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Readers Respond: Reasons to Vote for This Finalist for Cutest Cat of 2009

Responses: 125


The Cutest Cat Contest Semi-Finalist poll has concluded and the Readers' Choice winner has been decided. That cat now joins the five Judges' Choice contenders in a race for the About.com Cutest Cat of 2009 title.

The poll opened on August 3, 2009, and will close on August 30, 2009 at 12 midnight ET.

Here is a chance to campaign for your favorite finalist, whether it is your own cat, a friend's or family member's cat, or you just like its cute looks. Start schmoozing now, but play fair. Remarks criticizing other cats will not be published.


I wasn't here to vote, but I would have. This is such a sweetness-lovely-cutie-beautiful cat! Just want to give my kittens so many extra kisses only looking at this adorable King-cat.


tanner is so cute and to have been through so much in her life she is adorable
—Guest amanda hamilton


i think cinder is very cute i have a 16 year young siamese and love to see other senior cats looking so young
—Guest amanda hamilton

Chadwick NEEDS Your Vote TODAY!

It's not over until it's over! If you want Chadwick to win, be sure to vote today! He really, REALLY deserves to win.
—Guest ChadwickFan

Chester is adorable

I just love the big brown nose, too cute. I love "computer cats".

Sophie's the cute Queen!

What a beautiful, cute cat Sophie is. She looks so serene but underneath is probably a bundle of mischief. My vote is definitely for this lovely little girl :o)
—Guest weblady

"Cinder" Close to my Heart

I am all for older cats and she touches my heart. My cat is now 14 "Ginger" and the last of my rescues from years ago. She is near and dear to me as Cinder must be to her owners. She deserves to be the cutest cat.. Sandy
—Guest Sandy

Sophie's awesome!

I think everyone should vote for Sophie, she's sooooo cute, I've never seen a cat with markings like hers before. Really unusual. Vote for Sophie!!! :o)
—Guest Littlecatfan

Sophie's so cute

The cats are all adorable (what cat isn't?) but Sophie is really cute and looks so cheeky. Her appealing little face just tugs at your heart strings. She should definitely be voted the cutest cat.
—Guest Kim Wilding

Chadwick is da Cutest!

Put your pawprint on the Chadwick X in the ballot, because this cat is the cutest by far! Go, go Chadwick!
—Guest Chadwickian


I am voting for Chadwick. All the cats are cute but there is something about his face....my vote goes to him! Ihope he wins.
—Guest Laurel

Tanner the Adorable

White cats are sometimes thought of as plain, but look at that soulful gaze, what a cutie!


I'm a sucker for black and white cats, just look at that cute face, especially the pink nose.

Keep voting Sophie!

I hope everyone keeps voting for Sophie everyday, she deserves to win as she (by FAR) had the most votes the first time so it wouldn't be fair if she doesn't win this time. She is so cute and sooooo pretty, I wish she was mine. Her owners very lucky (but I think she probably knows that). Go cute Sophie, you're the best!
—Guest Theresa Brown

Cinder is the only really *cute* cat

The others are handsome, or beautiful, but this is supposed to be about *cute*. And she gets my vote every time.

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