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Soft Claws Nail Caps for Cats

Humane Alternative to Declawing

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Soft Claws Nail Caps in Blue

Soft Claws Nail Caps in Blue

Soft Paws, Inc.
Undesirable scratching is one of the prime reasons for surrendering cats to shelters, but there are less aggressive alternatives to declawing or abandonment. Soft Claws, developed by a veterinarian, ranks high on the list of humane alternatives.
Since Soft Claws has long been on my recommended list of alternatives to declawing, I welcomed the opportunity to review this innovative product. Soft Claws comes in a reclosable plastic container, which includes 40 nail caps (enough for several applications), two tubes of adhesive, and instructions for application. If your cat is used to having his nails trimmed, applying Soft Claws is a breeze.
  1. Trim your cat's nail tips as usual
  2. Fill the nail caps one-third full with adhesive
  3. Slide the nail caps onto the nails, one by one.
  4. Wait a minute or so to allow adhesive to set, then let your cat go.
Until you feel completely proficient with the process, you might want to just do one nail at a time for steps 2 and 3. If you or your cat are too timid, many veterinarians or retailers will handle the application for you, for a small fee, or even for free, if you purchase the Soft Claws from them.

Soft Claws come in Kitten, Small, Medium, and Large sizes, and in Natural, Purple, Pink, Blue, and Red colors, and are available online, in local pet stores, and from veterinarians. If you are seeking relief from destructive or painful scratching by a cat, I highly recommend Soft Claws.

I know one kitty who will be sporting the red ones, just in time for the Holidays.
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 1 out of 5
Please do not purchase. Likely to injure your pet., Member animal_lover.77

PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT, I WISH I HADNíT! Here is whatís happened to my cats.... We had a house fire in November and have been in a hotel since. The only reason I even considered using the soft paws was being in the new environment; my two cats 11yrs and 5 yrs, would of course try scratching the different smelling furniture. Paying for scratched furniture at a hotel yikes! I did some research on the soft paws, and found the reviews to be mixed from great to horrible. I decided to take both cats into the vet to have them applied in order to ensure that it was done properly, hopeful to avoid any issues. At first they were great. Didn't seem to bother either cat. After about the 1st hour they were both running around and playing as usual. After 6 weeks when they had not started coming off I started to get a bit nervous as this seemed to be in all the negative reviews I had come across. I went to the soft paws site and looked around for how to get them off. I did as they suggested and cut the tips off. This did not work! They continued to grow out and curl towards the pads of their toes. I thought it wouldn't be so bad, I could just keep trimming them down to prevent them from hitting their pads. It has now been just over 12 weeks and the majority of the soft paw covers are still on their nails. The other day when I went to trim Mischiefs dew claw she growled at me, turned around, flattened her ears and forcefully put both front paws on my face. I thought she was going to attack me. Such a strange reaction. I soon realized why.. I was unable to see it until we got it out, but the back of the soft paw had grown into the pad of her toe. Her pad was bleeding when we managed to remove it. They have started to injure my cats despite every effort I've made to prevent that. I immediately called the vet afraid that the rest hers or Mikas would start to do the same. I want them off! The vet can not remove the glued on plastic without sedating the cats. All they can do is trim them down and try to wiggle them off as I have been doing. PLEASE, DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT. I WISH I HADNíT!

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