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What Kind of Cat Are You?

Cat Purrsonality Test

Have you ever watched a cat rolling in the sun and thought how wonderful it would be to be a cat? Have you wondered what kind of a cat you might be in a reincarnation? Take this little purrsonality test, and you might be surprised by the answer. Note: This test is purely unscientific and guaranteed not to turn you into a cat, but we think it's fun. I'm an Abyssinian. What kind of cat are you?




Moggie (Mixed Breed)

Dying to find out? Go for it!

The Moggie, Bengal, and Abyssinian photos were taken by Franny Syufy. The Bengal shown is Ch. Mr. Big Spot, from Foothill Felines, photo used with permission. The Moggie is Herbie, the Russian River Inn Cat. The Persian photo was submitted by M. Rossouw, photo used with permission

Huge thanks to Tina Kells, former Internet for Kids Guide, and Mike Hardcastle,former Teen Advice Guide, for sharing the technology for this personality test.

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