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Just Kittens

Nothing But Photos of Fuzzy, Loveable Kittens

Everyone loves kittens, even the grinchiest of ailurophobes. Friends of About Cats have generously supplied priceless photos of their precious kitten babies for your enjoyment.

Be sure to bookmark this photo album for your daily smile, as new photo pages will be added regularly.

(Also be sure to click on the thumbnails to view full-sized photos.)

Terri PA calls Jules "My miracle cat. A Special Boy who is a true sweetie and loves attention" This was a photo of Jules as a kitten of about five months or so. He's a Seal Point Himalayan. The thumbnail link will take you to three photos of Baby Jules.

Tiara is Jules sibling, and is a white Persian. This photo is so precious I just want to squeeze her. You can see a larger one and some other photos of Baby Tiara by clicking on the thumbnail.

Cleo is a Rainbow Kitty who lit up the life of Jeffrey Low for three years before her untimely death in December, 1999. An adult photo of Cleo appears on the Memorial page. Jeff has been consoled by his remaining cats, Tony and Pepper, who will appear elsewhere in the photo album.

Clarice lives with Jean and Ed, along with nine other kitties. Jean says, "Clarice is 4 weeks old here. She was born in the back yard by a feral (who now lives with us also). She has a brother, Colby and a sister, Tabitha. At two years old now, she's very petite and sweet! She also likes to sit on my shoulders while I walk around." What a little doll! And what a great couple!

"Colby is very mellow and loving. He's like a little Don Juan!" This photo reminds me very much of the very popular graphic of the kitten sleeping in a hammock. Ahhh... the sleep of the innocent. You can see Colby interacting with Clarice and Tabitha by clicking the thumbnail.

Tabitha is the third part of Jean's trio of kitten pals. "Tabitha loves to sit in my arms while I dance with her and sing to her. She also loves to jump into any empty container.....like the laundry basket after I unload it. She jumps in and I carry her back upstairs...everytime!" says Jean.

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Kitten photos used with permission of their owners.

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