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Forum Cats Photo Showcase
Page 17: Lyra


"It was quite a story among the people who know us - the story about how we when to pick up little LYRA in Finland. LYRA is a lilac British Shorthair cat. Because the color is not recognized in CFA, it is very hard to find a lilac British kitten in the States. She looks so much like a royalty, we often call her "Princess" instead of her name. LYRA has the most motherly nature among all my cats. She loves to clean her little brother and sister, especially when they wait for food while it is being prepared. LYRA does not like to cuddle, but she has her special moments when she would let you scratch her while she purrs. And those moments are indeed very special to us."
- Dracomom

Franny's Note: Lyra will also be included in an upcoming photo album of British Shorthair cats.

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