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Cat Walking Jacket

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Cat Walking Jacket

Cat Walking Jacket

Franny Syufy

The Bottom Line

For comfort, style, and safety, the walking jacket is an excellent accessory for leash training a cat.


  • sturdy, lightweight construction
  • leash clip on back eliminates tugging at neck
  • wide sport nylon jacket offers comfort and support


  • clips are sometimes difficult to open


  • sport nylon L-shaped jacket
  • available in red, purple, royal blue, and black
  • d-ring at shoulder level
  • sturdy 5/8 inch black webbing
  • heavy-duty "squeeze" fasteners
  • Manufactured in Australia by MetPet

Guide Review - Cat Walking Jacket

Since our test cats Jaspurr and Joey had both easily slipped out of both collars and h-style harnesses, we were very interested in testing the cat Walking Jacket. After the cats spent a few days of interested sniffing, we decided the time was right. The first time out, Joey escaped the jacket within 10 minutes, a case of "user error." (We had not fastened the neck straps tight enough with the recommended "two fingers" space.) Once the cats became accustomed to the feel of the jacket, they concentrated their attention on the wonders of the outdoors. Actual leash training will take longer. Jaspurr's first ventures in walking were more like slinking, but our preliminary test of the Walking Jacket gives it 5 stars for safety and support.

User Reviews

 4 out of 5
Cat Walking Jacket, Member catosmama

The Cat Walking Jacket is relatively easy to get on and off, once you have the straps sized appropriately the first time (and that first adjustment took some struggling). Once the jacket is on, it fe…More

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