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Readers Respond: Have you bought a cat from an Internet "Cats for Sale" advertisement?

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From the article: "Cats for Sale" Ads

In my article, Before You Before You Buy From a "Cats for Sale" Ad, I offered a set of guidelines to follow to avoid disappointment. The article was aimed toward people looking to purchase a purebred cat from a breeder, to avoid getting a "kitten mill" cat.

If you have purchased a cat through a "cats for sale" ad, please share your experiences with other readers. If you had problems, what were they, and how were they resolved? Please do not reply here unless you have actually purchased a cat from one of these ads. Note:This form is not for asking questions. Think of it as your own mini-article on this site.

Positive Experiences Do Happen

My current kitty came from a Siamese breeder -- but a reputable one. She was advertising her cats for sale on the internet but I paid nothing since my kitty is non-show quality. Not that it makes a whit of difference -- she's my baby and she has never had a day of illness and is quite the wonderful --- and smart companion!

my experience

Hello, I would like to share my experience with buying a cat off the internet. Well, it was not me who bought it. My little sister's friend bought a kitten online for another friend, without checking with the home owners. They said no, and the girl could not keep it either. So, with nowhere for this little kitty to go, we took it in. After a few days, we completely fell in love with this adorable kitty... Within a week, he was dead. The autopsy said he died from distemper. After the innitial heart break dispersed, we researched where the kitten came from and found out it was from a kitten mill. Please, everyone. Your local SPCA is usually overstuffed with cats. Get them from there, that way you won't go through the heartache we did.
—Guest Rygel

Ragdoll purchase

Some years ago I wanted a ragdoll very badly but couldn't really justify the $4-500 price. I found an add in the newspaper for ragdolls for $200. I went and saw the kittens. There were also siamese kittens there too. I purchased one, a ragdoll, and he was a sweet cat. I loved him, but he was not a ragdoll. As he grew he lost his white color and soft fur and never did the famous ragdoll trick of going limp. As he grew he really looked more like a seal point siamese. He was a purchase without papers so I had no real legal recourse, but I was very disappointed. He was a good kitty though and I grew to love him very much, but I would have loved him just as much if he'd come from a shelter.

Bengal Internet Website

After losing my beloved cat of 10 years, I decided I was ready to move on. I wanted a Bengal because I was sure my former pet was part Bengal and I was looking for a cat with similar characteristics. The breeder looked very reputable, showed the breed, offered a health guarantee and mentoring. To make a long story short, he had blood in his stool and he was eventually diagnosed with Tritrichomonas Foetus, but only because I had researched his symptoms online and insisted the vet test him for it. The vet was unfamiliar with this parasite and it has now been over 4 months and we are on the third treatment. Meanwhile, my other cat has been infected. I've had to fight with the breeder to be reimbursed for expenses and it isn't over yet. She has been very uncooperative and I had to threaten her with small claims court. I'm convinced that she was aware that her cats were infected. If you are purchasing a Bengal, make sure they are guaranteed TF negative. This has been a horrible experience

Buying a Cat Online

2 months ago, I bought an adult, female Ragdoll from a Breeder. I had studied all the articles, read the Standard and visited 100 Breeder sites. I felt I was ready and prepared. We drove 100 miles to the Breeders home and she had two adult cats she was placing. Of the two, I picked a Bi-color Sealpoint. The ad said she was 2 yrs old, but she had just turned 3. She was a 3 time champion and had two litters before she was fixed. I held her briefly and ask lots of questions. Needless to say, it didn't work out. She wouldn't let us touch her, after being bit and scratched repeatedly and having her live under the bed the rest of the time, 1 month of this was enough! She went home and I got my money back! I went to the SPCA, got an adorable 7 month old that puts his arms around your neck and gives kisses! What a difference! Don't be taken in by the "window dressing" but look at the personality. That's what always wins out. My tuxedo Baily is far superior to an overbred cat with no class!
—Guest Dayelilly

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