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GO Natural Chicken, Fruit & Vegetables Feline Diet

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The Bottom Line

A high quality named protein source and healthy supplements combined with good flavor made this food a winner with our test cats.


  • excellent protein source
  • small nuggets give good crunch
  • enticing scent


  • "Natural Chicken Flavour" seems redundant
  • I'd rather see chicken meat as the first ingredient


  • First ingredient: low ash chicken meal to promote urinary tract health
  • Second ingredient: human grade chicken (there is no AAFP definition to define "human grade")
  • Ground brown rice, ground white rice, and hulless barley provide carbohydrates
  • Added ingredients include dried whole cranberries, dried whole apples, and dried whole potatoes

Guide Review - GO Natural Chicken, Fruit & Vegetables Feline Diet

Go Natural is manufactured by Petcurean, Inc. in British Columbia, and is starting to see wide distribution in the United States. The dry food is attractively packaged in foil for freshness, and our test cats literally stood up at the first sniff and chose Go Natural over their usual dry food diet with no coaxing. The addition of potatoes, apples, carrots, and cranberries may not be to the tastes of some "purists," but they do add a flavor boost to this premium dry food. We particularly like the fact that no by-products, chemicals or artificial additives are used.

For those who remember the recall from the Texas plant almost three years ago, a Petcurean representative states, The FDA stated that the recall was done very promptly and at a level exceeding the requirements of recalls relating to Human Health. It was one of the most public and efficient done by a pet food company in North America according to the FDA, as well Go! one of the most tested pet foods in the history of extruded pet food. The FDA has re-classified it as a voluntary market withdrawal due to lack of anything untoward being found.

We went very public even though we had no evidence that the food may be at issue because we chose to put the pets health first, and as a small company we answered each and every consumer call personally, owners included.

I will not hesitate to include Go! Natural in my cat's rotation of dry foods, once the product becomes available again in my area.

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