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Readers Respond: Memories of Cats you Have Loved and Lost

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When we bow our heads to give blessings before Thanksgiving dinner, we remember all the cats we have known and loved, past and present. They fill a huge place in our lives, and we're ever thankful that they have chosen us to be their humans. Share your own stories of cats you remember at Thanksgiving time.


For Felecia..... My best furry friend ran off to the stars her silky coat left behind in my arms. I washed her soft coat with tears of loss. I miss her. I cradle her still body and give one last hug to send her on her way with love., to dance with moonbeams and entertain the angels with her grace. One last time I wash her bowl and remember her blue eyes watching with patience as I placed it before her. So elegantly she dined - as if with Kings. He pillow sits vacant, still rounded where she pressed it down to fit. Her blanket flat and shapeless now, without her presence. How I will miss you my little friend, you gave me such joy and filled my life with your playful presence. I miss you. And if someday I find another cat who touches my heart as you did, it will never take your place in my heart. It will not be you. Someday I will come looking, to hold you again, and hear your purr. And together we will dance among the stars and moonbeams.
—Guest bluffbunny

Keke, our Russian Blue adopted us !

Late summer 1976 as we were leaving a large dept store, noticed a young cat that seemed to be lost. Husband called out to him & cat responded, quickly he taught us he was highly intelligent, adored my husband, love to take showers with him, enjoyed car/truck rides if Keke found an open window he would sneak in for a nap, not surorisingly scaring driver out of wits. Sadly we lost our Green eyed Russian Blue to kidney failure Oct 1988. Almost 24 yrs later we miss him & his antics a cat never to forget.
—Guest keenpetite


i had to put my cat to sleep today. her name was kitty. she was a stray. we found her on our deck 10 years ago. she had lung cancer. i never had an animal that loved me as much as she did. she followed me everwhere. i never loved a cat as much as i loved her. i told her to wait for me in haven.
—Guest my kitty


Snickers was a feral kitten. Just showed up one day. Never scared or timid. Whenever someone would come over, he walk right up to them and demand to be petted. He was amazingly vocal. He'd meow and purr if he wanted something or if he was mad, or happy, or just wanted to communicate. He was sick alot. On three different occasions, his vet told me that she was going to put him down, but he rallied each time. Once, he fell out a fourth floor window. He lived. Once, he took off for three weeks. I was crushed. Posters on every signpost in my neighborhood. No reply. One day, someone knocked on my door with Snickers in tow, much thinner, but with the same defiant attitude. That cat could surivive anything. We had him for 15 years. He passed just yesterday. I will always admire his guts, determination, and curious and outgoing nature. This cat was unique. I can't let him pass without a memorial. I will miss him terribly. I will think about him everyday. He inspired me. I'll see him again.
—Guest PL


Missy was found by a dumpster when she was a tiny kitten. Took her home, got her healthy, and she spent 13 years with me. She was my son's 'protector', standing or laying by him when he was a baby, guarding him from the other cats :) She layed with me and my son, and was always talking to me with her strong voice. She passed away on 01/11/2012, and I miss her more than I could ever imagine. She was my petite princess and was there for me from my single adult life, through my marriage and two kids, new house and other animal family members. Missy, I will think about you every day. I love you more than I could ever convey. I hope to see you again some day, so you can jump in my lap and sit as long as you like. Sleep peacefully, Missy. I love you.
—Guest XerNosam

The Cat that came 4 Thanksgiving stayd

We got this lil puddy tat that showed up on our back porch. was friendly so either someone dumped her or she got lost or St Francis sent her here, but she is still here. Nowe have Three! Happy Thanksgiving to All!
—Guest Goldie

My Fur Baby

My Callie was taken from me this past Thursday Nov. 17, 2011 by two big black dogs someone wasn't responsible to keep up. I miss her so much. Yard work will not be as enjoyible with out her around to get in the way wanting attention and winding around my legs. I'll miss her funny way of jumping down then up on her house asking to be fed. Every way I look or turn I'm reminded of something about her fun but sad now that she is not here. I love you Callie & cry that your gone, but thank God he gave you to me & let me have you for 8 wonderful years. I'll miss you.
—Guest DJoyS

My cat Jenny

I had her for 18 years almost 19. She was a great cat part Main Coon. She was so diffrent. I live by my self so went to have shower she would come in and have one she wasen't afaird of water. Or would sit on the toilet she would get this look in her eyes and i knew she would bite it. She got kidney disease and i had to but her down. I still miss her. Now I have 3 cats which i love very much. But i still miss Jenny but one day i will see her again Dianne
—Guest Dianne


Andy was our boy for 16+yrs. He was funny, smart,lively, and loving. We miss him terribly, but know he watches us from afar. We love you still Andy, and think of you often. Sometimes I swear, I hear your voice...
—Guest juliemama

dear blue boy Yen

I only had you 7 short years but you are in my heart always -the way you were my shoulder sitter and my big talker made my days - the day I had to decide to put you to sleep was one of the worst I've ever had - after all this time I still miss you - til we meet at the rainbow bridge I will miss you
—Guest dragonsib

My beautiful Bandit

My Bandit was my beautiful teenage daughter who passed at 18. She was sweet, petite, sometimes a lady, sometimes a kitten but most of the time my best friend. She was there when my other cat Miss Kitty died; she was there when my Aunt died; she was there when my ex-husband, her rescuer died and she was there when my Mom died, all the time allowing her fur to fill with my tears and sliding closer to me when I would finally fall asleep. She was special, very special and, although I have three other cats now, she will always be the one and only who made my sad moments bearable. I will never forget my Bandit. Thank you, sweetheart for your patience and love for 18 beautiful years.
—Guest jo1650

Shadow,Ponch and Lucky

I know those three will be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge. If I outlive Mizzy she will also be there. My heart aches for others that have been in my life. Those three were my special children. Mizzy is now my only little darling and she will be the last.

Honey +Tammy The Beloved girls Remember

abandoned left to perish, Honey her mother died during a storm at her birth, I fell in love with both when seeing them and was determined to give them a chance at life.We shared a few years together Tammy a black and white girl wild as became the most faithful affectionate furry companion till an elderly couple adopted her, Honey grew p with me, she was a bit aloft and distant, but a very faithful companion and loving girl a white tabby she lived for 14 years till liver disease ended her journey prematurely I wil cherrish the love and beauty of both within my heart forever.,
—Guest Chris Mufford

Squeakers, My Beloved Cat

I lost my beloved Squeakers to illness in October. Not a day goes by that I don't think about her and how much I miss her. I miss the evenings sitting in a chair with her on my lap while I watched TV or read a book. I miss the nights when she would curl up on the bed with me. I sometimes wonder if it willl ever get better, but for now, the hurt is still very raw.


in memory to my beloved cat Thomas. I will never forget the first day we met and the bond that we shared. You have given me so many happy memories and I am so glad that you are no longer suffering. Every day I miss you and I know that one day we will meet again. I still sense your presence and know that you are still with me. Bless you Thomas the best cat ever and the most unique xxx love you and thank you for being you xxxx
—Guest debbie

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