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Readers Respond: How does your cat demonstrate unusual intelligence?

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We all know that cats are intelligent animals. However, once in awhile a cat will come along with uncanny intelligence. She may accommodate her blind owner when playing fetch, teach other cats games she has invented, or knock on a closed door to gain entry. Here's your chance to share your story about your own extremely intelligent cat.

~ Grateful Kitty Mum ~

I was a MSW student, Bronx, NY. One AM, a box of 4 NEWBORN kittens in the office. Been there overnight, found in underground garage in a box w/ young mother. Kittens were going to a shelter without Mum, as she was "vicious." I did not think so. She was protecting her babies. Mum had stayed overnight in the garage howling for her kittens. I called my daughter, a 4 hr drive away. She would take kittens & mother. Now to catch Mum in the garage! She was frantic for her missing kittens, not going to leave! It took 3 hours but I got Mum in a box. Put her in my car with kittens in another box & took off. What a ruckus! Mum trying to get to babies, kittens to Mum. Got to my daughter's. Put kittens in small room for 1/2 hour. I stayed. Then brought in Mom cat. She rushed to her babies, licked all over, nursed. JOY! I lay on mattress across the room. One hour. later, all kittiies content, quiet. Then mother cat slowly approached me. She put her paw on my arm, purred, then went back to her kittens. Mum had said, "Thank You."
—Guest RonnieVG

Mama cat.

One day I came home from the grocery store. I was busy carrying inthe groceries. I went to pick up the box of chicken and noticed the corner was bent funny. When I opened it to look at, a wing was gone. I looked around but didn't see any creature. As I carried in the last of the groceries I found a smokey grey cat eating the wing. She was skinny and very pregnant. I would carry out a little food to her everyday. To show her appreciation she guarded me from stray dogs. What she did to the dogs, I never saw. She sat and looked at them. The dogs never came in after she arrived. If someone came to visit, she stayed between myself and the guest. When she brought her baby, she let it eat and then she ate what was left. If a stray cat came, she made it clear to them. Kitten ate first. Then she and stray ate what was left. She always knew when I was tired or upset. I never saw a mouse as long as she was here. I miss her.
—Guest Marlene

Where's The Mouse???

A few years ago, we bought my daughter a mouse. The mouse escaped his cage one day and was missing for about a week. 'Marlowe' our manx cat stayed in the kitchen for that entire week and appeared to be listening to sounds only she could hear from the lower cupboards. In anticipation of finding the mouse, I put it's cage on top of the refrigerator, thinking that I'd just pop it back in it's home once we caught it. After tripping over Marlowe for the thousandth time in the kitchen, I asked her "where's the mouse?" She looked at me like I was nuts, jumped up onto the counter and then on top of the refrigerator and looked into the cage as if to say, 'are you demented, Mom? What do you think I've been hanging out in the kitchen for all this time?' Now, that's one smart cat !! We did find the mouse eventually; Marlowe chased it into the toe of my shoe and I almost squished it when I went to put it on !!
—Guest Laura McLaren

Parker woke me during insulin reactions

My amazing cat Parker woke me, by pawing at me and meowing louding, when my sugar levels would drop too low, for over 12 years. He then trained me to follow him into the kitchen, where he would circle my feet continuously meowing, until I realized that I needed to eat something to relieve the brain fog symptoms that occurred when the insulin dropped my blood sugar levels too low. Parker would remain at my feet, still meowing. As soon as I began to eat something and assured him that I once again understood what I needed, his meowing would cease. I would then sit down for 10-15 minutes to allow the levels to adjust and the brain fog symptoms to clear. Parker would remain at my side. Then I would praise,kiss and hug him, while also giving him a extra feeding as a his reward. If my blood sugar levels had still remained too low, Parker would refuse to eat, thus letting me know that I was not yet in a safe level. Parker was my dearest guardian angel and amazing feline friend.
—Guest Laureen

Jaz the fire-cat

My Jaz(Jasmine)saved me from a potential fire. I was renting a house with electrical issues.I was tired & was dozing off on the couch.As I fell asleep-Jaz came over & started meowing at me.I ignored her-I was sleepy. She tried again,then ran over by the window & ran back to me. I tried to sleep, thinking she had found a bug.She wouldn't let me sleep.She ran back again-this time really yowing loudly at me, then jumped up on top of me & put her face into mine. I finally woke up & said "Ok what's the big deal?" She ran again to the window, looked at the floor & back at me. I then followed her gaze-and saw a wisp of smoke!I got up, fully awake now-and went to check. I had an extension cord under the rug-and it was smoking! As I raised the rug a spark shot out at me,which I quickly stomped out. There was smoke all over the room! I yanked the plug out-then picked up & tightly hugged Jaz. If I had fallen asleep!She was purring loudly now-we were safe. Jaz is gone now-I miss her every day...
—Guest Dee

Intelligent use of mirrors by cats

My Coco Bear is very good at figuring things out (brains tortitude=scary!). The "scary smart" thing that she does I've seen quite a few times. She lies in the tunnel part of her cat condo, which is right by a window that has a mirror effect at night and in some daytime light conditions. I'll have a dangly toy that I'm teasing her with, and I see her watching the reflection of the toy in the window, and she pounces on it before she can see the actual toy. Her pounce is based on what she sees in the window. When Raleigh had a UTI she would jump on my lap, yowl at me, jump down and run into the bedroom or the office (turning to see if I would follow her), and did that until I followed her to see what she was trying to tell me. I saw tiny pee spots, and knew it must be a UTI. She had been trying to tell me that something was wrong when she peed, so I could fix it.

Squeaky's Revenge

Two years ago, we had been given a half Bengal kitten. She was very active and independent and, at times, needed to be told "no" when she was doing something wrong. One day she kept trying to get on the table & scratch on the chairs & my husband, Pat, reprimanded her 3 or 4 times & used the squirt bottle to enforce the "no!" Shortly after I set the table for dinner, SqueaksLikeaMouse jumped on it again, & Pat chased her off again by squirting water at her and as soon as he turned his back she jumped back up there and ran to his plate, squatted & peed right on his dinner plate then jumped down & slowly walked away with a look on her face saying, "Take that!" Unfortunately, we lost her a few months later to an intestinal infection, but every so often when we are correcting our Bengals, I think of that, and pay close attention to the dinner table after I've put dishes on it...
—Guest Carol Cochran

My Elvis-Cat

My Elvis-cat had distinct meows for different things he wanted to express. Treats, tuna, walk, annoyance, not feeling well - all had different meows. He also would come to me (or anyone), meow with a ? at the end, sort of lilting up sound, then lead me to what he wanted/needed. When you would ask him what he wanted he would quickly walk you to the door for a walk, or to the treat cupboard etc. The distinctness of his different meows was amazing - but I suppose all cat-moms think that. :) He defintely had me trained. He also taught all the cats (4 others) how to tap on a human with their paw to get attention. It was amazing, once he discovered it, he quickly taught all the others and now, they ALL tap people with their paws to obtain eye contact or full attention on them. It's particularly annoying at 3 am when someone wants to play!
—Guest janet49424

Well-trained and affectionate

Hi, i've had my cat Zelda for over a year and in that time we've become close, and she's learned to trust and love me. First, over time i've learned mutual ways to communicate; i've learned to emulate some of her chirrups and mews, and consistently used some as ways to 'call her' to bed, or even greet her. It would look a tiny bit silly to some, but almost without fail (excepting the "I don't feel like it" clause) if I call her to bed she ambles over and curls up with me while I drift off. I've also trained her to respond to two soft, audible 'air kissing' noises as a 'come hither' or 'follow me' request. As well, i've been able to reinforce a 'praise voice' and a 'bad kitty' voice that she responds regularly to, and need only change my tone approvingly or disapprovingly for a change in behaviour that's conscious. I've also taught her to respond to her name, and though Zelda is extremely vocal, and 'petitions' for attention or food a lot, she won't do it while i'm sleeping.
—Guest catloe

Real Cat Get "Fake" Cat in Big Trouble

My amazing cat Halley showed her deep jealousy one time, and her ability to actually plan a scheme. She and I lived alone together many years. She knew if she left a "present" in the house...she would immediately get scolded, and put OUT for the rest of the day. Someone gave me a big, fluffy stuffed kitty that looked exactly like my own cat, which I placed on a chair by the kitchen. Halley hated that "intruder". While I was at the store, Halley left a "present" under the chair on the carpet, directly under the fake cat . When I returned, she hid and watched to see if I'd boot the usurper kitty. First, I scolded the "Fake" cat really loud, and then put her out in the snow. I think squirrels carried off the "fake: cat, because I never saw it again. Halley sat in my lap frequently after that.
—Guest Suzy

Smart kitten?

I got a kitten over the summer, he was a Russian blue and i named him Smoky. Somehow he started opening the doors and getting into drawers and when I brung him on a trampoline he jumped around like he knew what it was for. He got to a phone and pressed some number then hit call, I gladly caught him before it started ringing. He even drew a pic.
—Guest Wolf

a penny found

Our cat penny. Super crazy smart calico female. She has woken guests and let them to her feeding bowl. Then showed them where her food is kept. She has learned to make up signs for food and 'do it again'. For food she meows, then puts a paw on my lips. For 'again' its a simple pat on the right arm. Or a punch if we are not paying attention. She likes to save us from blankets, she will pull them away from a face or neck one layer at a time. And she has learned to blackmail us. She finds something that means something to us, or is breakable. Then she pushes it towards the edge of the table or display area. She will meow, then balance the breakable on the edge with a paw. If we say OK penny, you win. She pulls the breakable away from the edge. If not, if it doesn't fall she will swat it off the table. (Flighing souvenirs). Nothing has broken yet. But we have had to rearranged the breakables. Our cat is very good at bribery now. From furniture, to electronics. She will threaten anyt
—Guest pennycat

my cat is cool

The story is kind of unusual. My cat really loves food, he learnt few tricks to make me happy and feed him, for example when i'm holding a hand above him, he jumps and hugs it (the same way every time). But that's not all, we often have arguments in our family, so our cat learnt how to sigh :D The other interesting thing is that when i'm watching youtube on my laptop and there is nobody at home other than me, he meows loud, and when I call his name, he comes to my room quickly. He likes to be around people, he watches us eating dinners almost everyday. he also knows when he did something wrong, and if he did, he hides under the bed. he is very patient and peaceful, although he used to attack me and my brother a few years ago.
—Guest lol

The Cat That Answers Back!

My cat suki is very intelligent. if he is outside and I want to see him all I do is shout from the back door and I can hear Suki meowing as he is walking closer when he comes closer he meows and is very vocal like he was waiting for me to call him. he does it anywhere whenever I call him, he wont answer to anyone else just me.
—Guest Katie

Riley loves his color and tag

Riley wears a beautiful blue collar with a red heart tag that identifies him by name and phone number. Three times over the past two years he has somehow lost his collar in the neighborhood bushes. Each time he has gone back looking for the collar and has brought it home and dropped it at my feet so that I can put it back on his neck. He knows he looks good and he is smart enough to remember where he dropped it.
—Guest Christine Lampert

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