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Readers Respond: What are the things your cats hate the most?

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From the article: Cats' Top 7 Pet Peeves

My Jenny hates that I can't spend enough time with her, and that she's cooped up in a bedroom because of our aggressive alpha cat, Jaspurr. She lets me know her displeasure with typical tortitude by swatting at me when I turn to leave after short visits.

Read the associated article, then share the things you do that your cat hates. Note:This form is not for asking questions or replying to another reader. Think of it as your own mini-article on the About.com Cat site.


My cat Jelly she hates being held. She usually scratches but today I found out she bite. Don't pick up or... HUG *warning* they're sofy but mad!
—Guest Paige_cats

"Evil Monsters"

My cat, Jet, a smokey-point Maine Coon, (rescue, like all my pets), is convinced that the scanner/printer, the toilet, the microwave, and the tea kettle are all evil hell-monsters out for his life. The real hilarity is that he's a huge, (and beautiful!) creature, and is usually fearless and ready to pounce anything that moves. But, turn an electronic on and he thinks that the Apocalypse has dawned! (And note that this cat has never, ever been abused or treated even remotely unkindly in his life. He was dropped off at a shelter at 8 weeks, and the people there all are wonderful, and I got him at 3 months. He's about a year old now :) ).
—Guest General Nimrod

Dont touch my feet

I am a 16 year old gray tabby and I hate having my front paws touched. I also don't like to be turned upside down on my back. I'll put my teeth on you if you do those things but I will never bite down.
—Guest Mittens

my sweet kuja

my dear cat kuja really hates to be left alone or locking him outside. when you are about to leave he stands at the door and looks at u with, don't leave me look and when you come back he makes a lot of noise. when you lock him outside, he comes in screaming all manner of quarrels and will not let you touch him for any reason. Hahahahaha... he is trying to show you that he is angry and you are not to bother him. Another thing he hates the most is traveling. You will never carry him anywhere unless you are asking for the biggest fight of your life.
—Guest meg

Kitty smoke detector

My big orange kitty, Scotch, really hates when we have a fire in our fireplace. He will give those big , loud meows and pace around and stick his head out the front door when opened (but he won't go out)Our other 2 -brother and sister-pay no mind. Silly kitty. Love 'em so much!
—Guest Mel

my cats

my kitten hates mouth wash i breathed on him and he fake vomited it was really weird
—Guest catlover

Zedd does not like sharing mommy

My little guy, Zedd, does not like my roommates dog. Any time the dog is on my bed, Zedd will go up and smack him with his paw. This is his first sharing-mom experience, hes only 6 months old.
—Guest Zedd's Mom

Thumper Chloe

We have two beautiful cats! We have a male and a female. Our oldest cat is Thumper, hes so sweet, he like pretty much everyone. But takes a good liking to me, (=, When we got our female cat which is Chloe, Thumper was about 8 months old! He did not like her for the longest time. When my boyfriend and i left the house we had to keep Chloe locked in our room cause we knew Thumper would have attacked her! Chloe is EXTREMELY girly! Its adorable! (= Chloe loves anyone and everyone! But now when you see them you would think they were brother and sister (=. The only thing that bugs me about our cats is they know that me and my boyfriend will give in. HAHA its cute! But other than that they dont have any bad and really annoying thing they do! I couldnt have asked for any better cats!!
—Guest Cathy

Our 2 cats

We have 2 cats, a boy, and a girl. Our girl cat HATES it when new people come into the house. She will hide in any place she can squeeze herself into, and you probably would never even see her for the entire time. But, she's a lot more outgoing with us. Another thing she hates is being ignored when she wants to be pet, or when she wants milk. She will keep meowing, and getting up into your grill till you make her go away, or you satisfy her. :) And, a couple things our boy cat hates. When you ruffle a paper bag in front of him, and when you don't take his crap, basically. The cat doesn't like anyone in the house, even the other people who love him to death. I don't like him, he knows it, and he will try to piss me with just simple things, but still annoying. Like purposefully laying/sitting in my way, and just sitting there and staring at me. He knows I hate both those things. ;) And when I scare him away, he will go sulk like a big baby, but if I ignore him or walk away he will follow
—Guest Halo

Pet me or else >:3

Okay, my cat's name is sasha and she is the nicest cat ever. You want to pick her up, no problem you can even hold her upside down... I pick her up and put her over my shoulder and walk around. She is doesn't care for strangers, but she won't hiss, bite, or scratch anyone.. she will even tollerate them holding her upside down in a football postion craddle. This cat drives me nuts... at 7am my dad opens my door room and the cat runs in... she is like a freaking alarm clock.. purring in my face, nipping my ear and nuzzling me into I get up and not only feed her... I have to pet her while she eats as well or she meows and meows... it takes 5-8minutes from me each mornning. She hates only a few things... getting baths (she never scratchs me then either..) brooms ... That one is kind of my fault she is deadly scared of them... she used to hide in a crawlspace hole and we had to poke her out . The thing she hates is when you hold her tail while she walks.I stopped though :3. my cat is grea
—Guest Blaze

The red eyed cat

My cat hates all people out of the house she lives in now and when she is mad her eyes turn red, it creepy and now we have people over only 4 times a year or not at all
—Guest DestinyB

Not getting people food

During dinner time my cat wants to have what ever she is having and won't take no for a answer and yes it is funny bit not when she is using her sharp little claws on your shoulder. Yes I know this is a run on sentance, and my grammar teacher would be very upset with me right now. :)
—Guest Natalie

My cat hates...

getting touched on the front legs and paws (but loves tummy rubs!) and anything loud (people, appliances). She also hides under the bed when she knows I'm about to leave for work, as if to say "well go then, but I'm not sayin' goodbye!)
—Guest Jules2

what my cat hates

my cat hates mean people and hate other diffrent cats
—Guest zoe

I hate it when my owner eats oranges

My name is Baloo and I'm an 11 year old grey siamese who absolutely hates it when my human eats oranges. I hate the smell and have to walk at least 3 feet around a peel. The last time my owner woke me with the smell I hissed at him and rightly so- it's a disgusting habit and should be curtailed.
—Guest Baloo

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