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Photo of Siberian Colorpoint cat.

Int. Champion Ari-Marie du Palais d'Hiver Neva Masquarade/Siberian Colorpoint

B. Lucas

Three Similar Cat Breeds: Siberian, Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest Cat:

The Siberian is the third of the look-alike triangle of Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest Cat and Siberian. Indeed, several registries were reluctant originally to accept the Siberian for that very reason. According to a Cats and Kittens article, breeders used the argument that "[Siberians] are a constellation of circles and curves, while Maines are a confederation of rectangles, and Norwegians are triagular in theme." The CFA provisional standard for the Siberian makes mention of those differences.

History of the Siberian Cat:

Siberians are said to have been taken originally from Russia to Siberia, where they developed their thick protective coats against the harsh winters; then, ultimately brought back to Russia where they were bred, primarily in Leningrad and Moscow. This will have to remain a legend, as no substantial proof seems to have been offered of these events.

Regardless of their origin, Siberians are glorious cats, with personality-plus, which qualifies them as an all-around good candidate for a pet.

Siberian Breed Brief:

Body: Substantial with a medium length back which is very slightly curved or arched, a convex muscular torso, and a round compact belly.
Coat: Plush, medium length coat, with hair on the shoulder blades and lower part of the chest being thick and slightly shorter, and a neck ruff. The coat texture may vary according to colors, which are allowed in a profusion of shades and patterns.

Siberian Cat Registry Standards and Profiles:

Siberian Cat Rescue and Clubs:

Hypo-Allergenic Fur of the Siberian?:

Although no confirming scientific studies have been made, this breeder has some empirical evidence that the Siberian may lack the FEL D-1 protein in its saliva which is responsible for dander, the primary cat allergen.

Photo Credits:

Int. Champion Ari-Marie du Palais d'Hiver
Neva Masquarade AKA Siberian Colorpoint, described in WCF as blue-tabby-point/white, and in TICA as blue-lynx-mitted. Ari-Marie was born July 2, 2001. Her owner/breeder, Kerstin, says, "She was the first kitten in my first litter. She is a very lovely and friendly girl. She likes to go out in the rain or snow." More Neva Masquarade cats can be seen here.

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