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Readers Respond: Do you have personal experience with a cat as therapy?

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my sunshine my ray of light and life

I have a 11 year old furry friend sunshine I found her 11 years ago tied to a gate in a plastic bag , she was only a few weeks old, I knew I had to give her a chance of surviving. She was so fragile nearly departing the planet but Sunshine and I walked and grew together through her journey of recovery, she has and does repay this time and time over as I have a life limiting illness and she keeps me alive and nurtures me through my pain and physical/mental challenges which I am faced with, she talks and chats when I need a talk and sits with me ,when I try to sleep and I experience the acute pain she sings to me with her sweet purring and I drift into a peaceful sleep, Sunshine is a true gift of life/love for me.
—Guest chris m

My Tinkerbell

One afternoon I wasn't feeling good. I went to a room and laid dow. I felt as if I was going into a trance, and was very drowsey. My cat 'tinkerbell' came up on the bed and sat on my chest. I felt as though I was going into a deep sleep. She kept blowing into my nose and keeping me awake with her meowing. I almost couldn't breath before I called someone to phone 911. The ambulance arrived and I was told my blood pressure was skyhigh. I was rushed to the hospital. I mentioned to the ambulance guy about my tinkerbell, he said "they know, animals know." By the grace of God and my little queen TINKERBELL!.
—Guest Cheryl Boggs

17 new born cats

Cats have been a real big than in my life. I get a chance to catch one out at the barn. Their is one or two role that. Baby cats are really in to eating much much cat food. I count them. Bring one or two in the house. During my recovery. Trying to fine something to snuggled up with. But my cat, once you shut that door. It meows out loud. That like run free. Cats are a great than to have.
—Guest josie u *

best kittens ever

My family moved countries and states many times. This meant that i had to make friends again and go to new schools. I had wanted a cat ever since i was 3, and when we left all the important people in america when we returned to england. i became depressed panicky unstable and anxious. I started off at a terrible school where i was bullied. But for my birthday, my parents got me two kittens, sunny and ollie, they helped me get through rough times then. And then i moved to a better school which i am happy at. My kittens are always finding new ways to make me laugh, love to snuggle and make me feel safe. I do not know what i would do without them.
—Guest ruby

I'm a survivor....

I survived heart and cancer with terrible side effects, my health goes up and down, I now retire from a 48 years of reporting news, been all over the world. First time I got sick found my self in need so by luck I started my relation with 2 stray cats and then more came along, now I also have 10 at home they are family, they are all different and when in the hospital many times they bring me back because they need me and I need them......
—Guest Enrique e cardenas

My cat is a miracle from God

Faith has saved me several times. I got her and her sister when they were kittens from craig list. I am a diabetic and I was having difficulity breathing with chest pains one night. She sense it right away and came in my room, jumped on my bed and laid across my chest and remained there for 35-45 minutes till the pain stop and I was able to breath again. Another time happen when I was having abdominal pains and she came and got on my bed and laid across my stomach and started purring very loud for 15-20 minutes. The pain stopped but for the rest of the week she would come and lay in my bed and stayed with me till she knew I was fine. She is very verbal and I am beginning to read her signs and her meows when it comes to my health. I had a heart attack in 2005; stressed out and so on, but I thank God every day for her. Her sister Hope doesn't take care of me like her sister. She will check on me from time to time and play but that is it. I love them both so much and I am glad they are in my life.

cats as service animals

Cats have been really great service animals for kids with autism and for war veterans with PTSD, but the law is changing, and cats will no longer be legally recognized as service animals. Sign the petition to keep service cats legal. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/3/Save-Our-Service-Animals-non-disabled/
—Guest Elizabeth Winchell

Love conquers all, felines are blessings

First, I want to thank everyone who has shared their heartfelt uplifting experiences with their furry loved ones. Six years ago I was in a car accident which left me paralyzed and severly depressed due to my resulting handicaps. Living far from from home with no family and few friends, it was a nearly intolerable period of protracted suffering i endured during my slow recovery. Until one day a miracle occurred and the sweeteest most lovable feral cat appeared from nowhere and adopted me, beginning a six year loving relationship which has enriched my life beyond words, given me unconditional love, and been more beneficial therapy than any doctors or hospitals could. He gave me a reason to live, in that regardsless of my traumas or depressed states i always found true joy in caring for and providing for my beloved cat, and in return he was always there to comfort me and be my companion. Loving and being with my cat gave me a quality of life that would have been Impossible otherwise.

Cat kept me going when going got tough

My Simba, back in '98, helped me through a rough time when I struggled with a terrible clinical depression and felt suicidal. However, I was afraid of what would happen to Simba if I weren't around anymore. When I lay in bed, unable to bring myself to get up, Simba uncharacteristically lay on the bed with me, giving me his quiet comfort. And I had to drag myself out of bed every day to feed him, clean the litter box, etc., so that gave me the necessary boost to be able to feed myself, keep going to work, etc. Simba is now 14 and being a comfort to my widowed mom (he has done the "laying in bed" thing with her, too, when she was very sick... he only does that when he knows he is needed).

Sam and Ellen

My daughter is 10 yrs old and has a dog and it does nothing for her. She has autuism. But when she is at my house around my cats Frodo and Sam she is so calm and the it is like my 10 yr old and the cats share a special kind of bond. I love seeing my daughter Ellen with the cats it is something amazing...
—Guest Mary

leukemia and cats

I have a leukemia and my 3 cats help me feel better, I have a better health now because of them, the are very intelligent moreover, bye !! patty !!!
—Guest seynabou68


I really enjoyed reading that story. I too find my beautiful cats to be wonderful therapeutic companions.
—Guest Kathryn

Unconditional love

I am a nineteen-year-old young woman who takes medication for depression. Two years ago I was suicidal and felt (without foundation) that I was a dissapointment to everyone around me. Around that time, My mother brought home a young farm-born Calico we named Mousetrap. We'd had cats who ran away, so I tried not to get close. She seemed to single me out, choosing my lap instead of my siblings, and sleeping in my bed. Sometime she would climb the ladder to my loft bed and lay on my chest for afew moments then left, as if she were checking on me. Now that I'm in college, I see her as my biggest cheerleader and comfort when I'm stressed, I love Mousetrap, and because of her attention, I'm learning to love myself as well.
—Guest Kristina

My experience with cat therapy

I had three cats at the time of my father's death, Marx, Muffy and Rudy. When I came home from the funeral in Pa. they rallied around and comforted me in my grief. Three months later, Marx meowed in a strange way. A trip to the vet et told me that he was mourning for my father whom he had not seen in six years. Marx ran through my apartment every day looking for my father when the fact is that he had never been to the apartment we were now living in. Do not underestimate the capabilities of a cat's fellings if he/she is treated with love and kindness. Muffy died within two years of Marx because she missed him so much she would not live without him. Now Rudy is showing signs of sorrow because my granddaughter and her mother were involved in a car accident. I heard it on the television news and when I screamed, Rudy jumped and I said "No not them, it can't be true." Rudy cringed and started to give me his version of crying meow. This is what he does when he is unhappy or sad.
—Guest Marionetta Johns


I have a wonderful cat name Brownie. She lets me know when the phone is ringing by layin on the phone or wrap around my legs if I'm walking thru OUR house.She wakes me up when it gets daylight or the alarm is going off..she does her dough motions on my side. She doesn't meow very loud so its hard for me to hear her and she knows I'm hard of hearing. One day my daughter moved her washer and dryer into my laundry room. We started doing some laundry. Loud washer she didn't care for that noise.She let me know by jumpin on me and then went into the laundry room and watched the washer. Iask her what's wrong? She gave me the awfull look. So I open my washer and rearrange the clothes. She was happy then. Purred around my legs. My cat is something everyday so smart my kids think she is a dumb cat. Oh when my back is hurtin and I lay down on my tommy she will lay on my back and purr. The hurt goes away. I do believe cats are great helpers. I luv my Brownie!!
—Guest rebakland

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