily, I know they missed me. On the eve of another trip, as I brought the suitcases downstairs and set them by the door, I turned around (almost tripping over them) and was awestruck by what I saw. Two sad countenances, with tears streaming from their eyes. My oldest boy, Rochester, developed congestive heart failure, he fought bravely for two years before the vet urged me to put him down. I arranged for an in home euthanasia and cuddled him on "our" chair as the drugs were being administered. He turned his head and gazed into my eyes as if to say thank you. With tears in his eyes he breathed his last. Twelve years and 1 month earlier, he left a shelter to come home with me, two years later, Romeo came home to live with us. Rochester recognized the scent of the shelter and proceeded to place his right paw on Romeo left shoulder as if to say "welcome." And so, it was no
—Guest Lu Hocker

Crying cat

When my mother died her cat cried for days with tears. The neighbor came over to witness and start praying when she saw it was for real.
—Guest Carter

I believe.

Today we buried our dog of 15 years. We dug her a nice little grave in our front yard and were all extremely emotional as our makeshift funeral came to an end. As we turned to go back inside, our cat was lying on the porch with a tear running slowly down her face. Coincidence or not? I had never seen this from her until today and we've had her almost 5 years now. I believe all creatures can experience sorrow. I witnessed it today.
—Guest Ashley

My kitty cries all the time

I have 3 cats the youngest is a polydact maine coon and he is so affectionate and sweet often when no one else is home and ive just woke up or we come home he has tears running down his face. He is so sweet and ive read a lot that cats only cry for medical reasons but this cat cries for real!! I actually just found him crying a few minutes ago so i picked him up and cleaned his tears and now hes laying with me happy as pie and no more tears.. The other 2 cats dont cry ever just the baby and hes always done it its the most sad but cutest thing ever i feel so loved by this little fur ball!!!
—Guest Susan87

Crying after death of feline friend

I didn't believe that cats could cry until today, two weeks ago my 3 year old cat died in my arms in the car when we were bringing her home from the vet. I had her wrapped in a blanket, we took her back to the vet in the blanket, when I went to pay for her cremation it got her blanket back, I have a front loader washer and tossed the blanket in there and just left the door open, about 2 hours later, it was supper time, my male tabby is always around in anticipation of supper but today he wasn't, so I went looking for him, after about 15mins, I found him in the washing machine on top of the blanket, when I pulled him out of there, there were tears streaming out of both of his eyes, this had never happened before in he 12 years I've had him. So I carried him upstairs and gave him some treats and pats, within 5 mins his eyes were completely dried up. I know they say cats can't cry emotionally, but now I'm not so sure that's true.
—Guest Area

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