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Cat Sex 101

Photo of Pregnant Cat

Cats left to their own instincts by failing to spay/neuter, will seek out sex relentlessly. They have no sense of morals, couldn't care less about overpopulation, but are driven by their hormones. Learn all about feline reproduction from the queen's heat cycles, through pregnancy, to finding homes for the kittens.

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Get Rid of Cat Fleas

Wednesday April 16, 2014

Have your cats become the local fast food hangout for families of fleas? Fleas are not only annoying, but they are nasty little critters that carry any number of "hitch-hikers" such as tapeworms and the Haemobartonellosis microorganism. I'm sure you'll agree with the importance of stopping flea infestations before they occur, for your cats' comfort and your own peace of mind.

With warmer weather, our cats are scratching more lately. But worse, a couple of them have ear mites, which are really bothering them. Although I can't find any evidence of fleas on them, it's past due time to treat them with the Frontline we have on hand.
Image © iStock Photo.

I do not personally recommend any flea powders nor flea collars for cats, and definitely not for young kittens. Nor should any flea control product labeled for dogs ever be used on cats of any age. In 2001, hundreds of cat owners lost their cats after using certain flea products containing either permethrin or methoprene. After hearing hundreds of specific consumer complaints, the EPA investigated the Hartz Mountain Corporation, manufacturer of a variety of pet products, including flea control products. Those unnecessary deaths underscored the necessity of reading and understanding labels, not only on food products, but also on flea and tick control products.

Cat Picture of the Week: Gimpy

Tuesday April 15, 2014

Gimpy is my choice for the second Cat Picture of the Week for April, 2014. After you've read his story, I'm sure you'll agree with my selection.

Cat Picture of the Week: Gimpy
photo © About.com Member archeologist

It's hard to imagine an inhumane monster who would dump a litter of helpless three week old kittens into a dumpster. But this particular litter was blessed by being rescued by a group of angels in the form of Feral Fanciers, then fostered by another angel called archeologist. Eventually the kittens were old enough to be offered for adoption, however, archeologist decided to keep Gimpy as her own. Gimpy will always need specialized veterinary care as well as constant help at home because of his rare type of rickets, along with megacolon. But he's in the very best home possible for his needs, and even the other cats rally around him. Read more of Gimpy's story, and learn how to submit your own special needs cat story and photos.

Cat Breed of the Week: Himalayan

Tuesday April 15, 2014

If Persians are the number one cat in popularity, the Himalayan color division has to play a large part in that favor. The Himalayan is a result of breeding Persian to Siamese, to retain the Persian type while adding the unique "pointed" coloration of the Siamese. A remarkable success, one would gather, from the large number of Himalayan breeders.

photo of Himalayan catThis lovely Himalayan is Sushi.
Photo Credit: © Melissa Miranda

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Alley Cat Allies' Tips for Kitten Season

Monday April 14, 2014

We're all aware that it's kitten season, but be careful about "rescuing lost kittens" until you're sure the momcat is not coming back. According to Alley Cat Allies, the mom may be out looking for food, and if you get too close to the kitten, mom may delay coming back, and/or the kitten may run and hide.

Photo of feral cat and her kittensActually, it may be dangerous to remove neonatal kittens (four weeks or younger) from where you found them. Kittens this young need specialized care, so unless you are a fully trained feral cat rescuer, it's best to just observe kittens from a distance. According to Becky Robinson, Founder and President of Alley Cat Allies, ""Ultimately you have to use your best judgment. Determine if the kitten is young enough to be socialized and fostered or adopted, or if she is old enough to be trapped, neutered and returned. If the kitten is not weaned, she will require bottle-feeding and round-the-clock care. To determine the age of a kitten, use Alley Cat Allies' Kitten Progression Chart."
photo © Alley Cat Allies

There are a number of other things you can do to help the cause of our serious cat overpopulation problem. Check out Alley Cat Allies' tips for more information. Then if you haven't already, spay and neuter your own pet cats. Remember that responsible caregiving of cats begins at home.

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