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Readers Respond: Is spay & neuter a violation of God's law or a humane practice?

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Is spay and neuter of pets morally wrong? Do you think it a violation of God's law? Or is your opinion that it is inhumane to allow the pain and suffering of cats' giving birth to one litter after another, either in a home environment or in the homes, streets, and wooded areas around the world. You may share your opinion on the form provided here.

Note: This form is not for asking questions or replying to another user. Think of it as your own article on the religious vs humane aspects of spay and neuter of pet cats.

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God's Will? S/N is OK with God

There are too many reasons to count why you SHOULD S/N your cat. a) It's impossible to get in the way of God's plan, if you S/N your cat, he knew when he first created the world that it would happen. b) It reduces chances of related diseases and cancers. c) There is NO risk of your pet getting pregnant. d) So many cats die a year because owners think that it is "immoral" to S/N them. e) We can't stop euthanizing animals! f) As said before, there is no need for S/N in the wild because there are animal overpopulation "safeguards"
—Guest AC

We took away the natural safeguards

I feel that the reason animals reproduce is to carry on the species. I also feel when God gave them that ability he built in natural safeguards ( lack of food, natural predators,diseases etc)to prevent over population. We humans altered that when we domesticated them and made them pets. (vet care, indoor, better food etc)Animals now live longer lives then ever before and not as many die as babies. We took away the natural safeguards God put in place. Having said that I believe it is humane to stop our pets from breeding. There are too many in the streets or colonies that starve. The lucky ones end up at a shelter where we kill them for lack of homes. A few very lucky ones do actually find a home. It is far more humane to spay/neuter them before the babies show up than to kill them after they show up. I feel better knowing I am part of the solution of this problem rather then the cause. I will always spay or neuter my animals!


Neutering and spaying your pet is as much of a Responsibility & Obligation as proper diet and health care. Anyone who believes that Fluffy won't feel fulfilled without producing offspring, or sees it as a disregard of God's will, is welcome to visit my shelter or Any shelter nearby. The story will be the same everywhere you go: abandoned like garbage, animals confined and waiting to go home, or waiting to die. That animals are forced to suffer and die because of overpopulation is no one's fault but Our Own. Let's not be naive. If you're a pet owner who has chosen not to fix their animal, you are lending your hand to sign the death certificate of an inordinate amount of helpless animals. Every year, 8 million animals die (that''s one every 8 seconds) not because they are sick, mean, or old but because someone decided to give their pet a reproductive license without any thought of the repercussions. If there is a God, he is outraged by the lack of care we show the rest of his creation.
—Guest N. Rose


No, it is not. And geez this question was obviously intended for christians. Why the heck do all these athiest feel the need to comment. Franny's Note: This question was NOT intended only for Christians. Indeed, many other religions believe in souls. Athiests are perfectly welcome to reply. The question has to do with *morals*, not religious beliefs nor lack of.
—Guest Kitties~

Prevent diseases down the road.

I am about to have my cat neutered. The Vet told me it will help prevent life threatening diseases down the road, even cancer. I am completely at peace about doing it. I don't want any "what ifs" down the road to haunt me as I adore and love my cat dearly.
—Guest Annette

Nothing but a lie.

We aren't protecting animals. We're not doing it for their sake. People neuter animals for their own convenience and comfort, and it's no more than a physical and mental violence against cats and dogs alike.
—Guest Guilty owner

Spay/neuter is only humane thing to do!

If you have never volunteered at an open admission shelter, you need to do it! This is the time of the year when dozens of litters of kittens are turned in to the shelter. There are not enough homes for all these cats. And that's the bottom line. The "no kill" shelters refuse to accept cats and kittens when they're full. So they're turned in to the open admission shelter. And when there are too many, some of them are euthanized. And believe me, MANY kittens are euthanized. It is immoral to cause so many animals to die. Spay or neuter will prevent the deaths. And I haven't even mentioned the cats and kittens that are just abandoned on the street. Most of them will not live more than a month or 2. I don't honestly understand why anyone would question spay/neuter. It's the right thing to do if you love animals.

How can I take that from her?

When I adopted my cat I assumed I would spay her, and made an appointment at a low cost clinic. Then she went into her first heat under my care. She did yowl a bit, but as long as I stroked and petted her back she purred like a motor, treaded and shimmied like an otter, and half-closed her eyes with obvious delight. In fact, I've never before seen such ecstasy on the face of a cat. When I needed a time out I put her in the other room and closed the door and she was quiet. I now feel that to spay her would be to deprive her of an essential part of her nature and of obviously intense experience. Her spay is still scheduled for over a month from now, but I don't know if I will go through with it. I am going to speak to my vet about other options, e.g. hormonally spacing out her heats so I'm not overwhelmed, and the health risks of keeping her intact.
—Guest Undecided


If your cat is an outdoor cat then by all means get it s/n. If it isnt then you shouldnt. I know a lady whose premise was basically "cat has a problem? Fix."
—Guest guest that can think

Chances are those sweet puppies-

And kittens you let into the world will wind up in a shelter. I once found and adopted out a stray puppy. I didn't get her spayed before adopting her out, but I was assured by her "great family" that she would be. I foolishly agreed. They checked out, seemed perfect and signed an adoption contract. Guess what? 6 months later, they call to tell me that they wanted her to have one litter first. She had 7 puppies, and was suffering from a massive uterine infection. All 8 of them wound up in the shelter where I had to rescue them again. But I was too late. All of her sweet, fluffy puppies were killed for more space, and she died from the damage done by getting pregnant too young. How is that better than spaying her initially? If I had known they would ignore the contract, common sense, and their moral obligations, I would have spayed her immediately and found her a sane family. Whoever thinks that having pets means letting themm breed indiscriminately is insane.
—Guest Bethany

Have you ever seen a shelter's back room

Would you spay yourself? If I knew that my child would die, alone, in pain and alone then yes! Have you ever volunteered in a kill shelter? If so, then you would know the fate waiting for these animals. They are not wild animals, humans have selectively bred them to be docile and helpless. Our modern society has removed their ability to cope well alone. And is hugely beneficial! My parents never neutered either of our beloved dogs. Both died young, one due to testicular cancer and the other for attacking another dog over a female. In the process my brother was bitten and permanently disfigured. Both were directly linked to being unaltered. Sex is neither pleasurable or necessary to pets. I work in animal rescue, and I have had all of my fosters fixed. They didn't even notice that anything was different. Every single one (87 and counting) was up and playing the same day. They all were more playful, better behaved and more loving. They don't have a concept of sexual identity. They are
—Guest Sara


It's different if they are spayed cats and are quote-on-quote "domestic" but if they are wild i do somewhat understand if they are born in the wild and survive what right should we have to swoop in and S/N them. But think of it this way, Would you rather see a kitten seperated from it's mother hit by a car or chased by "domestic" dogs or shot my other people or Wow i could go on and on and on! To wrap it up Yes i do think ALL cats and dogs should be S/N
—Guest Lexy

we just can't afford it

I let my cat have one litter because last summer I went to a animal clinic and asked them how much it would cost me to Get my cat spaid and they told me 45 and I think a fee to Bea Sean now thy said it will cost 145.00 for each cat I have three i need help any way it goes its crul but I think its worse to have a bunch of cats I eventually can't take care of I'm stressing because I think the yelling is about shes all ready trying to go out side.I don't want to send her no were that's gonna put them to sleep and out side is to crul for them.
—Guest cocokitty


All you people are like THE CAT OWNS THEIR BODY!!! Wellllll, unless you picked it up off the side of the road or something, I'm pretty sure you bought your pet in some way shape or form whether through a breeder or an adoption fee. So no, your cat doesn't own their body. You do. You bought them. You own them.
—Guest Has a brain!!!!!

spaded and Neutoring should be illegal

It's truly inhumane and I met a few lady block heads who capture male cats and only male cats and give them free neutering. First off they told me that 1 cat can reproduce 6,000 cats in 1 year. WTF such a ratio out of their own asses. I have a cat and average cats births are 4 to 6 kittens with in six month period. And there is no way in hell they can reproduce that many. Folks Who think that spading and neutering an animal is Truly Sick in the head and need to get their facts straight. As if they keep this up the entire cat or dog population on earth will go extinct. So leave it alone and let them exist as god attended them to be. Here's a bit of history lesson. During the black plague. Dumb folks thought black cats and cats in general was the source of the cause of it. So they killed off all the cats they could find. Guest what happened their? More rats reproduced and spread-ed out witch was the major factor why the black plague did a massive damage back then.
—Guest Blackthorn

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Is spay & neuter a violation of God's law or a humane practice?

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