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Readers Respond: Have you had an epiphany about the indoor-outdoor controversy around cats?

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I have two cats who are strictly indoor cats, for the reasons given, and wouldn't have it any other way. My mom and dad didn't, and they let our cat go outside. Dad ultimately ran over and killed our cat who was napping behind the cars' tire (in the shade). Even my brother lets his two cats outside to do their business in the back yard, supervised. We have two outdoor strays that decided to stay, and we have a different experience with them, mostly good (we even got the obligatory 'dead mouse' gift). But the outside stay outside, and the inside cats inside. I wouldn't have it any other way. I find it much better not to have to worry where my inside cats are, what they are eating, are they getting into fights or being run down by local motorists, all those types of things. I would like to think my cats find it a much more pleasant experience as well, but who knows what a cat really thinks about, other than 'all that is here is mine'.
—Guest Paul

My Happy Housecats

Your article summed up the good reasons to keep cats indoors. My two cats were rescued when their feral mom died, they were outside for two days without food/water when I found them. They are two years old now and have no interest in going outside, although they LOVE looking out the windows. I suspect that somewhere in their minds they remember being cold, hungry and scared outside and want nothing more to do with the "great outdoors". As for me, it gives me great peace of mind to know my babies are safe inside.
—Guest tuxandgingersmom

Indoor cats are safer!

I had two cats poisoned last year. They loved the outside, but people around the Fordham section of the Bronx don't love cats, and both died a horrible grisly death. Keep your cats safe and inside! It's not worth it!
—Guest Lady J

If you love your cat, keep them inside!

I have 5 and they are all inside. One is a former stray who I believe has grown quite fond of her new indoor life. I'm happy in the fact that I know they are safe from all that was mentioned above in this article. Sadly, currently in my area there is a rash of cat killings. It's a horrifying thing to be happening, and many cats are being killed. This would not be happening if people realized cats aren't safe outside. I'll never understand why people think cats can fend for themselves outdoors! They can't! Especially if they are taken by a sick person!
—Guest Nuria

Indoor Vs Outdoor

I highly recommend keeping them indoors as I have had too many cats die or become seriously affected by being outdoors. As I have several currently I can see the benefits of keeping them near and able to treat them quickly if ill. I live in a hoon neighbourhood and our street is unsafe even for humans and I have huge fears of losing my companions and friends to recklessness and people with no morals or souls. I recently lost a cat and I will be forever grateful that I was with him when he died. Never will I have to fear losing a cat to an outside unknown. I also keep a cat run which they can only access if I am home. I have also noticed that an indoor cat is a lot more healthier as you can regulate their diet and exercise. PLease choose indoor but if you want them to go outside a harness with a leash or a cat run is perfect.
—Guest Kereen

cat attack a kitten

I don't let my kitten go outside cause there are too many cats fights. I don't need my kitten to get hurt by another cat. My sister's kitten got attacked by a cat; her kitten is at the vet getting a treatment for her wound. My sister's kitten isn't doing so good she is not eating & we don't know if she is going to make it. It is very good idea to keep her cats indoor. Cats having kittens or cats outside anything can happen to them by getting stolen or another cat getting in fight with it anything can happen this cat just came in my sisters yard started attack her 9 weeks old kitten this cat wasn't friendly at all this cat did damage to this kitten.

Cat on a leash

Our cat Bomani loves to be outside, but we live in the city and it just isn't safe. (Not that I'd feel to safe about it in the country either.) So, we put a leash on him and let him roll around on our porch. He wasn't so pleased at first, but he soon got used to the leash and now loves his little outdoor adventures.
—Guest Valerie


i keep my cats indoors for most of those reasons although we do not have lots of predators in NZ. However our native birds and lizards are very vunerable.
—Guest marthur

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