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Readers Respond: Is spay & neuter a violation of God's law or a humane practice?

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Is spay and neuter of pets morally wrong? Do you think it a violation of God's law? Or is your opinion that it is inhumane to allow the pain and suffering of cats' giving birth to one litter after another, either in a home environment or in the homes, streets, and wooded areas around the world. You may share your opinion on the form provided here.

Note: This form is not for asking questions or replying to another user. Think of it as your own article on the religious vs humane aspects of spay and neuter of pet cats.

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God's Will? S/N is OK with God

There are too many reasons to count why you SHOULD S/N your cat. a) It's impossible to get in the way of God's plan, if you S/N your cat, he knew when he first created the world that it would happen. b) It reduces chances of related diseases and cancers. c) There is NO risk of your pet getting pregnant. d) So many cats die a year because owners think that it is "immoral" to S/N them. e) We can't stop euthanizing animals! f) As said before, there is no need for S/N in the wild because there are animal overpopulation "safeguards"
—Guest AC

We took away the natural safeguards

I feel that the reason animals reproduce is to carry on the species. I also feel when God gave them that ability he built in natural safeguards ( lack of food, natural predators,diseases etc)to prevent over population. We humans altered that when we domesticated them and made them pets. (vet care, indoor, better food etc)Animals now live longer lives then ever before and not as many die as babies. We took away the natural safeguards God put in place. Having said that I believe it is humane to stop our pets from breeding. There are too many in the streets or colonies that starve. The lucky ones end up at a shelter where we kill them for lack of homes. A few very lucky ones do actually find a home. It is far more humane to spay/neuter them before the babies show up than to kill them after they show up. I feel better knowing I am part of the solution of this problem rather then the cause. I will always spay or neuter my animals!


Neutering and spaying your pet is as much of a Responsibility & Obligation as proper diet and health care. Anyone who believes that Fluffy won't feel fulfilled without producing offspring, or sees it as a disregard of God's will, is welcome to visit my shelter or Any shelter nearby. The story will be the same everywhere you go: abandoned like garbage, animals confined and waiting to go home, or waiting to die. That animals are forced to suffer and die because of overpopulation is no one's fault but Our Own. Let's not be naive. If you're a pet owner who has chosen not to fix their animal, you are lending your hand to sign the death certificate of an inordinate amount of helpless animals. Every year, 8 million animals die (that''s one every 8 seconds) not because they are sick, mean, or old but because someone decided to give their pet a reproductive license without any thought of the repercussions. If there is a God, he is outraged by the lack of care we show the rest of his creation.
—Guest N. Rose


No, it is not. And geez this question was obviously intended for christians. Why the heck do all these athiest feel the need to comment. Franny's Note: This question was NOT intended only for Christians. Indeed, many other religions believe in souls. Athiests are perfectly welcome to reply. The question has to do with *morals*, not religious beliefs nor lack of.
—Guest Kitties~


We are soo focused and concerned about the over population of animals and how it's cruel for them to live a harsh life in the wild, did you forget that these were once wild too, with natural animal instincts to hunt, protect, reproduce and survive. We only have them as pets because we can create a bond with them, just as we do with humans. Humans are overly populated, Like someone said above me "it's cruel to have unwanted cats roaming around" what about the unwanted humans? The unwanted babies that are abandoned and put up for adoption? Cats are more likely to help their babies survive than an unwanted and uncared for human baby. Look at all those children who have died because of those parents who can't and won't care for their child?Should we scrape out a humans reproductive organs until we get that under control? No, because the human rights activists will start a war, so why do it to animals? They have no choice, they don't even know this exists. It's nature, we should mess with i
—Guest Guest1234

I is pure duty

Which is worse? Stopping a life that is not yet begun? Or stopping a life that knows the world? It is our DUTY to spay animals. Mankind bred dogs and cats and got them into this mess. The fact is is that we bred so many house pets that they are unwanted. Because we bred them for thousands of years as house pets their brains have shrunk. They cannot survive on their own. If I had it my way I would stop all breeding and rounds up every cat and dog stray. Pick the best ones and keep them alive then spay the remainder. Think about this. How many times have you seen someone and gone ooh I could do him. Can u imagine following your urges up ever time? And not just having 1 newborn but an average of 8, who could then go and breed again? Oh and have you not considered the kittens and puppies that are gasses and drowned because no one wants them. If anyone's dog or cat is not spayed well I'm disgusted!!!!! If your excuse is too much money, then you can't afford a pet!!!! I'm disgusted.
—Guest Can't believe they dontspay their pets


I think that spaying and nuetering should be made optional and not manditory. I personally would not want to alter my pet except for one of two personal reasons. They would be 1) Retiring one after a couple or maybe three litters, and 2) If there was a medical condition involved as to why they couldn't have any babies. It sounds almost cruel to purposely fix them so they can't have babies or they cannot father babies. I see a point from pet overpopulation but it can work the other way too. There are so many people who even travel out of state to find a puppy. There is an issue of a puppie shortage. What misses me is going through the extemes in going to a breeder and purchasing an expensive and well bred dog or cat, and then just as soon as they are in their possession, turn right around and spaying or nuetering them. If spaying i an dnuetering is an option over breeding, why not go to a shelter center rather than purchasing from a breeder?
—Guest Carol Graham


I believe we humans do it out of selfishness. We dont want our house to smell of their spray and strong urine. That is not a good reason to remove testicles. It is selfishness. It is also selfish to neuter because we dont want them running away. They want to seek out others of their own kind. They need their testosterone and estrogen for their health. Just like we humans do. It totally wrong.

Whose Morality?

The reason neutering a cat isn't the same as castrating a person is because a person has the ability to suppress his mating instinct through reason. The state *has* "castrated" sex offenders who are incapable of this, often at the offenders' request, and those people *are* happier without constantly having to wrestle with an instinctive and disturbing reproductive drive. Cats don't mate because they want kittens the way people get married and have babies. They mate because a blind instinct forces them to, and it forces them to four or five times a year. Without intervention, a queen will spend her entire life pregnant and die after three or four years from exhaustion. An animal that should have had twenty years to play and run and learn and love instead expires in a filthy hole somewhere, watching, listening, and smelling in horror and misery as her kittens scream and die of starvation and exposure. If you love your cat, give her the peace god won't. Give her freedom. *Spay her.*
—Guest akp


The only morality present in the decision to spay or neuter your cat is the morality you display for your larger social community in not forcing the antics of an unaltered cat on them when they've no wish for it. Your morality is displayed when you alter your cat to prevent your neighbors (state taxpayers) having to shelter, feed, adopt out, and/or euthanize your unwanted kittens. Your morality is displayed when you alter your cat to prevent your breeding neighbors from having their litters polluted by unwelcome toms or killed by rival queens. Your morality is displayed when you alter your cat in order to discourage it from ranging to avoid spreading disease (many feline illnesses, Parvo, for example, are highly contagious, virulent, and zoonotic [can be spread to other species, including humans]). Fixing your cat is something you should do, and if you're not going to, either don't have neighbors or don't get a cat.
—Guest zEropoint68

coMMon cents

there's no fool like a religious fool that lacks common sense & attempt to justify themselves when clearly S&N is the right thing to do. not to mention in the best interest of both parties.
—Guest Clement Ng

Religion is not to be considered in this

For the ignorant people out there who feel that S/N has anything to do with God, it doesn't. Wanna talk about inhumane practices? Watch a video on how we humans kill cows...which by the way some people keep as pets. Try having your female cat in heat trying to have sex with everything in sight, not eating or sleeping for a week then talk about not getting a simple procedure done. If God cared so damn much about our organs he wouldn't have infected the earth with cancers of them. S/N is not abortion people. This procedure benefits our pets. In fact, when I got my kitten fixed it turns out she had a tumor of the ovary anyway...thank God for getting her fixed. Also, one should never compare animals and humans when it comes to this. Animals are not nearly as sensitive to changing hormones as humans are. But if one must go with "God's law" then you should leave everything up to God. That includes never saving your own life, which is against the will of God. (so all you morons will die out)
—Guest Erin


really? your animal will be "so much happier" when spayed? you think your cat spraying your house is disgusting and your house would smell like a kennel. your cat couldn't care less. HE LIKES IT. I'm not saying you should let it happen but don't kid yourself that it is a selfless act - you want a clean, good smelling house - your cat wants territory and to act on wild urges - but you are the human, you are in control so he isn't allowed to. ripping out his testicals doesn't make him happier, it makes him docile. sleeping and eating all the time is what makes s/n cats and dogs more likely to be obese and have diabetes, glaucoma, blindness, lameness, depression, and a host of other disease. i compare what you perceive as the happiness of your cat to that of a person with a lobotomy.
—Guest jake

please explain

please explain to me how neutering a cat that has never and will never go outside will stop feral cats WHO HAVE NO OWNERS TO SPAY THEM from reprodcing? the only thing yanking out the reproductive organs of your animals does is reduce the risk of less than five types of cancer (you can't get a tumor on your foot if you hack your foot off! duh), and it makes pets more docile - drastic reduction in their hormone levels. medically speaking it is a disadvantage to the animal who is more likely to become obese, depressed, have auto-immune diseases. s/n is for humans, not animals. its so humans don't have to deal with overpopulation of animals. think about it this way - how would anyone ever get a pet if everyone did the "responsible" thing and NEVER bred their animals ?
—Guest marisa

The Absurdity of all of your responses.

Hey there "ANIMAL LOVERS"!!! The responses that the vast majority the Internet gives is absolutely ABSURD. Humans must be the most hypocritical, ironic, self-contradictory, and self-reassuring species since the dawn of time itself. Hey, I'm human and love animals so I'm going to be forcefully domesticate life which, many many generations ago, were intended for the wild, tell the animal I LOVE it so much, then say "Well gee, now that I've forced it to live with me, the only sensible thing to do is to play God and remove its God-given reproductive organs because it's the only moral thing to do to prevent unwanted babies..." HEY EARTH TO NUMBSKULL, IF YOU LOVE 'EM SO MUCH, THEN DONT TAKE THEM IN AS PETS! Let animals live in their NATURAL habitat. Yea, it's true probably more die out there than with us, but none of those deaths are OUR responsibility because none of the blood is on OUR hands anymore.
—Guest Jason Ng

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Is spay & neuter a violation of God's law or a humane practice?

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