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Readers Respond: What are the things your cats hate the most?

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From the article: Cats' Top Pet Peeves

My Jenny hates that I can't spend enough time with her, and that she's cooped up in a bedroom because of our aggressive alpha cat, Jaspurr. She lets me know her displeasure with typical tortitude by swatting at me when I turn to leave after short visits.

Read the associated article, then share the things you do that your cat hates. Note:This form is not for asking questions or replying to another reader. Think of it as your own mini-article on the About.com Cat site.

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My Cat Anita Hates Being Picked Up

Whenever I try to pick up or cuddle with my cat, Anita, she bites and scratches. She also Hates being placed inside a carrier.
—Guest WolfenKitty

Lia's "issues"

My cat Lia is insane, but absolutely adorable. Whenever I sing she stares at me and if I don't stop she walks towards me and meows and puts her paws on my face. Sometimes if I'm singing in front of the mirror on the floor she will come up behind me and stand on her back legs and claw at my arm. She stares at me with these big eyes as if to be saying "Are you serious right now? Singing is not allowed in this house....ever."
—Guest Jackie


My two cats hate the vacuum. Every time I bring it out they start looking after I plug it in start it they start running in the other room. when I go to where they was at they run into the bed rooms til I am done then they finally come out when I 'm done.
—Guest td

loves to whine

I'll be in bed on my phone, and my cat midnight can be anywhere and will whine like a baby till I get up and turn the light on and look at him.. it gets so annoying sometimes.
—Guest charlie

sparky hates my phone

When I am on hands free my cat keeps meowing and grabs mr arm and sinks his teeth into my wrist, he does this every time I put the phone on hands free it doesn't make any difference male or female.
—Guest kim

Our big boy has only 2 pet peeves

One is being over-stimulated by petting him too long (esp. anywhere other than head he'll let us do that prac. forever), when he'll try to bite/scratch. Even then he's a gentleman and gives us *plenty* of warning if we're paying attention -- which we've learned to do! ;) The other is he HATES changing food. Like most pets & young kiddos, he thrives on routine, and considers his kibble sacrosanct!
—Guest HappyDog_Denver


our cats Story! we adopted santa when he was 10-12Wks he absolutely hates cages and confined area's! he hates being alone, hates being petted on his belly, hates when his food is changed prefers (meow mix) hates when you clean his litter box w/o him in it, hates when you stare at him (makes him attack) hates colored rugs, hates the sounds of other cats on T.v he sits there and hisses at them, hates people bigger than him (he attacks our legs) owners peeves Hates that the cat perches itself off the door or shelf in the bathroom while in there, hates when it attacks our legs, hates sleeping at night and feet being attacked, hates that he makes messes with the TP...but over all! I love santa! he is spoiled!
—Guest Brittany Haines

Pet Peeve

Sir Alfred of Worthington doesn't like anything, and I mean anything, moved. If a chair is moved out of position by even a few inches, he will stare at it and look at me with obvious disapproval. Obedient critter that I am (not him), I immediately move the offending chair back into the proper position.
—Guest skworth

What my cats hate

Hands down - the VACUUM!!!! In any size or shape. Canister or upright, it doesn't matter. Vacuums are THE ENEMY.
—Guest Miltons_Mommy

Liked Thunderstorms

I had an extremely shy cat, Cammy, who loved to sit in the window and watch thunderstorms. The noise never bothered her at all. At the samet ime, she was TERRIFIED of anyone but me. People used to ask, "are you sure you HAVE a cat?" -because visitors almost never saw her, except perhaps her rear end as she ran away.
—Guest Nette

Construction work!

Urrow really hates the noisy construction work going on at my building. The worst are the electric pavement saws. They're pretty awful for humans, too, but her little cat-ears make her go loopy when they start up.
—Guest Mesila

Wrong, depends on the cat.

We have a (feral) kitten that just learned to come in the house for warmth this Winter. Today is karaoke night, and little Snowball here is sleeping soundly by my side throughout the extremely loud, high pitched singing. She has options as to which room to be in, too. So no Mrs. Cat Lady, not all cats hate loud music.
—Guest SteelBubblez

My Cat from hell

My cat so fussy he hates if i lift him, he hates if i cuddle him, he hates if i touch his head (he will make a meany face), he hates if i didn't change his meal every 4 hours and he will bite my legs, can you guys help me... what is happen with my cat :(
—Guest achy manson

only the boy

We got magic our white cat when my brother was three years old and at the age where he grabbed at any animal he found. however magic would only let him near her even now 12 years later he is the only one she likes hate all other people hisses and runs off if someone new turns up.
—Guest monty and magic

Doesn't like to be ignored.

My beautiful 14 month old Bombay cat is very smart and very loveable but, when she starts talking she wants to hear you say something back or if she wants you to do anything for her she will meow untill she gets your attention and then once she has what she wanted she will go on her merry way. I know I have been trained by the best but thats okay. She has a very consistant routine life and when anything is late or out of place she will let it be known and will not be ignored.
—Guest Janice

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What are the things your cats hate the most?

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