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Readers Respond: Share your best tip for removing cat urine odors and stains

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Share your tips for removal of cat urine odor and stains from clothing, fabric, and other surfaces, using products found around the house. Note: Questions and comments on other user tips cannot be published. Think of this as your own mini-article.

Cider Vinegar

Thanks Kelly, cider vinegar worked a treat on a pair of mercerised cotton curtains that the cats had peed on the bottom of - a lot! My initial response was to get them dry cleaned which got them beautifully clean but the smell was even worse. The dry cleaner lady did make me sign a disclaimer in case it didn't work saying the smell was hard to get rid of. So I bought a couple of litres of cider vinegar and soaked the bottoms of the curtains for a day in it neat then a few cold water rinses in the bath and now dried and ironed (the worst bit) they are as good as new.
—Guest Kath

Simple Green for Cats

There is a Simple Green that you can buy right in the pet store that is formulated specifically for cats. We use it on clothes, lenolium floors, and carpets as well.
—Guest sierra

Get Serious

Jeffers Pet has a lot of good options and their prices are good too. I like Get Serious products
—Guest Allison

cat urine odors in laundry

Pwdr Detèrgent,1/2c borax,1/2 cup baking soda,1/2 cup liquid,Lysol concentrated disinfectant. Cleaner per large load of laundry
—Guest Cyndi

Very cheap cat pee remover

One of my cats pee's in my laundry piles every once in a while. After some research, i found that apple cider vinegar completely removes the smell and all traces of the urine. I gave my other cat the snif test and he didn't drop his jaw. Also, your clothes do not smell like vinegar, at all! Use about a cup of vinegar per load. You can buy a gallon in the bulk food section of a place like Walmart for a few dollars. Don't forget, when using vinegar, never combine with bleach.
—Guest Kelly

Anti-Icky Poo Unscented

I found Anti-Icky Poo Unscented (AIP) and it is UNSURPASSED! It removes cat urine & any biological stain on almost any surface. It's also great for cleaning up dried hairballs - blech! I use it in my laundry, too. My Siamese decided to pee IN my empty washer & we didn't find it until it was dried. AIP cleaned it right up & there was no residual smell. I swear by this stuff. I'm giving it away as holiday gifts to cat-loving friends this year! Also, I'm allergic to everything, so finding a product that doesn't make me wheeze is great!
—Guest Sami

Urine odor removal from Laundry

I have been using BIZ detergent for years. Just soak in a bucket or washer overnight for laundry. Can also be used mixed with water on carpets and floors.
—Guest Patricia

Removimg cat urine odors

The original PineSol, the other scents dont work. You can use it on carpet too.
—Guest Regina

Urine odors and stains

The best product to purchase in a grocery store or big box store is anyone that has enzymes in the product. This will eliminate all odors from dogs, cats and even humans. I use it all the time whenever I have puppies, and kittens in the house. Cost is not an issue with this type of product, the cheap ones work as well as the expensive ones. so why pay for a name brand?

Petastic laundry detergent

I have found Petastic Especially For Cats laundry detergent to be very good for this.


I have had several "Kitty accidents" in my time, and my husband introducted me to SIMPLE GREEN!!! It is great for ALL cleaning, is highly concentated and works wonders! I toss the clothes into the washer, pour in some SMPLE GREEN and let them soak. After running through a full wash cycle (after soaking), I may or may not rewash with a bit of detergent, and everything is as good as new! I've also added SIMPLE GREEN to the carpet cleanin machine and I've never been disappointed!
—Guest Judi

Recent Find: Febreeze Detergent

My cat has recently starting peeing on clothes - dirty, clean, on floor, or in a basket in our cellar. I suspect it is because we recently moved her litter. It has been frustrating. But I came across a Febreeze laundry detergent and it works wonders.
—Guest carrie


Having been a breeder, the only thing that I have found that is 100% successful at removing the odour/stains is mouthwash. It not only kills the odour, but the germs as well. You can spray it in the air, I've sprayed it directly on carpets, and you can add to your laundry as well. It's very effective.
—Guest lorilijazz

Wee Cleaner

When my anxious neutered male cat began spraying after I rescued 2 kittens from dire situations, I tried nearly every cat urine odor remover on the market. Nothing worked until I discovered Wee Cleaner.

urine in laundry

The best product that I have found to remove urine from laundry is either Tide with Bleach or Purex with Bleach. My cat has been peeing everywhere for years and this is what works the best even if the urine has dried on the laundry or adding a cap full of vinegar to your washing machine. But the liquid laundry soap with bleach does wonders. I have tried other products but nothing works as well in the laundry. And I use bleach or vinegar in my laundry basket as it is plastic. Or because they are cheap I just buy new ones.
—Guest Amanda

Removing Cat Urine

The best thing I found, which is inexpensive is OdoBan. It can be found at Wal-Mart in the Laundry Area and is about $2.60 for a 24oz bottle. Pour somein with your laundry and wash, it takes the smell out. if it is really staturated you may need to do this twice.

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