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Readers Respond: My Most Vivid Memories of Cat Events in 2012

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I have a lot of memories about 2012 related to cats, both my own, and the cats of the world. Readers are invited to also share your most significant memories as related to your own cats and/or other cats you know or have read about. Please use all the space allowed and be as specific or general as you wish. Share Your Memories

Happy again

In May we traveled to Ontario from our home in Nova Scotia and on our way back near North Bay Ontario our Calico kitty escaped from the camper and we could not find her, so with hearts full of sorrow we continued on home. At home our other cat Joey wailed from room to room so in June we adopted a young tabby cat named Sassy. I continued to put ads on the internet looking for our Tigger but nothing all summer. Then in early September I checked the North Bay Kijiji ads for pets to give away and there was my Tigger. I was so happy I could hardly speak to tell my husband the good news. We immediately made plans to go back to Ontario to pick her up although it took 4 days for the return trip. The people who had been feeding her for the 2 weeks she was at their house could not keep her so were looking for another home for her. Tigger had forgotten us somewhat in the 4 1/2 months she was lost. She soon began to remember as we headed home. Sticks to us like glue now. All is well in our house.
—Guest Joyce Harasemchuk

Thomas - Our First meeting

In October of 2012, Thomas came to us as a small, scrawny black and white kitten one cold rainy day. I had just let Max in after his usual morning routine when all of the sudden I heard a very loud howling sound and seconds later a flash of black and white darts out from the corner of our house and can't get in our door fast enough. We have seen strays in the area but Thomas was different. He was very clean, seemed very healthy except for a mild case of fleas that we discovered later. We figured that Thomas followed Max home from somewhere and may have just been dropped off by someone. I was furious at the possibility that someone could drop a cat in the middle of nowhere (there are only 4 homes at the end of the road where we live) and on such a stormy, cold day. The flyers we posted returned no responses so we decided to adopt Thomas who has proven to be a very loving, friendly and active youngster (much to the dismay of our female Maggie) but good buddies with our eldest Max.
—Guest oneandahalfcats

Victory With Rescued Kitties

A happy memory (and future). I have 3 rescue kitties, sisters, adopted in 2002. They were nearly feral. After 2 years, 2 of them let me pet them....barely. I retired in May 2012, and since we've been sharing more time & space, two are affectionalte and losing their skittishness....success! Their sister is not into humans, but sits by and watches. As long as we are all happy and spending quality time, I am ecstatic! Who knows - another 10 years and they may all become lap cats!

first time foster kittens

[My] most vivid memories of cat events in 2012 are the homing of 4 lovely kittens. Jackie, Sian, Patricia, Cat Protection, myself and their new owners helped. It was the first time I fostered kittens- and it was SOOOooo rewarding

Finally Approved

It was almost a year since I lost Callie to a dogs attack and after much talk finally made my point to Dad. Not only did I want to get another cat, it must stay inside. I brought home Molly in late August. She is such fun with occassional frustration but always love. By the way those twist off yogurt caps make great toys, fly across the floor like hockey pucks. LOL

Most vivid cat memory of 2012

The most vivid cat event of 2012 for me is the passing of our oldest cat, Sassy. I'll never forget the day that he died in my arms. It was especially difficult, because we had another cat at home who was crying, while going all over the house, looking for her life long companion. Another reason that it was so hard for me is that I recently lost both of my parents.
—Guest Jacque Georgi Kolb

Cat memories of 2012

Our beloved cat, Sassy, lost his battle with lymphoma. I'll never forget the day that he died in my arms. He was 18 1/2. But this was especially difficult because I had to deal with our other grieving cat. And this was all after my mother passed away earlier in the year.
—Guest Jacque Georgi Kolb

2012 Tab's litter

Last year a feral cat who I knew for 3 years just had her 2nd litter in June . She brought over about 2 kittens at a time , the total of kittens was 6 .I named them all Munchy Pouncy Tiny Lucky Blizzard Jaggy . They are very playful and funny. Now they are 6 months and a 2 yrs old female tuxedo (from another black and white cat named Cali) lives with them few months back Tabs was missing and it stayed like that forever . My parents and grandma feeds them cat food daily
—Guest K.H.

Passing of Mousse

There is only one thing to be said about my 2012, the passing of Mousse. This is the first time I've experienced the death of a pet, and it was unbearably tough for me. Next month would mark the one-year anniversary of her passing, and my husband and I would still fondly share our funny moments about her.

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My Most Vivid Memories of Cat Events in 2012

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