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Readers Respond: Why do you think cats have souls? Why not?

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If cats don't have souls they should

I don't know if they do or not...I don't know if I do or not and I won't know until I'm gone and can't do anything about it anyway. My furballs bring me such joy and comfort I can't imagine eternity without them.
—Guest Deanna

they should

I just mine down today so I really hope so. I would love to see my cat again someday. I know my grandmas dog had to be put down a few days after she passed because his heart was broken and he wouldnt eat or stop crying. Maybe the bible doesnt include the future of our pets as some kind of test. I dont think God wants extra incentives for living by the word like having our pets waiting for us if we're following the commandments. However I would like to think that the treatment of my cats and other animals in need have some bearing on my judgement when it comes.

cats do have souls

absolutely they do - all living beings have a soul,some would even call it character or personality. my rainbow kitty leah taught me there is such a thing as fate/karma, whatever you want to call it. without consulting one another both my son and i picked leah out of a litter of kittens, and every time i looked into her eyes i could not escape the uncanny feeling that i have known her forever...long before we ever met. a week before she died, i had a premonition of her passing, and even after her death some strange things happened; such as the unusual spots showing up in pictures of her feline playmate Ronald, and our new kitten Izzy. it started 9 days after her passing,and lasted for 2 weeks- there was at least one pic a day that had an orb/spot, and it was always right around ronald or izzy. i think that was leah's way of letting everyone who loved her know she is still here and that everything is okay and she did it in a way that both my son and i would see and understand.

That's a definite YES!

Tears are still running down my face as I mourn the loss of my dear sweet, Callie. I got my cat, Callie, at the animal shelter 15 1/2 years ago. She became ill in Nov 08 and slowly declined in health. When the vet put her to sleep I said to her, "go to Simba, he's waiting for you". I also told her what a good kitty she'd been all those years. I really believe that she's now with my cat, Simba that passed in 2003 as well as with my Dad and Step Dad. Some time after Simba died I got Keesha, then I moved in with a roommate and she has a cat named Lucy. Right after Simba died (Dec 03) I would feel him jump on the bed in the middle of the night, but then it stopped. After moving to Seattle in May 08, I felt a cat jump on the bed in the middle of the night. This was happening night, after night. I thought it must be Lucy, but one night I turned on the light and it was only Callie that was right beside me. It was either Simba's spirit or my other cat, Javie that passed in 89. PETS HAVE SOULS!

Chances are yes

Mathew 4:13 does not state that animals do not have souls. All creatures i believe have souls. And athiest may say no. But until it's proven, dont say anything. Evolution is still a theory. Don't say it's been proven because it would be called evolution not the theory of evolution. You can believe cats have souls, there is nothing wrong with that. just don't get to spiritual.
—Guest I not stupid


humans are fools if they think we are the only creatures god gave souls to. i have never doubted that our pets have souls. we lost our lab years ago, but i will always remember the certainty that there was an intelligence behind those eyes. it wasn't human, and it didn't have to be, but it was there. i know the catholics don't believe anything not human could have a soul, but you have to look at the other things they don't believe in; like the earth is not the center of the universe, like they've only just gotten around to accepting evolution and that the earth really wasn't created exactly the way the bible said.
—Guest Kate

Sorry no they don't.

Cats have no more souls than this desk I am typing on. They live, they love, they die. Only people have souls. "Redemption is for man only and not for the beasts he shares Earth with" Mathew 4:13
—Guest Utterly Realistic

Yes Yes They Do!

All creatures have souls! God created all of us to live in paradise! We are the caretakers of those souls- therefore it is of importance we do so according to God's will! My cat has more soul/smarts than most people/animals i know! She knows me more than i know myself and i her! The bonds of humans/'animals' are so gr8! We have forgotten most animals, but those who live our lives w/us only reinforce that bond! We should be more in touch w/our own souls so we can embrace, support and nurture all souls on this earth! When Jesus brings God's Kingdom to Earth, do you believe the animals that are so perfect compared to us aren't going to be there? I think not!

do cats have souls?

Yes cats have souls. I had lost a Persiam Hymalayan breed when he was 19. Thats along time to know a soul. I put him to sleep when I knew I didn't want him to suffer.he slept on my bed every night. Purred when I went to sleep He was my best friend. I am still grieving. I hear him sometimes purring above me on a pillow. Two weeks later I was given a White felmale cat 1 year old. I became her mother. She acts like the cat. She loves to kiss me on the nose and ears, Every night she snuggles up to me. I go on my pc. She is sitting on the back of the chair. we add a savannah cat. She is sweet but wants to replace my present cat. I love gringa who is the white and princess who is savaanah. Yes cats have souls just like people.
—Guest krabbyruth


i think cats have wonderful souls,because they are so alert,and loving
—Guest molly

Cats ARE souls. They HAVE bodies.

To my belief - all living creatures are souls, using physical bodies to gain knowledge through experiences, that spirit beings can not have without bodies. I believe that cats are more evolved souls than us, humans. And sometimes I wonder why they even care to come back and be our companions and friends. Sometimes It feels to me that cats chose to come here to try and teach us more about love, respect, compassion..., all the things that some humans may lack. My little May is a beautiful soul, and being just a young kitten as she is - already taught me a thing or two. I can safely say that my life changed for the better since she became a member of my family.
—Guest Crystal

Do Cats Have Souls?

Yes, I'd say they do. Recently we found a lost cat and she was so sweet. I'd gaze into her deep yellow pools and wonder what she's thinking. They have feelings and can feel sorrow and neglect.
—Guest Chad A. (Smurfric)

Either All Things Do, Nor None

Either all living creatures, including humans, have a soul, or none do. It could well be that we are no more than the sum of our biology. So far, I have seen nothing that convinces me that there anything beyond this life.
—Guest bab5nutz

yes. cat do have souls...

Because the day before Christmas eve i had to put my cat to sleep because i could not aford to pay 2500 dollars for her to have a surgery. So on Christmas eve i was sitting in my chair next to my tree crying. All of a sudden the tree moved like the cat was playing in the tree and and angel decor fell out the the tree and right in front of my feet. i really believe that was my cat telling me its ok. She's not in anymore pain and she's my angel. i love my cat to no end and at night i can still feel her in my bed sleeping with me.. so yes cats do have souls and hers is still with me, sean m

Yes They Do

My cat in the beginning of this year died after 18 1/2 years. I've heard her walk on the floor or even crunching on her food. The love she had and gave was tremendous and it made you feel special. I believe anyone who has and gives love has a soul.
—Guest Patricia Claiborne

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Why do you think cats have souls? Why not?

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