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Readers Respond: Memories of Cats you Have Loved and Lost

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When we bow our heads to give blessings before Thanksgiving dinner, we remember all the cats we have known and loved, past and present. They fill a huge place in our lives, and we're ever thankful that they have chosen us to be their humans. Share your own stories of cats you remember at Thanksgiving time. Share Your Memories

Quincy, our little girl

The first day I met Quincy in 2003 she was about 2 months old. I picked her up, held her on the nook of my folded arm, and she fell asleep within minutes. She came home with me that day. She loved car rides, tuna flavored everything and back flips. Every time I walked though the door she would come running down the hall to greet me and she would wake me up when I overslept. She even fell in love with my fiancee and they would bond over music and treats. Barely over a month ago, I woke up to find her unable to use her back legs; she could move her paws, but not her hips. We took her to the vet immediately where they told us she had a potassium deficiency and an intestinal virus, but she would be fine. The next morning after giving her the medicine she couldn't breathe. I had to give her CPR, which made her last long enough to take her to the emergency vet where we we sadly had to euthanize her. It has been the hardest month of my life, but we had a happy 10 years together.
—Guest Jillian

Remembering Kiji Keeley

My wish list was for a female Himalayan for Christmas. My husband contacted a woman from a rescue organisation who found homes for cats taken to our local shelter. Kiji, a beautiful Seal Point Himalayan and another male Seal Point were found together abandoned and in the Euthanasia room awaiting to be put down the next day. Originally wanting just one cat, my husband took both. Very timid the first night and afraid, the next day they welcomed our family into their hearts. We named the girl Kiji and the boy, Keeley. Kiji was estimated to be 4 years old and Keeley, 6. These gentle, loving little kitties enjoyed a life with us until Kiji developed a tumour on her chest at age 14. Set to undergo a surgery, she did not make it and 2 days before, went into a dehydration and we had to say goodbye. Keeley, which means ' beautiful one ' in Gaelic, left us from heart failure at the age of 17. Heartbreaking..yes, but we added 10 years plus to their lives. Miss you both always.
—Guest Christine

My time with Jack

Jack will always be the cat of my life. He was with me for almost 16 years through the death of my only son and my cancer treatment. He was always right by my side and answered me back when I talked to him
—Guest sarah johnson


Duma was our beautiful tabby and white cat. At 4 years old, he came down with lymphoma, and there was nothing we could do. We had to put him to sleep. It broke our hearts.
—Guest dumacat123

Kitty Tom

My cat, Kitty Tom, was only four months old when he was taken from us. His mother was a feral cat who, with a lot of coaxing, became part of our little family. She had kittens a month later and we found homes for all of them but one...my favorite, Kitty Tom. We had mom spayed and then had Kitty Tom neutered...2 days later he vanished. I know it's dangerous to keep cats outside but we have no choice as we are both allergic to cats and I have asthma. We live in the country, way off the road so we felt they would be okay. We feel like it must have been a coyote that got our beloved Kitty Tom. I feel so guilty that I did not take better care of him. He was so innocent, so sweet and it breaks my heart to think about him being drug away by a predator. A lot of folks do not understand how cats and dogs can become part of the family. I still dream about my 18 year old Cairn Terrier I had to put to rest in 2001. I will miss her and Kitty Tom always.


mumma went to the vet the one day she was digeenosed with cancer and i was so sad i cryed for a month i miss her mumma cat wish you all well and safe and sound love you
—Guest kitty

missing our Toby cat!

He left us suddenly 3 years ago, after a very healthy and active 7 years. He got a stone and a severe blockage, and we couldn't save him. We still miss his furry face - he was the sweetest and most affectionate cat I ever had.

Mario "Who"

Who will tell us "hi" each night? Who will purr us to sleep? Who will answer us when we speak? Who will love us anytime, day or night? Mario you are missed. We will love you forever. Beautiful in every way everyday. Your fluid grace is missed. Mario of course-- we hope you rest in peace. We buried you with your favorite duck-- Mr. Quack . Then your favorite food. We love you.
—Guest mary and Ralph

Our dear late companions

Keke adopted us late summer 1976, our vet told us he was a purebred American Russian Blue with gorgeous almond shaped green eyes; loved to ride in cars/trucks. Lost him to Kidney failure 10/88, still miss him & his funny antics.
—Guest keenpetite

Buddy Aslan

We put Aslan to sleep on Easter weekend. He was 11 1/2 years old. He developed a blockage in his urinary tract and couldn't urinate anymore, all he could do was diarrhea. He sat in the litter box meowing, hoping he could go pee. When I walk past the area everyday where his box used to be, it makes me sad. I miss him and I'm sad that he's gone, but glad that I had him. Love you buddy!
—Guest Bill


my cat was named cat i grew up with her when mydad died she wasnt the same, one year we decided to go to Germany for 3 months so we did , when we got back she was gone. Cat was my favorite cat ever Cat and my dad was best freinds, she was 12 when she died and i miss her always
—Guest Jamie dawson

Evelyn's Digby

Digby was a pure white shoet hair faithful companion for 10 yrs. Was always sick with urinary tract infections.Vets couldn't understand why since he was always fed optimum food. Brought him from Ont. to N.S. by train.Broke my heart but eventually had to euthanize him. Couldn't stand to see him go on that way.To watch him go down was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. At least he isn't in distress anymore.Everytime I look at my 2 cats today. I think of him. Just because they both seem to luv me as he did.
—Guest Evelyn

My Russian Blue Baby

Carolina was a beautiful Russian Blue that came into my life unexpectidly. We adopted a Tortise Shell from the dog pound and named her Janey. She had a surprise for us. She was pregnant with four little babies. Carolina was the first born and we were so surprised she was a Russian Blue. Her two sisters and one brother are Ginger Tabbies. If I did not see them born of the same mother I would not beleive it. My Carolina died on 02/23/2013 from cancer. She was 6 years old and my constant companion. She loved to give me kisses when noone was looking. She loved to snuggle under the covers and slept with me almost every night. My heart is crushed. She was fine at Christmas but then she started losing weight. So I took her to the vet and was told she had lymphoma. It just took her so fast I am still reeling. I was with her when she was born and when she died. I had her cremated and put her in a beautiful heart shaped box. I loved her so much. She was such a rare jewel.


My cat is going to the vet soon as we can because we found out her nail is dinggig in the paw. She's lying next to me and I can see it ;( I hope she gets better. Don't forget to cut their nails
—Guest LenhEZFokhv

This is unethical

You should not be taking care of feral cats. They are destroying the natural ecosystem and harming native wildlife. Please do NOT feed feral cats unless you have paid to have then neutered!
—Guest Cody

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Memories of Cats you Have Loved and Lost

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