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Readers Respond: Why do you think cats have souls? Why not?

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Do you believe cats and other animals have souls? Have you had any personal experiences that you feel back up those beliefs? Or do you think that when they die, they are just gone? Share your stories and opinions with other readers. Questions or responses to other Answers will not be published. Think of this as your own mini-article, but make your case as compelling as you can, within the character limits. Share Your Experiences

Of Course!!!!!!

Cats are Living Beings; of course they have Souls/Spirit. And their Spirit Lives On after they're gone. My Purrball died last week; & a couple days later she "visited" me. She just loved to dive into my Crafts on the table, happily spewing them everywhere. A couple days after she died, I woke up in the morning to find my livingroom in Shambles! Purrball had Visited; all of my Craft stuff was off the table & all over the floor, a big mess all over the livingroom - just exactly as she did in real life! I just had to Laugh - that was Purrball alright!! After that, I was'nt near so Sad, 'cause I knew she was in Heaven Happy.
—Guest Louisa

Yes, cats have souls (duh)

Yes, cats have souls. It is obvious to anyone who has ever loved a cat or a dog that there is a soul. It seems to me that personality is a function of the immaterial part of a being, and cats definitely have personality. This is, of course, an emotional response on our part and you could argue that humans attribute human qualities to things not human. Nevertheless, it seems to me that the burden of proof is on the side of those who argue against anecdotal reports of human behaviors, thus soul behaviors, from cats. Even from the theological standpoint, I would argue that cats have souls. Whether you are a dichotomist or a trichotomist, cats could be viewed as having both a material and immaterial part. There is also an argument from the continuity of identity (not enough space left), and the argument from praise & blame. If feel it natural to praise animals for helping humans and think they feel shame when scolded, we obvious treat them as having souls. Yes, cats have souls.

Do Cats Have Souls?

Yes, I believe they do.They know when their owner is in pain, whether physical or emotional and they stay close by their side. Their hearts are full of love and that comes from the soul.My Aunt had a cat that died after she passed away- He stayed outside her bedroom door and would not eat- The Vet said he diad of a broken heart.That`s soul. Just after I added my opinion,,My George died the 7th of this mo.,Nov.-- he was nearly 16- I am comforted by the other comments posted here, that he is secure in Heaven and I thank-you for that- Sincerely, Jean
—Guest Jean Breton

Do Cats Have Souls?

Yes, cats as well as all animals have souls. The soul is the life force energy that animates the bodies of all living things and gives them consciousness and awareness. All you have to do is look into an animals eyes to know. They feel pain and experience joy and love just as we do. They have strong family bonds with their offspring and companions (both human and animal). Like human beings, cats and all animals are creations of God. They deserve love and compassion, and they also give it back to us.
—Guest Tumeria Langlois

The afterlife of my cat...

I have believed in animals having a soul and moving forward to an afterlife and eventually re-incarnating again like humans, but for animals the time on the other side can be short or long, but not as long as for us humans. My cat, my great love had to be put to sleep, because of serious illness. He didn't die at home. For this reason I was so glad that he came to our and his home two days after he passed over. He stood in the middle of the living room floor and let out a cry. The cry was the same as when he had a pain while alive, but I clearly understood that it wasn't a pain issue, he communicated to me that he was confused and didn't understand what had happened to him. I consoled him and then he was taken away, by helpers on the other side. I'm so glad that this happened. I wanted him to return to our home, if only for a minute to be sure that he could find us . Now I'm waiting until he is whole in his spirit body and expect him to let me know that all is well with him now.
—Guest Ellie

Cat's have souls...Indeed they do!

For a HUMAN to have a "Soul" a "Human" must be "Soulful". When you define it from that, I.E. "Would a Human Pull Another Human From A Burning Building?" (And CAT's have been known to do this with OTHER Cat's, Kittens, and even their "Humans", it proves that they are INDEED Soulful. They have compassion. and a need for LOVE and Attention which shows they can PROVIDE Love and attention. Having a "Soul" does NOT mean your Cat will go to Heaven,or The Bardo or maybe ANYWHERE at all when it dies. There is ONE thing that IS sure. Energy can not be destroyed, it can only be CHANGED. Ergo, made into something NEW and different. I do not pretend to KNOW if YOUR cat will follow you to "Your" Heaven or "Bardo" or maybe "No-Where". THAT debate can go on ad nauseam. What I DO know, is that when I see something that REMINDS me of my beloved lost creature, it "Sparks" something in me. A Feeling, happiness,Joy, and sometimes Sadness. They DO live on. But if it's in the mind or Nature Its a Mystery. ET
—Guest Ethan Tudor W.

I know for a fact now.

My cat rocky was 11 years old. He was no ordinary cat. He was a bangle who knew how to play fetch & heal. Most of all, he knew how to love. About a year & a half ago he started to get sick with some sort of cyst that grew on his kidney that kept filling up with some substance the vet couldn't determine was.He passed away about 3 days ago when my neighbor came over telling us she'd found him in their back lawn. He would spend a lot of time there because an old lady who lived there was fond of him but was sick & passed away a few months ago.My Rocky came to me last night & slept on my chest like he use to. My other cat pepper was beside me & as I started to cry out of grief when pepper put his arms on my stomach, bowed for a minute, & then got up and laid on my chest as rocky did. Pepper has never done this before. I freaked out & made my way upstairs when pepper saw something and leaped from my arms & stared into the living room as if he saw something.I know Rocky was with me that night
—Guest Madisyn

our cats are alive again

in 1997 my cat shonti passed away. she was 22 yrs old, thin and emaciated in her illness.. the hosp called me and as I braced myself for euthanasia I started to cry when I felt in my spirit the Lord wanted me to praise Him instead. and so I did. but asked the lord for a sign will I see my babi shonti again? .a 1/2 hr after her passing I was in the house cleaning out her litter box so sad and pained,when I turned from the utility rooms sink and saw an animal fly out of mid air over my shoulder and as I looked in the same direct.i saw the back of shonti her fur her coloration and she looked like she did when she was 5 yrs old full and healthy.. then swiftly i turned the other way and knew instinctively that I would not see her , at that moment I heard her land on her paws but when I turned she was not there as I knew,, the Lord gave me the sign I needed better than what I asked for and had never shed a tear for her since then for my Savour gave me the joy of seeing into the miraculous

You better believe it, best cat ever, ha

Our dearest friend of 14.5 yrs passed on, suffering from a brain tumour since Nov, the kindest thing for him was done. Before it was time I gave him love, kisses and hugs, he responded in kind by nuzzling under my neck and then pulled back, looked in my eyes as if to say I love you and it's OK and let out a big sigh... He did not struggle and went so peacefully leaving my Husband & I so devastated because we will miss our lovely beautiful little boy Floyd. Now if cats don't have souls, I have been dreaming. What a wonderful blessing his love gave us, the best little fella ever.
—Guest SuzieM

Do cats have souls?

I've had many cats & tend to use same names sometimes because of likeness. I know my Spot "knows" things from "past" experiences with me. I kept her 1 son, Ginger from her 1st litter & he reminds me of "Emma" who nearly died as a kitten when my dog bit her throat. Spot is yet again part of me & Ginger's personality is identical to Emma. The same as our souls all "hang out" together, our furfriends do to. My cats are everything to me. They haven't left my side since I came home from hospital. I can see the love in their eyes & although they can't protect me much, they empathise when I'm sick or in pain. This kind of love can't just die when they do. I grew up SDA. I'd definately be excommunicated for my beliefs. But then, I believe there are chunks of the Bible missing & a lot of "christians" who don't love animals. Love is the most important part of christianity. Why would a loving God allow us to love these prescious little creatures & hurt us by never seeing them again. What if God i
—Guest Jean Greeff

Can't wait to meet her again

I lost my indoor-outdoor cat last week after being bitten by a dog at midnight. It was heart breaking to see her lay that way with so much of blood and her intestine out. She was my best friend and we used to have long conversations. Ever since then, my other cat; her brother Caramel stares at the place she was laid dead for hours and he keeps waiting for her. He has also become extremely thin. They both were great friends. I still cant accept what happened to my little butterscotch and thanks to all the above messages, I hope I get to see her soon either in real or at least in my dreams!
—Guest Aishwarya


I base this not on any "happening" - but on a belief that Heaven is a place of great happiness, with family reuniting. For pet owners no family would be complete without their pets and happiness would be incomplete without their presence. God would not give us the capacity to care for animals so much only to take them away at death. Can you imagine a Heaven without birds, rabbits, squirrels, etc. and especially our beloved dogs, cats, horses, bunnys, etc.? So if a soul is what is needed for Heaven they have one !
—Guest Jeannie

All God's creatures have souls!

My cat SenSen 16 years old died August 2012 and my yellow Lab Brandy 14 years old died one month later, Sept. 2012. Around two weeks after Brandy died I was awoken at 5:30 am by Brandy barking loudly in our foyer and one minute later, she was outside by the foyer door barking loudly again. At the same time, I felt our cat SenSen jump up on my bed which she liked to do. Needless to say, I was so comforted. All God's creatures have souls. God has much love for them also, after all He created them. All my pets are in heaven and come to visit us on earth. We may not see or hear them, but they are with us.
—Guest Maryann

if there is a soul they have it

Nobody clearle defined what a ' "soul" is but if humans have one cats have it too. it's time to step down from the high horse of human superiority, for which there is no justification. We are just animals.


Instead of trying to write it myself, I would recommend everyone reading a book titled "Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates" by Gary Kurz. It is excellent and will truly comfort your hearts with what I believe is the truth about what happens to our pets when they die.
—Guest Cheryl

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Why do you think cats have souls? Why not?

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