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Readers Respond: Have you had to consider economic euthanasia for your cat?

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Don't beat yourself up

I have been reading alot of these heart wrenching stories, with tears in my eyes. We have 4 fur-kids, and absolutely love them all. My issue is, please don't be so hard on yourself IF you have to put your pets down. You are doing everything you can, you saved them from a life in a cage at the shelter, if you didnt take them into your home, or take them home when you found them wondering in the streets. You have given them the best you can, you fed them, let them lay in your beds, cuddled with them, talked to them when things were tuff..mine kept me sane while my husband was in Afghanistan for a year....you do everything you can for them, so, when that time comes where you have to make the worst heart wrenching decision ever, do what you can for them, but also, don't jeopardize your family's needs in the process. It's not that you don't care, but be realistic and fair to your family. Just be with them in the end, hold them and tell them how much you loved them, and say good-bye.

heart is broken

Our cat Smoky adopted our family a year ago at my children's bus stop, she won my husband's heart after swearing he would never have a cat. She had an accident yesterday afternoon, she fell from a tree onto a squirrel feeder that had a nail/screw sticking out. I took her to the vet, they told me she was really messed up that they could do surgery but it would cost $2,000 plus by the time it was all said and done. I had no choice but to put her to sleep. It was the hardest decision I have ever made in my life but I have a diabetic son that I had to think about as well, I could put the money into my cat save her life or make sure I have the money available in case my son had to go into the hospital again. People who judge those of us that adopt animals, you don't know the situation so don't judge. I sat with Smoky until the end, I brought her home in a box for my family to bury her...she was loved greatly and will be missed just as much.
—Guest smoky kitty

Can't stand to see her suffer any longer

We've had our precious Snowball for only a year and a half and she was to give birth.We were excited and happy for her.Then one night she was acting kinda strange.We thought she was ready to give birth and she did, the very next day.Unfortunately the kitty she gave birth to was underdeveloped and lifeless. :( She seemed distant and weak for a couple of days and seemed to be getting worse.My husband called the vet and asked about costs to have her looked at and about payment plans,unfortunately the cost was too high and there were no payment plan options.We are a low income family who are living on one income.I have children who dearly love their pets (we own another cat,Snowball's sister, Mudball).We have paid $110 to get Snowball outta the SPCA when she escaped from our house and was picked up.But these costs that the vets talk about are way above my budget, especially without any payment plans.Now, our cat is very weak and can barely walk on her own.We don't want to see her suffer :(
—Guest Feeling totally helpless

losing sight

what happened to the people who went to school to become a vet because they loved animals so much and wanted to help them? Now it seems like they don't care. I have 8 cats and they all found me. I have got them all fixed and shots from the same vet. Dont get me wrong, they are great. I called them one day because one of my cats were sick and I had no money at that time, I figured they could bill me since I spent $2000 over the last 2 years. Anyway to make a long story short, She told me to call her back when I could borrow the money from someone. I told her I couldn't do that and she said i don;t know what to say to you. sorry! So I asked her how much money I have spent there in the last 2 years and told them I should call the standard news paper and see if they would like to hear my story. She put me on hold and came back and said just bring her in now. What happened to vets that do it for the love of the aminal. not the love of money!!!!!!??
—Guest robin

just a response

Short and sweet maybe not so sweet I have had to play God for many reasons I also have had my cats die in my arms. I just a few weeks ago my cat of 16 years asked to go out. I let him out. I found him a day later. He died of old age. I have his sister she is coping well they were never apart we were never apart. Each time I had to make a decision. Do I or not. The one that died in my arms it was 1:am I was not going to stress her out as she was dying to play God. I held her loved her like always she died peacefully. I think if you love your furkid you will know the right thing to do. They do. Don't put blame on Vet cost. Our Vets are our animal angles they can only do so much. So we love our furkids and do what we can. Be with them love them God will do the rest. Our he will ask for your help. Bottom line just love and do what you can If you have your furkid a day or 20 years love, laughs and conversation is the now. Just enjoy the time you have they do.
—Guest kittycatz

My Shadow

My cat shadow was 9. He was a healthy cat always lovable so friendly with my other animals. All that changed in a week. He lost about 15lbs stopped using the cat litter box and stayed under the cupboard 20 hours a day. He seemed to be getting better the one day he was eating walking a little bit more but by the next day he was screaming in pain. We rushed to the emergency vet and even gathered $100 to try to save him. The vet told us she didn't know what was wrong with him but it would cost $500 upfront for the tests alone. I had to make the impossible decision to end my cats life. I don't see how a vet can charge so much knowing that people are struggling. Then they charge you to kill your pet. We are having to pay $250 and I will never see my pet again. This is not a fair country and I wish that their was something I could have done. I feel like I should have tried harder. I have been crying for three days and don't think I will ever be OK with my decision.
—Guest Trisha

my boy

You do what you have to do... my pet is my best friend but he will not be allowed to suffer... tough decision to make but then so is life...The joy he has given me is more than enough compensation. To each their own I guess... he will let me know whats right
—Guest Tom


I chose to bring my beloved pet home and she died in my arms one evening. I am glad of my choice. She never really recovered after anesthetic to drain an infected cat bite. Wish I had just treated her now with warm compresses to drain the pus and not subjected her to anesthetic. With the new medical system in the USA there will be more "euthanasia" of old people by not giving treatment. I guess those with money will be able to get around the rules. Who knows? Maybe not getting treatment might actually prolong life. Some of the med side effects and anesthetic in old bodies can kill. .
—Guest Carol

The most painful day in my life

My family has just lost our cat of 13 years. She was beyond special, She defined unconditional love, I thought I understood how much she meant to us when she was alive. I am just beggining to understand that now. We thought she could live forever. she fell off a 4 story balcony twice. Like now we never had the money to get seen. We kept her alive, lots of love and undivided attention. She lasted 6 years since the last fall. She was not the same, physically but her spirit never left us. she was not ready to go. One day it all changed. out of nowhere in a flash, Her back legs were paralized and she kept screaming in pain and fear as we hoplessly watched. We rushed her to the vet, I really believed they would help Luna. But she had Saddle thrombosis, where survival is slim at best. We even tried the hospital, The surgery would be $5,000 and there was no guarantees. We could never afford it, her blood clot was about to kill her. She ran out time. we had to end her life. RIP
—Guest Michael Burns

Torn apart

My 14 year old kitty has been suffering from IBS for almost 2 years. He has been on a special diet, taken probiotics, has had B12 shots and cortisone shots. He now takes prednisolone (sp?) by his ear(s). The food and medicine are very expensive. I am a senior on a very low fixed income. Last March the vet said he should be put to sleep. I then took him to another vet who tried the prednisolone and it helped for awhile. The problem is my kitty eats a lot, begs for food, drinks lots of water but has foul smelling, runny feces and also throws up often. I clean the carpet the best I can with special pet products but this is wearing me down. The compounded medication costs $62/each month + the special diet food and cleaning products. The current vet said I have done everything possible, and it is time, but I just can't bring myself to put him to sleep. After he is gone I will just have a lonely place. But I don't have the income to keep this up since he doesn't seem to improve.
—Guest Teddismom

Greedy Vets

Get a life ppl. Vets charge a lot bc they give the best care out there with little to no wait times. They spend thousands of dollars and give up years of their lifes to train to treat animals ailments. Of course they should get pain a lot! Whats wrong with wanting a nice car after giving up 10 yrs of your life to school? lol..ppl want nice homes and cars if they work construction or at a coffee shop...why is it suddenly "wrong" just bc you take care of animals? If you dont like the price, go to school and learn to do it yourself!
—Guest Dane

Cost over putting down

For all you ppl who judge those who can't afford to pay thousands of dollars for treatment that may or may not save their pets life..SHAME ON YOU! Not all ppl have money to throw around. You don't know the circumstances involved. Maybe a car broke down and you need it for work. Maybe someone lost a job... if a pet is sick and you cant afford treatment putting them down is an option. Its sad and it doesnt mean they dont love their pet..it means they arent rich! I love my pets but if its a toss up between my childrens healthcare and my pets...my kids win. If my cat got sick and I needed 5000 to fix her...well my cat would be put down bc I dont have it. Life isnt perfect and if you have money to spend like that, maybe you should pay for those ppl who cant afford surgery for their cats rather than complain and be rude.
—Guest Kelly

Putting pets to sleep

You think putting pets to sleep is ok since there are other animals in the pounds? And you say they don't understand like a human does. You are an idiot for saying they don't understand like a human does. I just had to put my 19 year old cat to sleep. I was lucky enough to be able to pay the $10,000.00 it cost to keep her comfortable and with me for another year. The time came and I knew no amount of money would help her get well and I knew she had to be put to sleep. But never did the thought ever cross my mind that what do they know they aren't like humans. It was worth everything to keep her comfortable and with me for another year.
—Guest Wish I still had my cat

cat Mom

My cat was hit by a car last week and the vet wanted $3500 with no guarentee. I had to put her to sleep. My friend comitted suicide 2days later no money could save her. Hold on to what you can, lifes too short. Charlie
—Guest Charlie


I probably could Have saved my cat last night if I had the money. Which probably would have been $300-$400 just to start with. 24 hours later had to put him down for viral pneumonia, could barely even afford the $50 to put him down.

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